Are you ready for GDPR? Many companies are just realising how severely it could diminish their email marketing database.

With the cost and labour involved in managing an email database and with the data regularly becoming outdated, it could make marketing teams rethink their strategies. Is there an effective alternative to email marketing? If your business relies on marketing to other businesses then yes, we have an option to for you to consider.

Building your LinkedIn connections to give you your own targeted list of relevant and up to date prospects. You do not need to worry about outdated information as your LinkedIn connections update themselves giving you accurate job titles, companies and the ability to message these prospects directly.

We’ve tried and tested this approach and if you’re not already using this channel we’d strongly recommend you consider it and if you are using this, how effective is your approach. After hundreds of hours of research, testing and refining we have put together a solution to help you connect and build your first degree connections up to as much as 1000 each month and effectively communicate your offering. Now that’s got to be worth a look, start your 7 day free trial at


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