Making real connections: The Best LinkedIn Automated Messaging Tools in 2022

“Success in business is all about making connections,” is what business magnate Richard Branson once said. 

In today’s digital age, establishing your own business has gotten extremely easier. A quick click will bring you tons of opportunities to promote and market your brand. And if there’s a social media platform that deserves an extra level of attention, it’s LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s impact in B2B Marketing

LinkedIn is considered the golden goose of professional networking today. Maximizing LinkedIn to the best of its capabilities will tremendously help you and your business gain connections. 

An aspect of LinkedIn that’s been making the buzz around the industry for a while is LinkedIn Automated Messaging, or the process of using tools to automatically send out connection requests, follow-up messages, and any other activity you would otherwise have to perform manually on the platform.

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Why is LinkedIn Automated Messaging a must for businesses?

Since LinkedIn has the world’s largest professional network and is a hotspot for B2B networks, many digital marketers are now opting to use LinkedIn for its number of advantages. Trying to connect with every user through a manual process leads to a tedious and awfully slow process and will limit you from making as many connections as you should—this is where LinkedIn automation comes in handy.

Having the right and best linkedin automation tool can intelligently help you build a business network faster and more effectively. It will let you create meaningful connections, run social influencer campaigns, and publish the right content at the right time to the right audience. When set up properly, LinkedIn automation is the most powerful thing you can do for your business. The earlier you automate your LinkedIn, the more effective it will be for you in the long run.

Considering the use of LinkedIn messaging automation helps you save time. It brings personalization to mass outreach, so user interactions and outreach messages will appear far more natural. It automatically generates reports for your outreach campaigns, allowing you to see at a glance the number of leads that have responded, replied, and converted. It integrates with other lead generation and marketing tools, therefore maximizing efficiency and productivity.

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The Best LinkedIn Automation Tools in the market for 2022

Industry professionals weigh in on the best LinkedIn automation tools for B2B marketers today. Here are the ten leading LinkedIn Automation programs that entrepreneurs swear by.


LinkedProspect is an all-in-one LinkedIn marketing tool that offers the best of all worlds: lead generation, MSP marketing, IT marketing, headline generation, and even a complete profile optimization service. Integrated with LinkedIn, LinkedProspect allows you to target your leads with impressive personalization capabilities. More than sales-generating, the tool also offers plugins and functions for customer service.

One of the best add-ons to LinkedProspect’s services is the opportunity to seek assistance from their trained team of experts. Users can get in touch for tips, tricks, and of course, help on using the tool. It’s the automation tool equivalent of having a marketing assistant and consultant at your side.

Features of LinkedProspect:

  1. Works with Normal Linked
  2. Automated Invites
  3. Auto Replies – (Does not support Reply Detection)
  4. Bulk Messaging to Existing Connections
  5. Zapier Integration
  6. Cancel Any time
  7. Sales Navigator Support
  8. Offers Significantly Better Targeting
  9. Automated Invites
  10. Auto Replies with Reply Detection
  11. Bulk Messaging to Existing Connections
  12. Export Prospect Emails
  13. Zapier Integration
  14. Cancel Any time


Basic PlanStandard Plan7 for 7 Deal
7 days for $7, then 49 per month7 days for $7, then 99 per month7 days for $7, Full Access

Testimonies from users:

“I have been using the LinkedProspect platform for over a year now and have had an awesome experience. In our recruiting firm it has worked wonders for candidate sourcing, but also in our other consulting businesses. We use it to attract people at trade shows, and even set 10-20 phone appointments per week for our business consulting services. If you are in sales, you gotta get this tool!”

  • Hunter Brown

“For the past 10 years, my agency has been figuring out ways to get the attention of qualified prospects through email. We’ve tried numerous methods and had numerous starts and stops with LinkedIn prospecting. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon LinkedProspect that everything came together. The LinkedIn Automation tools and services from LinkedProspect have been 10x more effective than our email marketing efforts and immediate ROI for our agency.”

