Linkedin Lead Generation

B2B Marketing in 2020: The Best Strategies for All Channels

By Peter Grimshaw / 7th September 2020 /

If you’re a business catering to other companies, you’ll know how important it is to position yourself in the market. Unlike customer-facing brands, you have a ton of factors to consider, which comes from the demand to establish your credibility.  Digital strategies and channels differ for those in the B2B industry, with a variety of…

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How To Get More Views on LinkedIn

By Peter Grimshaw / 13th August 2020 /

Social media is an excellent way to share memories and experiences. Facebook is present for personal content, while Instagram is a platform for showing off your creativity. For those of us in the business world, LinkedIn is our playground. Whether you’re a business leader or a rising entrepreneur, a profile on LinkedIn will undoubtedly boost…

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Building your network with LinkedIn Invite Message

By Peter Grimshaw / 30th March 2020 /

With the number of B2B companies moving their lead generation efforts to LinkedIn, it’s no wonder that some call 2020 the “Year of LinkedIn.” Thanks to LinkedIn’s business-focused nature, many users see its value in making connections. Every second, a new user signs up, making up over 70 million monthly active users.  How does this…

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The All-In-One List of LinkedIn Tools

By Peter Grimshaw / 12th March 2020 /

When we speak of social media marketing, we usually hear strategies revolving around Facebook or Instagram. But for business-to-business (B2B) marketing, it’s a different ball game. Companies focused on B2B spend most of their time getting clients, and the near-perfect platform for this is LinkedIn. With over 500 million users, it’s no wonder that LinkedIn…

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Ultimate Guide to Writing a LinkedIn Invitation Message

By Peter Grimshaw / 26th February 2020 /

Writing the perfect LinkedIn invitation message can be tricky. You run the risk of getting blocked and losing a potential client. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid just that — and it falls under how much effort you’re willing to put out for your LinkedIn lead generation. Putting yourself in position What many people miss…

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LinkedIn Tools You’ll Need for 2020

By Peter Grimshaw / 15th February 2020 /

If you did a quick Google of “LinkedIn tools”, you’ll find hundreds of articles with a roster of plugins for lead generation. The abundance of choices can easily put you in a frenzy of thoughts from excitement to amazement and well, unnecessary investment, especially when some supposed users even swear by these tools and claim…

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The Best Templates to Use for your LinkedIn Invitation Message

By Peter Grimshaw / 13th January 2020 /

What’s the one thing that could drive a prospect to decline your connection request? It’s simple: A generic LinkedIn invitation message that’s just waiting for the green light to turn into a sales pitch. LinkedIn Is home to millions of professional users, a percentage of them are decision-makers that every B2B marketer is trying to…

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5 Ways to Personalize your LinkedIn Connection Message

By Peter Grimshaw / 10th January 2020 /

LinkedIn is a remarkably unique platform, and to this day, it remains the number one when it comes to professional networking. What makes LinkedIn stand out is the opportunity to discuss career and industry insights – something you wouldn’t normally do on other platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Of course, like any social media channel,…

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How To Purchase InMail Credits and Send LinkedIn InMail

By Peter Grimshaw / 7th January 2020 /

One of the best ways to get in touch with individuals is through LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network.  Whether it’s to pitch a proposal or simply share career insights, there’s no denying that LinkedIn is now the main social network for anything business-related. But like any platform, LinkedIn is far from perfect. It’s not…

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