LinkedProspect is delighted to announce the launch of its long-awaited Introducer Programme, offering individuals and business introducers the chance to earn 25% commission on all referred business, for life.

Widely acknowledged as the world’s leading LinkedIn Automation Software enabling users to automate profile visits, connection requests and auto-responder messages to new connections, LinkedProspect has taken the lead generation and market research industries by storm.

Through its efficient cloud technology architecture and smooth easy interface, users can create automated LinkedIn marketing campaigns in minutes and leave the campaigns to run without needing to be online.

Particularly of benefit is the tools intelligently paced algorithm flow and local IP’s, which emulate natural human behaviour and overcome the risks of restricted or blocked social profiles.

Competitively priced at just £47 per month, less than the cost of a LinkedIn Premium subscription, LinkedProspect is proud to offer the best-in-class LinkedIn Messaging Automation Solution at the worlds market-leading price point.

And with 7-day free trials for all new subscribers (with no payment details required) it’s simple to see why the tool has been so well adopted in such a wide spread of B2B industries.

Interested in becoming an Introducer?

Signing up to receive 25% commission for life is easy and completely free – all you have to do is open a free trial account at

In your profiles’ Affiliates Section, you will find your personal Affiliate Link to share online and all business generated will be automatically sent to your Paypal account monthly. Full affiliate terms can be found in the portal.

Best of luck and we look forward to growing with you!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to fire us an email or jump on to our live chat.

The LP Partners Team

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