B2B Marketing: The process of attracting and retaining customers in the business-to-business arena.

Boolean Search: A search term that uses Boolean operators, or “words” that you can use to combine other words to make more specific searches. These include words like AND, OR, and NOT.

Connection Requests: A request sent by a user to another user asking them to connect with them on LinkedIn.

Degree of connection: The number of connections you have with another user on LinkedIn.

Lead Generation: The process of creating leads, or potential customers.

LinkedIn Automation: The use of software to perform repetitive tasks on LinkedIn such as sending connection requests or sending messages.

LinkedIn Groups: Groups are a place where you can connect with other users who share similar interests, work in similar roles and industries, or have similar goals.

LinkedIn Headline: The headline that appears below your name, above your profile picture.

LinkedIn Marketing: The use of LinkedIn for marketing purposes, including but not limited to advertising, lead generation, and content creation.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: A set of tools and services offered by LinkedIn to help businesses engage with their customers and prospects on the platform.

LinkedIn pillars: The three core services that make up the LinkedIn platform: LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

LinkedIn premium: A paid subscription that gives you access to additional features including advanced search and analytics tools, expanded file storage space, and more.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: A tool that allows salespeople to connect with contacts, manage leads, and optimize their pipelines.


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