  • Stuart R. Crawford, Ulistic

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Developed by LinkedIn and trusted by more than 80% of the Forbes Cloud 100, this LinkedIn messaging automation tool is designed to effectively target the right buyers, understand key insights, and make your outreach personalized. It delivers +42% larger deals to connect with decision-makers, +17% higher win rates when saving leads, and +15% more pipeline to find customers.

It offers an enterprise program catered for companies with 70+ reps and is designed for sales organizations that want to build client relationships by harnessing enterprise LinkedIn features and unlocking expanded company networks. The Individual sales reps program targets individual users who want to tap into LinkedIn’s network to prospect for new leads more effectively, increase pipeline and close more deals.

Features of Sales Navigator:

  1. Sales Navigator gives you access to LinkedIn subscriptions (Job Seeker, LinkedIn Learning Access)
  2. Provides you with extended network access to let you perform an unlimited search, saved searches, and who’s viewed your profile in the past 90 days
  3. Lets you find the right people through its advanced search and sales spotlights
  4. Prioritizes and qualifies lead and account recommendations and sales preferences
  5. It can be integrated with your sales tools such as SNAP, outlook web integration, and Sales Navigator mobile app
  6. Helps you keep track of people and companies and helps you engage with your prospects and customers using your team’s network
  7. Administrative tools and reporting for usage reporting and account center
  8. Features centralized billing for contracts sold through LinkedIn corporate sales
  9. The CRM Sync features an auto-save, activity writeback, and ROI reporting for salesforce and Microsoft dynamics 365 sales
  10. Advanced CRM integrations have data validation and contact creation for salesforce and Microsoft dynamics 365 sales
  11. Enterprise tools such as SSO, and employee data integration


$64.99 per month$103.33 per monthCustom package

Testimonies from users:

At the end of the day, people buy from people they like and trust. And that’s what Sales Navigator does for us; it helps us make those connections.

  • Jagjit Singh, Manager, Sales Strategy and Transformation at Infosys


Zopto is a cloud-based software that fully automates your LinkedIn lead generation with the power and security of the cloud. It’s professionally designed to help you find, identify, and expand your network. This outreach automation tool mainly helps sales teams improve their lead generation efforts and lets you connect with your ideal audience, drive sales, and share content. In addition, it offers seamless integrations and works with marketing automation and CRM tools, and thousands of integrations through Zapier and webhooks.

This automation tool has advanced filtering to increase success by building an advanced list of prospects and filter based on hundreds of criteria. It lets you manage multi-user profiles for easy access to team performance.

Features of Zopto:

  1. Military-grade security – Keeps your data safe through enterprise-level cloud servers and military-grade encryption.
  2. Data back-up – Ensures a reliable back-up and quick recovery of all your lead gen campaigns through cloud transfer
  3. Essential automation features – Offers all the essential LinkedIn automation features, and some unique ones like Twitter engagement, InMail messages, advanced reporting, and more.
  4. Secure Prospecting – Developed with an algorithm that mimics human behavior so you don’t need to worry about getting banned.
  5. Advanced Filtering – Increases success by building an advanced list of prospects and filter based on hundreds of criteria.
  6. Data Cleanse – Uses artificial intelligence to cleanse your prospect lists, ensuring they’re ready to go.
  7. In-app LinkedIn chat – No need to jump back and forth between Zopto and LinkedIn – respond to conversations in your inbox right in the app.
  8. Seamless Integration – Works with marketing automation and CRM tools, and thousands of integrations through Zapier and webhooks. Synchronize profiles, contact information, and hot leads.
  9. Recruiter and Sales Navigator – Works with Recruiter and Sales Navigator accounts to offer flexibility based on the type of business.
  10. Dedicated IP address – Uses a dedicated IP address so your account doesn’t seem suspicious.
  11. Campaign Scheduling – Start, stop and run your outreach campaigns when they are most profitable.


