LinkedIn Boolean Search Tool

This LinkedIn Search Tool is designed to help users easily build targeted lists of prospects on LinkedIn. Click here to find out What is LinkedIn boolean search?

1. Refine Search

We’re going to help you build a targeted list of LinkedIn people to send invites to. Please enter in the fields below any job titles, company names or keywords you wish to include or exclude from your list. Multiple terms can be separated by commas.

Job titles and/or Job Title Keywords to include:

Job titles and/or Job Title Keywords to exclude:

Company names and/or Company Keywords to include:

Company names and/or Company Keywords to exclude:

General Keywords to include:

General Keywords to exclude:

2. Copy the string below

You’ll be pasting this information into LinkedIn. Simply press the "Copy" button below.

Simply enter the details of people you wish to target and our boolean builder tool will create the correct boolean search strings.

You can then copy and paste that search string into LinkedIn desktop interface to generate your targeted prospect search results.

The URL for those search results can then be copied into your LinkedProspect campaigns or into search engines where required.

This boolean builder search tool only covers the boolean-related search options on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn's non-boolean search filters (shown below) can be found in the LinkedIn desktop interface and can be used in conjunction with the results generated by this boolean search tool.
(connection type, connections of, locations, past companies, industries, profile language, nonprofit interests)