MSP Sales And Marketing Process to fill your Pipeline with More Qualified Prospects

MSP Lead Generation System that works, is affordable and ensures you only speak to people interested in your services.

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Lead Generation for MSPs.

Stuart R. Crawford

"For the past 10 years, my agency has been figuring out ways to get the attention of qualified prospects through email. We’ve tried numerous methods and had numerous starts and stops with LinkedIn prospecting. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon LinkedProspect that everything came together. The tools and services from LinkedProspect have been 10x more effective than our email marketing efforts and immediate ROI for our agency."

Stuart R. Crawford, Ulistic

IT & MSP Marketing & Sales Program

You have a “rainmaker” and it’s either you and it’s painful or someone else and it’s hard to scale.

You are a technical expert and Sales and Marketing is HARD.

You know you should be doing more in terms of MSP marketing, but you're just not sure where to begin.

Referrals have gotten you to where you are today, and now you're ready for planned growth.

Your last attempt at marketing cost you an arm and a leg... and gave you absolutely nothing in return.

The problem isn't "the market" - it's your marketing. MSP marketing is no walk in the park, but with the right approach and consistency, you can generate leads and grow your business.

Lead Generation Process

Target Audience

1) Identify your Target Audience

Our outbound experts work with you to identify the exact audience you want to be reaching.

Targeted Messages

2) Write Targeted Messages

Once we have a clear idea of your audience, we write specific copy to get your targets to respond to you.


3) Optimize your Profile

We position you as an expert that people want to engage with.


4) Begin Outreach

We help you to plan and execute your outreach.

Interested Leads

5) Interested Leads

Interested leads will respond to you in a positive way so you start a sales conversation with them.

Spend your time talking to people

6) Focus on Closing

You spend your time talking to people about your products and services.

Catherine Oakes, Sliice Marketing

"LeadCentral has been a life-changer for me. Thanks to their system, I have grown my business by 300% in one year, targeting the right people with the right messages. The platform is very user-friendly and their customer service outstanding. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to grow their B2B business online."

Catherine Oaks, Sliice Marketing

Simple Pricing

Standard Plan + MSP Campaign

$250 / Month

  • Software to target and engage prospects to talk to you
  • Coaching to find your target market
  • Plug and Play Campaigns based on your market
  • Plug and Play Email Campaigns
  • Account Management and Campaign Optimization

Fully Managed Campaign

$750 / Month

  • 100% Managed Sales and Marketing Campaign
  • We deliver leads that want to talk to you about the services you offer.

*** One new client will pay for the whole campaign ***

John Hones, CEO, Gorilla EMEA

Outstanding and Unbeatable

"A great tool that we use to reach out to sales prospects and generate new business connections. We’ve launched many campaigns and connected with some big accounts. A huge asset to our sales and marketing efforts and we now use the platform throughout all of our global offices. Support is five star and customer service and team members are always helpful and enjoyable to talk to."

John Hones, CEO, Gorilla EMEA

Chris Gaddis

"I have seen my company revenue triple using the LinkedProspect platform. 

Dan and his team have provided great support and I look forward to seeing the continued enhancements they will make to an already great product."

Chris Gaddis, CEO, Total Prospecting Solution

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