$215 per month$395 per month$ 895 per month
1 account included2 accounts included5 accounts included
Profile View GeneratorAgency DashboardAgency Dashboard
Connection InvitesProfile View GeneratorProfile View Generator
Sequential MessagingConnection InvitesConnection Invites
Free InMail MessagesSequential MessagingSequential Messaging
Twitter EngagementFree InMail MessagesFree InMail Messages
Target Imported ListsTwitter EngagementTwitter Engagement
Email/Chat/Phone SupportTarget Imported ListsTarget Imported Lists
A/B TestingDedicated Customer Success ManagerDedicated Customer Success Manager
Advanced reportingA/B TestingA/B Testing
Cloud Based AccessAdvanced ReportingAdvanced reporting
CRM Integration (Zapier)Cloud Based AccessCloud Based Access
High-converting templatesCRM Integration (Zapier)CRM Integration (Zapier)
Compatible with Linkedin Premium and Sales NavigatorHigh-converting templatesWhite Label Integration
 Compatible with Linkedin Sales, Sales Navigator, Recruiter LiteHigh-converting templates
  Compatible with Linkedin Premium, Sales Navigator, Recruiter Lite

Testimonies from users:

What I like most about the software is the automation – the profile fetching, profile views, and messaging. It’s nice that the timing is randomized so it doesn’t come off as robotic. As a startup company ourselves, this was easy to implement into our current practices.

  • Julia D., Marketing Specialist for Computer Software

I’ve used several LinkedIn Automation tools like Zopto, and none of them even come close in terms of user experience and support. If you are looking for a LinkedIn automation tool for driving new sales leads, don’t look any further.

  • Taylor J., Founder and CEO for Marketing and Advertising

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A code-free automation and data extraction tool designed to help businesses generate leads, scrape audiences, and effectively automate growth, Phantombuster effectively works with the following channels: LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Instagram, Google, and Twitter. It offers multiple features and automation hacks and can be used with a LinkedIn automation tool of your choice. 

Phantombuster works with LinkedIn Network Booster to automatically send invitations and connect to a list of LinkedIn users. It also integrates with LinkedIn Profile Scraper to efficiently collect data (name, title, position, company, etc.) from a list of LinkedIn profiles. With the LinkedIn Message Sender, users can automatically send personalized messages to LinkedIn connections. The LinkedIn Auto Commenter/Liker integration lets you engage automatically with certain posts of your connections and other LinkedIn users.

Features of Phantombuster:

  1. Automate any action on the web – Phantombuster can do almost any action on your behalf on the web. It’s efficient, fast, and works 24/7 from the cloud.
  2. Extract data from the web – Turn any corner of the web into a source of data. Use it for your CRM, database, social networks, and much more
  3. Schedule and trigger actions – Lets you set up your actions to run automatically. It allows you to program a pace, a trigger, and customization, even if you don’t code.
  4. Chain automations to build advanced workflows – Easily build your workflows or edit proven ones from professional salespeople, marketers, and growth-hackers.
  5. Run from the cloud – All automations are performed from the cloud and all extracted data are saved in the cloud. Designed to work 24/7 and works even when your computer is turned off. 
  6. LinkedIn Network Booster – Automatically send invitations and connect to a list of LinkedIn users with a personalized message.
  7. LinkedIn Profile Scraper – Collect every data from a list of LinkedIn profiles, including emails.
  8. LinkedIn Search Export – Scrape and export the results of a LinkedIn Search automatically to a Google/Excel Spreadsheet or a JSON file.
  9. LinkedIn Companies Info – Starting from a list of companies, find all their information on LinkedIn.


Free ForeverGrowth HackerBusinessEnterprisePremium
$0 per month$30 per month$70 per month$200 per month$900 per month
10 min/day1 hr/day3 hrs/day10 hrs/day60 hrs/day
1 Phantom slot5 Phantom slots10 Phantom slots20 Phantom slots40 Phantom slots

Testimonies from users:

Phantombuster means freedom for marketers. You don’t need to code to do a lot of hacks. The future of marketing!

  • Stephanie Tramicheck, Country Manager at Pinterest

Phantombuster helped us scale our lead generation process and automatically start discussions with our prospects over Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

  • Robin Herzog, Growth  at Swapcard


GrowthLead is a B2B social selling tool developed for LinkedIn to help you scale your outreach while allowing you to focus on other tasks at hand. It grows your pipeline and delivers lead generation strategies for startups, sales teams, and agencies through training and consulting.

