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Everything You Need to Create The Perfect LinkedIn Headline

Your LinkedIn headline appears everywhere your name does on the LinkedIn platform (search results, comments, activity, and profile recommendations). It gives other users a quick overview of your designation and the line of work that you do.

When you create your profile, LinkedIn will add a headline in its default format. It will appear as your current job title and the company you’re working for. While it’s straightforward, it’s not the best for grabbing the attention of other users.

Linkedin Headline

If you want to get noticed on LinkedIn, our Headline Generator above is an excellent tool. But there are a few other ways to optimize your LinkedIn headline to maximize your profile reach.

Why does your LinkedIn headline matter?

Not many people know the importance of having a well-crafted LinkedIn headline on their profile. But for a description that’s always tied to your name and profile image, it carries a big influence on other people’s first impression of you.

When you post, comment, or appear in their connection recommendations, your LinkedIn headline is a way to grab attention and get others to click on your profile.

The LinkedIn Headline Formula to Get Profile Views

If you want to get noticed on LinkedIn, our Headline Generator above is an excellent tool. But there are a few other ways to optimize your LinkedIn headline to maximize your profile reach.

I help [Your target market] in [Your industry or function] with [Your strongest areas of expertise] so they can [The results you get people]

When you combine the phrases above, your LinkedIn headline will look similar to these LinkedIn headline examples:

I help digital marketers in the Tech industry with generating leads so they can find more clients

I help business leaders in the Finance industry with managing their statements so they can reduce their costs

I help recruiters in the B2B industry with hiring the right people so they can maximize human capital

An important tip is to make the most out of the 220 character limit by emphasizing the ROI you can deliver.

Using keywords to optimize your LinkedIn headline

LinkedIn uses search terms, or ‘keywords’, to find relevant profiles and pages based on what the user is looking for.

The headline is one of the important areas that LinkedIn scans when collating search results. The more relevant your headline is, the more likely it is to appear on the screens of your target audience.

Linkedin Headlines

Increase your reach by adding keywords that your target market will likely search for.

Keywords, acronyms, and certifications that relate to the industry you’re targeting could help you land on the pages of LinkedIn’s search results. Be specific and try out variations of the keyword for better results.

Always put yourself in the shoes of your audience and ask, “What would I be typing on the search bar if I were looking for the service I’m offering?”

Other LinkedIn headline examples to grab ideas from

If you don’t want to squeeze in all your information, you could focus on one aspect. Here’s how:

Job Title (Title + company):

This formula is straightforward and is best used when you’re working for a big or known company.

Example: Marketing Coordinator at Linked Prospect

Job Title - Linkedin Headline

Major Achievement Tagline:

A good tagline for when you’ve received a prestigious award or achieved noteworthy results.

Example: Emmy Award Winning Journalist

Major Achievement Tagline linkedin headline

Results-oriented Tagline:

What can you do for your target market?

Example: I create insightful content for business coaches and B2B brands.

Results oriented Tagline linkedin headline

Contact Tagline:

Place your contact information where people will see it right away.

Example: Looking for a social media manager? E-mail me at [email protected]

Contact Tagline linkedin headline