Increase your Monthly Subscription Revenue by adding an easy and affordable B2B Lead Generation service offering to your Agency that gets results for clients.

All data remains private and confidential at all times.

Lead Generation is an essential part of the Marketing Mix for B2B Clients.

Your Agency can focus on targeting, strategy and messaging, while LinkedProspect system takes care of delivery and the mechanics behind a successful Lead Generation Campaign.

Agencies are charging $500 - $1,500 per month for Lead Generation.

The margins on these services are 50% or more, and often 100%.

Agencies spend max10 hours a month on delivering these services.

The results of a successful campaign is often impressive, especially when it's part of Content and Re-marketing Campaigns.

LinkedProspect offers easy reporting and Zapier Integration, so you can also offer email management as an add-on or upsell

"LeadCentral has been a life-changer for me. Thanks to their system, I have grown my business by 300% in one year, targeting the right people with the right messages. The platform is very user-friendly and their customer service outstanding. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to grow their B2B business online."

Catherine Oaks,
Sliice Marketing

Catherine Oakes

Simple Pricing


$99 / Per Month

  • Up to 1,400 invitation sends
    Up to 1,400 auto-replies
    Up to 1,400 bulk messages
  • ** Sales Navigator Support
    ** Message Reply Detection


$750 / Per Month

  • Support with prospect search lists We provide 4 years of experience Our experts create your message copy We take care of activity for you You pick up the leads as they come in Sales Navigator Required

*** We provide all delivery services with Managed Campaigns.

"I have seen my company revenue triple using the LinkedProspect platform. 

David and his team have provided great support and I look forward to seeing the continued enhancements they will make to an already great product."

Chris Gaddis,
CEO, Total Prospecting Solution

Chris Gaddis

All data remains private and confidential at all times.

LinkedProspect is 100% compatible with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. We suggest that our client seriously consider investing in Sales Navigator, since it provides superior targeting and results.