Ideally developed for dedicated growth-hackers with a specific marketing plan and technical know-how, GrowthLead follows a simple 4-step automation process.

Features of GrowthLead:

  1. Identifying and Finding Prospects – Uses advanced filters to search for your target audience on LinkedIn for your outbound process.
  2. Automating Outreach – Create various outreach campaigns for multiple market segments. This feature allows you to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts.
  3. Seamless Integration – Compatible with Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Recruiter.
  4. Schedule Messaging Sequences – Sets up your nurturing process.
  5. Get Insights – This allows you to watch campaign insight with up-to-date metrics for your campaign.
  6. Easy Set-up – Follows a 4-step automation process to take your sales prospecting and social selling to the next level. This tool takes only 5 minutes to set-up and runs seamlessly in the background.
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BasicProAdvancedDone for you
$67.35 per user/month$101.61 per user/month$147.30 per user/month$489.85 per user/month
   Dedicated campaign manager based on your requirements

Testimonies from users:

Super easy to setup. Saves a lot of time with auto replies and sequences. You can achieve the same thing for cheaper and more power with a combination of LinkedIn Automation tools, but this really puts the whole LinkedIn process on autopilot.

  • Kieron B., Founder at Marketing and Advertising

Very Strong Tool for Linkedin Automation Work Best with sales Nav

  • Sarosh N., Business Development/ Growth Engineer for Computer Software


Professionally designed for growth-hackers, agency owners, and people managing multiple LinkedIn accounts, Expandi has an easy-to-use dashboard which allows users to switch between different accounts in just a second. It’s the safest LinkedIn tool on the market and is designed to run 24/7 on your computer, making it incredibly convenient.

Features of Expandi:

  1. Webhooks – Allows users to link Expandi to other marketing tools for maximized automation and more productive use.
  2. Smart Inbox – A dedicated smart inbox tailored to boost customer engagement and ensure you never miss a chat conversation again. 
  3. Dynamic personalization – This feature allows you to message people based on a custom variable. It goes far beyond the “first name” and “company name” personalization.
  4. Safe to use – Expandi assigns new proxy IP addresses for each account.
  5. Delay between actions – Randomized delays between actions, to replicate human behavior.
  6. Smart limits – Allows users to send up to 100 invites and 100 messages in one day. Expandi also withdraws pending invites on autopilot.


$99 per month
Comes with a 7-day free trial
All features included

Testimonials from users:

“Expandi is great to expand and engage your network in various ways.”

  • Alain B, Chief Commercial Officer


The #1 no-code data extraction and automation platform on the web, TexAu is a growth automation platform developed to connect automation together, build powerful workflows, grab data or generate leads. This tool is a must-have for every sales and marketing team. It offers automation for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, and more.

With TexAu you can automate all your work, use data to easily generate new leads, contact them quickly and effortlessly, and improve your knowledge of your users. 

Features of TexAu:

  1. Extract saved leads from Sales Navigator
  2. Find email using a LinkedIn profile
  3. Scrape emails from specific LinkedIn profiles
  4. Scrape all the members of a LinkedIn group you’re part of
  5. Auto endorse, like, comment, or message
  6. Add new LinkedIn connections even without emails
  7. Extract your competitor’s fans from Product Hunt and offer them a free trial on LinkedIn
  8. Find the LinkedIn profile of contact and reach out automatically
  9. Own Desktop app for safe automation
  10. Create your own powerful workflow with the easy-to-use drag and drop tool
  11. Built-in data enrichment helps you find and verify the emails of your leads and contacts. Gives you a 360-degree view of every contact
  12. Unlimited file storage
  13. Webhook support
  14. LinkedIn drip campaigns with follow-up messages
  15. Event-based workflows
  16. Power integrations ( Zapier, Slack, real-time Google Spreadsheets, and more coming soon)
  17. Slack Bot notifications, alerts, and start-stop automation


