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LinkedProspect Sidekick generates comments that starts conversations on LinkedIn

Pre Built settings for generating comments instantly  with support for:


👍 Like- To show interest or agreement

❤️ Support- To show solidarity

👎 Dislike- For showing disagreement with the discussion

💡 Thought - To share insights on industry conversations or ideas.

❓ Question- to generate conversations


Options to start writing a comment and then generate/complete the comment. 


Generate Comments

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A tool designed to create impact on your social presence and help generate engagement that gets you noticed and starts conversations that lead to sales. You will get your prospect’s attention!

linkedprospect sidekick video
Generate Comments

Generate comments on LinkedIn posts in seconds that you can edit and adjust as needed. Options for "Support," "Thought," and "Suggest." Generate relevant professional communication effortlessly, saving time and delivering genuine, fitting replies.

John Hones, CEO, Gorilla EMEA

Outstanding and Unbeatable

"A great tool that we use to reach out to sales prospects and generate new business connections. We've launched many campaigns and connected with some big accounts. A huge asset to our sales and marketing efforts and we now use the platform throughout all of our global offices. Support is five star and customer service and team members are always helpful and enjoyable to talk to."

John Hones
CEO, Gorilla EMEA

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