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The LinkedProspect team always gets asked about messaging best practices. And we understand where the demand comes from. Messaging on LinkedIn is incredibly important for the B2B marketer, because it’s where you can have real conversations with potential clients and partners.

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Of course, with the importance of LinkedIn messaging comes the challenges. Let’s face it, a lot of our LinkedIn messages go straight to junk or spam on e-mail. The same is true for LinkedIn. So how can we get a reply, or at the very least, have our recipients interested enough to read our pitch?

Here is our strategy and tactics, as well as some LinkedIn Messaging Templates that are working and getting people results. We suggest that you do modify these scrips and write them in your own voice. If they don’t come across authentic to LinkedIn members, you won’t get results.

Be authentic - LinkedIn Script Templates

Before we move on to the templates, here’s an almost fool-proof strategy for reaching out on LinkedIn. While these are effective on its own, it will still depend on how well you can carry the conversation, and how patient you are with interacting. LinkedIn is all about connecting with people, after all.

We suggest the following messaging strategy as a best practise to follow:

Messaging Strategy - LinkedIn Script Templates
  1. Seeking to find some commonality as the reason to connect (same industry, same role, same part of the country, same interests, etc) (short and sweet) [sent immediately
  2. Share some gratitude for them taking some action and accepting your invitation to connect. Be sure to make it all about THEM….what can you do for THEM? What are THEY working on? How can you HELP? (short and sweet) [sent after 1 day after they accept your connection request]
  3. Offer them something of value, an article, a free sample or free advice (something neutral, nothing to do with selling) has several good articles – top concerns for marketers or top trends for HR Directors Your city’s business journal ….or maybe case study or white paper you company gives as a gift. OR maybe even offer to brainstorm with them about THEIR business….[sent after 7 days]
  4. Okay, the part you’ve been waiting for…where you have earned the right to talk about YOU! ; ) this is where you can say – Hey {FirstName}, we’ve been connected for about a week now, always willing to refer you. A good referral for me is anyone who do you happen to know who oversees buying (insert product or service) Would be great if you could share who oversees that for your company or in your network.Much appreciated..let me know who comes to mind, [send a message after 14 days]

Here are few industry examples to share specifics.

Messaging Strategy - LinkedIn Script Templates

To make it easier, we crafted these industry-specific templates for your next LinkedIn hour. These will help you get started, and maybe later on, you’ll be versed enough to start writing your own spontaneous LinkedIn invites. Use these as templates, or tweak to make it more your own.

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B2B Sales – (Sales people, Business Development)

LinkedIn Connection Message for LinkedIn members–

Hi {FirstName} Looks like we are similar roles, would be great to connect and swap ideas.


Your name

Follow up Message #1 after they connect[1 day later]

Really appreciate being connected {FirstName}!

In looking at your LinkedIn profile closer, looks like you’ve had some interesting business experience.

What are you most excited about currently?

Your first name

7  days ( if they don’t reply to your first followup message)

Hey {FirstName}, seems like you have your hands full, it’s my goal to be a great connection

for you and visa versa…

Since I didn’t hear back, I will share first…if you happen to know of anyone in your field who is struggling with [INSERT THE PROBLEM YOU SOLVE HERE], be great to be connected to them, as we have provided [INSERT RESULTS] for other similar companies.

Always best to have a referral.

I’d love to return the favor and contribute to our relationship!

(your name)

(your email address)

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Agent Sales (Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Insurance Agents, Wealth Management)

Agent Sales - LinkedIn Script Templates

[think about referral partners when you do your search – if targeting individuals, think about who may be around these people when they are “in the market” for your offering? For example – a Moving Company may know people looking to sell their house or an Escrow agent may know when people just closed on a house and need new insurance coverage, etc….

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Connection Message –

Hi {FirstName} Looks like we are both tied to Real Estate industry – let’s connect!


Your name

Follow up Message #1 after they connect [1 day later]

Great to be connected {FirstName}

So? what part of our industry do you happen to specialize in?

Look forward to hearing from you,

Your first name

2nd message 7 days ( if they don’t reply to your first followup message)

So {FirstName}?

Since I didn’t hear back on where your focus is, I will go first and break the ice..

Our company is really good at [INSERT HERE], We’ve proven our worth many times

over for clients…should you know of anyone that is looking for [RESULTS}

Appreciate the collaboration! Look forward to hearing from you…

(your name)

(your email address)

Connecting with your target audience and sending them 2-4 messages over 1-2 weeks is time-consuming, but with the right amount of effort, you’ll get quality leads in no time!

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