Cloud StarterCloud GrowthCloud Agency
$29 per month$79 per month$199 per month
Total Execution time / Day = 1.5 hoursTotal Execution time / Day = 4 hoursTotal Execution time / Day = 10 hours
Email Enrichment / Day = 20Email Enrichment / Day = 40Email Enrichment / Day = 100
Smart Drip Campaigns (Soon)Smart Drip Campaigns (Soon)Smart Drip Campaigns (Soon)
File Storage ( GB ) = 1File Storage ( GB ) = 12File Storage ( GB ) = 25
Automations at a time = 5Automations at a time = 10Automations at a time = 25
TexAu Desktop App TexAu Desktop AppTexAu Desktop App
180+ Automation Library180+ Automation Library180+ Automation Library
CSV / Google Sheet ProcessingCSV / Google Sheet ProcessingCSV / Google Sheet Processing
Email notificationsEmail notificationsEmail notifications
Slack BotSlack BotSlack Bot
Community & CoursesCommunity & CoursesCommunity & Courses
Organization & TeamsOrganization & TeamsOrganization & Teams
MiniCRMOwner + 1 memberOwner + 2 members
Webhook SupportMiniCRMMiniCRM
Zapier IntegrationWebhook SupportWebhook Support
Access to all integrations (With Recipes)Zapier IntegrationZapier Integration
Support In 1 Working DayAccess to all integrations (With Recipes)Access to all integrations (With Recipes)
 Support In 1 Working DaySupport In 1 Working Day

Testimonies from users:

TexAu is by far the easiest way to automate your growth strategies and integrate them with multiple platforms. The possibilities of what you can do with TexAu are only limited by your own imagination, which is what makes the platform so powerful. They have been steadily rolling out updates and new features and I can’t wait to see what they’ve got up their sleeves.

  • Rick Bannerman, Owner of Social Gorillas Marketing

TexAu has helped us make amazing high-converting organic social media campaigns for our clients. With TexAu, we can do 100x more research and outreach with the same number of people.

  • Eric Axelrod, Co-founder of Maketracks Social

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WeConnect is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool designed with the simplicity you will love. It lets you easily set up your campaigns, personalize messaging, filter and save searches, auto-follow-up, and more. The software allows you to manage your entire network with a few clicks. This platform is developed for effective research, prospecting, networking, outreach, and sales and marketing automation combined.

By accelerating your invites, connections, and messaging, WeConnect speeds up your discovery of insights and opportunities up to 10x faster. It’s professionally designed for busy sales, marketing, recruiters, entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals and delivers powerful analytics, a dashboard, and a timeline that will motivate you to stay engaged. 

Features of WeConnect:

  1. Five campaign types – Invite new connection, Message 1st connections, Endorse contacts, Auto-follow people and, Visit profiles. WeConnect offers different campaign types you can easily choose from: Invite new connection, message first connections, endorse contracts, auto-follow people, and visit profiles. These are customizable and extremely flexible depending on your business goals. 
  2. Bulk Invite – Bulk invite your 2nd and 3rd (and above) connections with personalized 1:1 invites. WeConnect lets you grow your network and generate leads at a scale and speed that’s impossible to achieve manually.
  3. Bulk Messaging – Schedule a drip sequence to your 1st connections and send up to 10 follow-up messages. This tactic will increase your reply rate exponentially with email-style drip sequences.
  4. Export campaign data – Export your campaign data, profiles, and lists, including emails and phone numbers for re-targeting, email campaigns, Twitter handles, and analysis.
  5. API and Zapier Integration – Sync WeConnect data with your CRM and other third-party apps.
  6. Powerful campaign manager – Present all your current campaigns in a tabular form for visual ease. Edit, pause, or activate campaigns any time with a single click so you can run A/B tests, switch between campaigns, and reach your prospects when you need to. 


Pay as you go
$49 per user per month
Cloud Based
Advanced dashboard and reporting
Interactive Inbox
5 Campaign Types
Powerful campaign manager
Bulk Invite and messaging
Drip sequences
Export campaign and profile data
Import profiles via CSV
Works with free LinkedIn and Sales Navigator
API and Zapier Integration
and more

Testimonies from users

Allows you to automate Outreach to your target market in a personalized way, great helper. Good UI, easy to automate your work, reliable, saves you a lot of time and gives you lots of benefits in business development/sales on LinkedIn.

