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"I have seen my company revenue triple using the LinkedProspect platform.

David and his team have provided great support and I look forward to seeing the continued enhancements they will make to an already great product."

Chris Gaddis,
CEO, Total Prospecting Solution


LinkedProspect is proud to be recognized as the world's leading software for automating invites, auto-responders and bulk message campaigns on LinkedIn. 

Developed by a ground-breaking team of lead generation specialists, software programmers and customer service experts, LinkedProspect is being adopted by thousands of users throughout the globe for driving exceptional and reliable LinkedIn marketing results. 

Automation On Demand

LinkedProspect offers 3 types of LinkedIn automation. 

You can choose to run some or all of these campaigns simultaneously. And the LinkedProspect smart algorithms will ensure your profile remains safe at all times.


Automated, personalized connection invites & messages to your chosen 2nd & 3rd degree users.

Auto Replies

Engage new 1st degree connections with personalized auto-responders.

Mass Messages

Automated, personalized bulk messages to chosen 1st degree connections.

Simple Pricing

LinkedProspect will save you at least 30 hours a month of your time.

If your time is worth $100 a hour, that is $3,000 in savings per month.

The system and process will also generate leads and sales for you. A well put together campaign will generate 3-5 calls with prospects a week for you. 

If you sell expensive services, consulting or products, this system can help you generate at least $10,000 - $40,000 in additional revenue in your business.

Most business owners will spend $2,000 for a trade show booth and sponsor an iPad as a prize for $500, without thinking about it too much. A trade show might get a few leads.

We have a system that saves you time and targets the exact people that you want to talk to about your products or services. People that can make the decision to buy from you.


$49 / Per Month

  • Up to 1,400 invitation sends
  • Up to 1,400 auto-replies
  • Up to 1,400 bulk messages
  • 30 day software subscription Secure Credit Card payment


$99 / Per Month

  • Everything from Basic PLUS
  • ** Sales Navigator Support
  • ** Message Reply Detection


$750 / Per Month

  • Support with prospect search lists
  • We provide 4 years of experience
  • Our experts create your message copy We take care of activity for you
  • You pick up the leads as they come in Sales Navigator Required

Why Choose LinkedProspect?

  • Secure cloud architecture means you can access anywhere

  • Intelligent algorithms and clean IPs mean zero risk of blocked profiles

  • Virtual server automation keeps performing even when not logged in

  • Award winning customer support teams

  • GDPR Compliant meaning no data management headaches

  • Managed campaigns upgrade available to paying customers

"Within 3 days of using LinkedProspect, I've generated 4 sales equalling $1,040."

Ian Harris,
CEO, Agency Hackers


Safe & Reliable Automation

Through years of running over 2,000 successful LinkedIn messaging campaigns, our team of specialists know what it takes to keep your profile safe from block or removal. 

Our intelligent algorithms are moderated and staggered to ensure your activity simulates natural human behaviour. Meaning you can relax that you'll never be on the receiving end of a blocked profile or restricted LinkedIn measures.

Moderated Levels for Your Protection

7 Day Trial includes:

- Up to 350 Personalized Invites 

- Up to 350 Bulk Messages

- Unlimited Auto Replies 

- Award-Winning Customer Support

30 Day Subscription includes:

- Up to 1,400 Personalized Invites 

- Up to 1,400 Bulk Messages

- Unlimited Auto Replies 

- Award-Winning Customer Suppor

7-Day Free Trial

No payment details required.

All data remains private and confidential at all times.

LinkedProspect is 100% compatible with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. We suggest that our client seriously consider investing in Sales Navigator, since it provides superior targeting and results.