Connecting with LinkedIn

Connecting with LinkedIn is easy.

Simply enter your LinkedIn email address and password in the ‘Me’ section of your LinkedProspect profile before pressing save.

After entering your LinkedIn logins, LinkedIn will usually send you a 6-digit PIN to the email address associated with your LinkedIn profile. Enter the 6-digit PIN in the field provided in the ‘Me’ section of your LinkedProspect profile. (The field will only display after completing stage 1 above.)

If you have trouble remembering your logins, please click here.

In some instances, LinkedIn won’t require you to enter a 6 digit PIN to connect the app.

In this case, please refresh your browser after a few minutes. You will then see the campaigns section of your profile become accessible.

Applications can be disconnected from your LinkedIn profile at any time in this page.

Visit & Invite Campaigns

LinkedProspect is able to send automated connection invitations to any lists of 2nd or 3rd degree LinkedIn connections you choose.

These invitations can also include a 300-character-max message personalized with each recipient's first name.

Go to LinkedIn on a desktop device and perform a search for the 2nd and 3rd degree connections (people) you would like to invite to connect to become 1st degree connections.

Search options include Title, Location, Industry and Keywords. LinkedIn offers advanced positive and negative search features. For details of all LinkedIn’s search features, please read this blog post

Once you've refined your list to contain just the 2nd and 3rd degree connections you would like to invite, copy the LinkedIn search results URL (page address at the top of the page) and paste into the Campaigns page of your LinkedProspect dashboard. Press save.

LinkedIn limits Invite campaigns to the first 50 pages of search results, meaning a maximum of 500 connections can be included in an Invite Campaign (regardless of how many users are displayed in the actual search results you provide). If you run a LinkedProspect Standard Account, with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, invite campaigns can leverage up to 1500 connectins.

The homepage of your LinkedProspect dashboard will display a box showing the number of Invites Sent.  If the box contains a green spinning cog, your campaign is still active.

LinkedProspects’ algorithms are designed to simulate human behavior, removing risk of profile block.

LinkedProspect will vary the number, rate and times of messages sent each day, averaging around 50 Connection Invites sent per day.

LinkedProspects’ algorithms simulate human behavior, meaning activity rates and times can be staggered.

A Connection Invite Campaign may take between 6 minutes and 24 hours to commence.

We find the most effective Connection Invite Campaigns offer something unique to prospects and are up front about the reason for reaching out.

Below is an example of a very effective message we use for LinkedProspect:

Hi @firstName, how's it going? Would you be interested in a tool that can send automated, personalised messages to thousands of your selected LinkedIn prospects? If so, let’s connect and i’ll be happy to fill you in. Thanks, Dan

Important points to note include:

  • 300 character limit for Connection Invite Messages
  • @firstname placeholder will personalize the message to include the recipient's first name
  • Let the recipient know why they should consider connecting with you

To view Connection Invites that have been sent, click here.

LinkedProspects’ algorithms cap activity level to simulate natural human behavior and remove risk of profile block.

We strongly recommend against sending bulk manual Invites on the same day as running a LinkedProspect Invite Campaign.

Connection Invites sent that have not yet been accepted by the recipient can be withdrawn by clicking here.

Auto-Responder Campaigns

LinkedProspect is capable of sending automated messages to new 1st degree connections 24 hours after they connect with you.

These messages can also be personalized to include the recipient's first name.

LinkedProspect offers automated messages sent on Day 1,3,7,14,21,32,64 after connection. The LinkedProspect Standard Plan when used with Sales Navigator support "Reply Detection". Reply detection stops the automated messages from going out when a prospect replies to a message.

The Campaigns section of your LinkedProspect dashboard contains an Auto-Responder section.

Enter the message copy you would like to send new connections, press save and press start.

The Auto-Responder box within your Campaigns section of your dashboard will contain a green Running tab.

The volumes of these messages are not capped and run in alignment with the volumes of new 1st degree connections being generated.

LinkedProspect's algorithms simulate natural human behavior. We recommend against sending large volumes of bulk messages manually on the same day as running a LinkedProspect Auto-Responder Campaign, especially if a LinkedProspect Bulk Message campaign is also active.

The answer to this depends if the user has accepted your connection invite (ie. has become a 1st degree connection) and also whether you have an Auto-Responder campaign active.

If the user has accepted your connection invite (and is now a 1st degree connection), they will automatically receive the Auto-Responder message around 24 hours after connecting with you.

Instead of responding to them manually, you may prefer to wait for the Auto-Responder to dispatch.

Under the prospects menu, you can set the prospect as "Replied". LinkedProspect's Standard plan when used with LinkedIn Sales Navigator also has Automatic Reply Detection, which means when someone replies to a message sequence, the sequence will automatically stop sending.

This can be done by visiting their profile and clicking the 3 dots displayed to the right of their profile picture.

A menu will be revealed containing a Remove Connection option.

Free Trials

The free trial lasts for 7 days after account activation. No payment details are required for the free period.

Once a free trial expires, any campaigns that are running will become deactivated and profile access is restricted.

When logging in to your dashboard, an option to upgrade to continue will be displayed.

You can remove all your details from LinkedProspect at any time.  Email our Data Controller at [email protected] who will remove all details from our database and confirm this action to you.


After the free trial period, LinkedProspect costs just $49 per month for our Basic Plan and $99 per month for the Standard Plan. The Standard Plan offers "Reply-Detection" and LinkedIn Sales Navigator support.

Payment is made via Credit Card. A recurring subscription for the monthly fee will be created and can be cancelled at any time. We send an invoice to the registered email address.

Subscriptions can be cancelled any time in your account. This will automatically cancel your next payment, at which point your LinkedProspect account will expire and all campaigns will deactivate.

Privacy and Data

LinkedProspect complies with US, UK and European data protection regulations, including the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) coming into force in the UK 2018.

LinkedProspect does not hold or access any personally identifiable information besides your LinkedProspect logins and LinkedIn logins, which remain SSL encrytped and remain confidential under our confidentiality agreement.

LinkedProspect user accounts remain separate, secure and no user data is shared internally or with any other parties. Ever.

Please notify LinkedProspect’s Data Officer at [email protected] who will remove the record data within reasonable time and confirm it’s removal to you.

Risk Minimization and Profile Protection

LinkedProspects’ algorithms are designed to simulate activity at the pace and volume of natural human behaviour.

Every effort is taken to ensure our users profiles remain unrestricted.  However, as with any automation software, there is a risk and LinkedProspect can not be held responsible for any restrictions made by LinkedIn.  For full details, please see our terms here.

We strongly recommend against sending mass manual invitations and messages on the same day as running LinkedProspect campaigns.

Our algorithms are set at a moderate pace to keep activity levels natural and sensible. Performing additional activity may take you above a safe level and could result in a profile being restricted by LinkedIn.

Sales Navigator

LinkedProspect works really well with Sales Navigator.  We recommend that our clients use Sales Navigator, because it allows them to tightly target prospects and our clients typically see better results with Sales Navigator

Affiliates & Multiple Accounts

We don't currently have an affiliate programme.

Our development roadmap includes a multi-profile account feature, which will be available for upgraded accounts.

For now, LinkedProspect operates on a single profile basis (ie. one LinkedIn profile per LinkedProspect account.).

Conversion Tracking

The easiest way is to create campaign specific URL parameters that can be entered into Auto-Responder messages and Bulk messages.

For example, by changing the URL you place in messages from www.yourwebsite.com to www.yourwebsite.com?example users will still see the same content but you'll be able to track visits to the ? parameter URL in your Analytics tool.

Still got questions?

We'd love to hear them! Please drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll get right back to you as fast as we can.