  • Moritz S., Client Partner at Information Technology and Services

Saved me so many hours. I could personalize connection requests in a safe manner which saved me countless hours of work.

  • Kayla A., Sales Representative at Computer Software


A top-rated application with 5-star ratings and 90,000+ users, LinkedHelper is designed for LinkedIn social selling and marketing suitable for individuals, small teams, and organizations. It’s excellent for assisting its users in automating several LinkedIn-based tasks such as connecting, messaging, inviting, endorsing, and more. It helps you expand your social network to an unlimited number of contacts in just a few automated steps. 

Features of LinkedHelper:

  1. Safe and undetectable automation – LinkedHelper mimics human behavior by clicking buttons or typing messages without inserting any of its code into LinkedIn.
  2. Smart action limits – You can set max allowed actions for a certain action type. Invite 50 per 24 hrs, Message 300, Follow 100.
  3. 3rd part and external CRMs integration – Supports Zapier and Webhooks integration to integrate with 3rd-parties.
  4. Send messages to LinkedIn group members – Send messages to members of a shared LinkedIn group, even when you are not directly connected with them. This makes LinkedHelper  useful for group owners and admins.
  5. Profiles auto-follower – Automate your profile’s following or unfollowing to get even more engagement with your prospects.
  6. Profiles auto-visitor – Automatically visit a selection of LinkedIn profiles one or several times to show your interest and get profile views in return.
  7. Tagging and auto-tagging system – Automatically add or remove tags to mark profile’s status as they move through your LH campaign or manage them manually via LinkedIn profile or LH CRM.
  8. Connections remover – Automatically remove connections from your network to make room for new business contacts.


1 month3 months6 months12 months
$15 per account$40 per account$60 per account$99 per account

Testimonies from users:

I love the fact that Linked Helper does tedious tasks for me. With Linked Helper and the helpful team behind it, I now have more time on my hands and can get so much more things done!

  • Faith Xoli X, Head Of Research And Development

It is so simple to use and saves you so much of time by automating those mundane day-to-day actions that take you forever to do on LinkedIn. I would have been lost had it not been for Linked Helper.

  • Natalie K, Head Of Operations


Developed in 2016, Dux-Soup is one of the most popular LinkedIn automation tools on the market. It’s designed to make it easy to connect and engage with your prospects, endorse their skills, and follow their activity. Dux-Soup is a Chrome extension which may take a bit of getting used to at first, but it works well with LinkedIn Basic, Business & LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It has a straightforward interface with lots of support for beginners just getting into LinkedIn.

Dux-Soup regularly publishes new guides to help users better manage their automation. It’s designed mainly for beginners wanting to get started with automating their basic LinkedIn actions. 

Features of Dux-Soup:

  1. Automatically views your LinkedIn prospect profiles, endorses their skills, follows their LinkedIn activity, and sends personalized messages on your behalf
  2. Primarily focuses on main lead generation activities and outreach features
  3. Downloads profile details so you can easily find LinkedIn profiles, their info, and upload them into your CRM for lead management
  4. Does Outreach, Automation, and more, allowing you to auto-visit profiles, send personalized messages, endorse connections, and more
  5. Easily lists LinkedIn profiles that have replied to automated campaigns, so you can manually follow up
  6. Allows you to follow up with automated messages to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd connections or set up a longer-term drip campaign.
  7. Safe to use – Dux-Soup randomizes waiting times between actions. It runs at scheduled hours only, avoids profiles based on various rules, and stays within “fair use” limits from LinkedIn.
  8. Available in 9 languages – English, Dutch, Polish, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, German, Spanish.


$0 per month$11.25 per month per account$41.25 per month per account

Testimonies from users:

I’ve never seen a marketing or sales tool make such an impact. Leveraging Dux-Soup means in 8 months we’ve gone from $30k – $200k in closed sales each month!

  • Shane Wearmouth, Managing Director at SafeSmart

You could be automating the equivalent of 30-60 business days. You can’t get better than that!

