LinkedProspect Zapier Integration to your favourite CRM

Video Showing LinkedProspect Zapier Integration to your favourite CRM

In this quick video I’m going to show you how to connect Link Prospect with your favourite CRM and the tool we’re going to use to do that is Zapier.

Inside Link Prospect on your Me page, if you scroll down to the bottom we have our Zapier Integration with Zapier Webbooks and we have some steps that you can take to make a Zap and then connect that Zap to your CRM.

To take you through these steps really quickly, we basically go into Zapier. We say let’s make a new Zap. What we want to choose is select webhooks from the list of built-in apps. Built-in apps, what we want to do is have webhooks. We’re looking for a retrieve pole. So retrieve pole.

Next what we want to do is copy the URL for the retrieve pole, the trigger. Say copy to clipboard and you put in the URL. Then it also asks for authentication string. The authentication string is basically the one, we know everything else and we just do basic authentication. Authentication string copied and pasted into basic authentication screen. Authentication string, basic auth.

We paste it in there and then we can click on continue. What I’ll do now is basically show you here’s the information that we just pulled from Link Prospect. The way this Zap works is every time someone connects with you on LinkedIn, the Zap will basically create this person, make them available to put into any CRM of your choice using Zapier.

There’s the retrieve poles. Continue. The next thing is just adding an action. If we’re adding an action, you can choose a whole slew of apps and CRMs, Pipedrive, Hubspot.

I’m going to recommend Hubspot. One of the things that you then want to do is say create or update a contact. Then what you want to do is you can test this to make sure that it’s connected. That’s connected.

The next step is to basically fill out these details for what are we going to send to Hubspot now? From here we basically say I want the email. There’s a lot of fields here. We don’t like all of them available. Choose to make the status active or not or just leave it the way it is.

The other fields … Yeah. Here you can set your lead status which is if you want to create an in-progress or work email. First name, last name. Location, city, social media. That’s what we use. I think you can put some custom fields in there.

I’d recommend that you start with just creating a simple one. Then once it’s working, once it’s working I’d recommend that you then you can come in and edit some of these fields, company. Cool.

If we continue, see here’s an example of what this person … I’ll grab his contact details. His name, last name, city, social media and company. We do can do a little test, which will provide this all worked. You click on finish.

LinkedProspect to Hubspot. Let me turn this on. Basically in your dashboard what you’ll see this is one I set up earlier. You can see in the task history it’ll show you.

That is how you integrate a LinkedProspect with Zapier and the CRM of your choice.


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