How Optimised is Your Profile for Conversions and Conversations?

When using LinkedIn for lead generation it’s key to get your prospects engaged with you and your offering. Is your profile showing the best version of yourself? Follow this checklist to ensure that your profile
is as engaging as possible to valuable prospects.

LinkedIn Profile Optimisation Checklist

Use your full real name, leave the nicknames behind and do not include any icons, special characters or use solely upper or lower case.

Profile Picture
This is one of the first things a prospect will see so be professional and present yourself in a way you wish your prospects to perceive you. Did you know that having a professional-looking profile photo can increase profile views by 14x?  If possible, use a neutral, non-distracting background,  look professional and approachable – remember, this photo needs to represent you at work.

The headline comes just underneath the profile picture, and with only 120 characters to spare it needs to be succinct and to the point. Try to include your job position, company and the key products/services you offer, so prospects can quickly identify you. We would recommend trying this format: [Job Title] at [Company] – Offering/Specialising in… For example: “Marketing Director at LinkedProspect, helping business increase performance through LinkedIn Lead generation”.

Complete this by expanding on your heading, explaining in a little more detail what you offer, giving a call to action, and including a summary of your key work history and achievements (if the achievements are relevant). We would recommend making your profile summary customer focused so that anyone reading this can quickly identify specifically how you can help them and their business. Edits can be made by visiting

Review any pending endorsements and request additional endorsements, ask connections (who you know) to give you a recommendation. Aim for as many as you can to build credibility. Ensure that you have also added a set of skills to your profile too – connections need something to endorse you for, after all!

Public Profile
By default, LinkedIn’s profile settings are restricted so only 1st degree connections can see full details of your experience and image. Which doesn’t help in a situation where you’re trying to attract and engage new prospects. We recommend changing the privacy settings of your profile to enable all users or even all public to be able to see your profile image and profile details. This is important if you’re asking new prospects to trust you.

User Friendly URL
Claim your public profile URL (see beneath your photograph on your own LinkedIn profile) and include your name and a relevant keyword.

‘Share Profile Changes’ Setting
In your settings, check that the ‘Share Profile Changes’ setting is switched off. Who really needs to be notified every time you update your profile?!

To really make the most of what LinkedIn Groups have to offer, you need to identify what kind of groups your ideal prospects are in. Use compelling copy, share thought provoking and professional content. This will spark conversations and also will help to position yourself as an industry heavyweight.

Number of Connections
Ideally you want a minimum of 50 connections before approaching your target prospects, less than this can make your profile look untrustworthy or fake. If you have less than 50 connections check you’ve connected with all your past and current colleagues and acquaintances.

Profile Completion
Ensure you profile is 100% complete and that you’ve completed all the sections as much as possible, including your previous work history, any publications in your name and any organisations you’re a member of. You do not have to go into great detail on previous jobs, kept this concise and outline your key achievements in each role. As well as giving prospects a better idea of your background and how qualified you are, when someone searches on LinkedIn, the results  favour profiles which are 100% complete.

Now that you’ve optimised your profile to increase engagement and aid conversions and conversations, you’re ready to engage with your target prospects. Head over to to get started.


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