How to significantly improve your LinkedIn Lead Generation results.


What You'll Learn In This Course

The purpose and reasons why you should optimize your LinkedIn Profile.

How to position yourself as an expert.

How to directly speak to the people you want to target.How to position yourself as an expert.

A formula/framework for creating a headline that stands out.

A step by step framework for writing your LinkedIn profile to be customer focussed.

What's Inside

Total Running Time: 16 min


Why Optimize your LinkedIn Profile?

A well written LinkedIn profile and lead generation process can get you 3-8 appointments per month with people interested in your products or services.


Generalists Fail, Specialists Succeed

A framework for positioning yourself as an expert that people want to connect with and speak to.


Profile Optimization Steps

We cover:

Your tagline/headline that stands out

The 6 step framework for writing your LinkedIn Profile

Your Headshot image

You Profile background

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