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Catherine Oakes, Sliice Marketing

"LinkedProspect has been a life-changer for me. Thanks to their system, I have grown my business by 300% in one year, targeting the right people with the right messages. The platform is very user-friendly and their customer service outstanding. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to grow their B2B business online."

Catherine Oaks
Sliice Marketing

How the LinkedProspect LinkedIn Automation Tool works for B2B Lead Generation Agency:




Add New Revenue Streams

Provide B2B marketing automation to your clients and scale your revenues. Set your own margins and subscription fees. 

As long as your clients are subscribed, you will increase revenue month on month.




Sell your own Software Product

You can brand our tool with your logo and domain name. It's easier to sell and scale software than services. It's also very powerful to sell services + software or to bundle software into existing offers/retainers.




High Margin Services

You can charge high prices for lead generation services that add significant revenue for clients and upsell them on other services.

Running Lead Generation campaigns with our system is easy to monitor and deliver, increasing your margins and reducing cost of delivery.



Scale This Service With Ease

Grow your business with confidence and scale beyond your team size all inhouse.

Stuart R. Crawford

"For the past 10 years, my agency has been figuring out ways to get the attention of qualified prospects through email. We've tried numerous methods and had numerous starts and stops with LinkedIn prospecting. It wasn't until I stumbled upon LinkedProspect that everything came together. The tools and services from LinkedProspect have been 10x more effective than our email marketing efforts and immediate ROI for our agency."

Stuart R. Crawford

Agency Growth Map

A System and Process for Targeting, Engaging and Closing your perfect clients.

    The advantages of using LinkedIn automation tools:

    Grow Your Agency in LinkedProspect

    Save time with Automation

    LinkedIn automation tools can help you save time by automating repetitive tasks, such as sending connection requests and messages.

    Increase your reach

    LinkedIn automation tools can help you reach more leads by sending messages to a wider audience.

    Personalize your messages

    LinkedIn automation tools can help you personalize your messages to each lead, which can increase your chances of getting a response.

    Access to analytics and Insights

    A LinkedIn automation tool provides you with valuable insights and data that can help you make better business decisions.

    Affordable Investment, pays for itself in 60 days in LinkedProspect
    John Hones, CEO, Gorilla EMEA

    Outstanding and Unbeatable

    "A great tool that we use to reach out to sales prospects and generate new business connections. We've launched many campaigns and connected with some big accounts. A huge asset to our sales and marketing efforts and we now use the platform throughout all of our global offices. Support is five star and customer service and team members are always helpful and enjoyable to talk to."

    John Hones
    CEO, Gorilla EMEA

    Agency Growth Map

    A System and Process for Targeting, Engaging and Closing your perfect clients.