  • Tyron Giuliani, Founder at Selling Made Social
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The easiest and most advanced, all-in-one sales enablement software for LinkedIn, Email, and, Twitter. It’s designed with a simple to use, time-saving, reliable, and safe interface. This tool mainly focuses on end-to-end social selling campaigns and offers a little bit of everything when it comes to LinkedIn automation. Alfred helps with better team management, building LinkedIn campaigns, and automating some outreach sequences. It’s best used for driving engagement and managing conversions using its built-in CRM.

MeetAlfred helps you find your ideal target audience fast. It has everything for you to source and finds the best connections to build more pipelines. It helps you engage your prospects with profile views, endorsements, connection requests, messages, InMails, Emails as well as Twitter DMs. This tool’s performance insights help you optimize campaigns to drive even stronger results.

Features of MeetAlfred:

  1. Powerful campaign manager – Create and run multiple sophisticated messaging campaign sequences on Linkedin, Email, and Twitter.
  2. Advanced LinkedIn CRM – The first-ever purpose-built CRM providing full access to your Linkedin connection’s detailed information.
  3. Powerful Campaign Manager – Create and run multiple sophisticated messaging campaign sequences on Linkedin, Email, and Twitter.
  4. In-Depth Analytics and Dashboard – Monitor your progress, get actionable insights on campaign performance to make smarter decisions.
  5. Email Campaign Sequences – Go beyond Linkedin and engage with your network using your Gmail, G Suite, or Microsoft Outlook account.
  6. Team Management – Don’t work alone. Manage a team and their pipeline for more predictability to drive stronger results together.
  7. Built-in Safety Usage Limits – Manage all aspects of Alfred’s automation to ensure your Linkedin account is within its commercial limits.
  8. Integrations – Integrate into your existing workflow, CRM, and other tools, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.
  9. LinkedIn Post Scheduling – Keep your Linkedin network informed and engaged with your company news and insights.


$29 per month$59 per month$99 per month
3 Active Campaign6 Active CampaignUnlimited Active Campaigns
Basic Linkedin CRMAdvanced Linkedin CRMEmail Automation for Gmail,
Notes & Tagging3rd Party Integrations (Zapier)Gsuite & Microsoft Outlook Twitter Automation
View & Export DataSmart Linkedin InboxLinkedin Group Automation
Single userInMail AutomationLinkedin Content Retargeting
 Supports SN & Recruiter LiteSocial Media Post Scheduling
 Attachments (1 per message)Messaging Templates*
 Add up to 5 users8 Different Lead Sources
  Attachments (Up to 3 per msg)
  Add unlimited users

Testimonies from users:

Exactly what I have been waiting for! Easy to use, great interface, and a time saver sent from above. Support team responds fast and super helpful

  • Michelle Burnett

No more cold calling and attending lots of useless networking events. Alfred is really doing the job for me and I highly recommend it.

  • James Harris
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Focus on the best practices

With hundreds of LinkedIn automation tools in the market, no matter which tool you choose, always keep LinkedIn automation best safety practices in mind. Every professionals knows the benefits of LinkedIn’s limitless supply of job offers, network connections, and information. If you’re an entrepreneur, a recruiter, or a salesperson without a LinkedIn Automation, then you’re almost like a car without an engine—that’s how important LinkedIn automation is. But, with necessity also comes risks as the majority of the best LinkedIn automation tools tend to be a bit enthusiastic when it comes to sending out messages and connection invites. This practice often results to spamming – something that LinkedIn has an extremely strong stand against. It’s imperative that your tool should be optimized for safety and growth—safety for your business to protect your prospects and data, and growth for you and your business to help you achieve your desired goal. 

At a time like this, connecting with people through various social media platforms is the sure-fire way to gain connections. Many people are jumpstarting their careers, building their brand, tapping into different industries, and so much more. Finding a way to market your business and boost your career starts with choosing what’s right for your business and what’s best for you.

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LinkedIn Automation Tools

100+ Proven LinkedIn Automation Message Templates to Generate Leads

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