7-Day LinkedIn Lead Generation Challenge: Win Your First Month Free

If you’re the sort of sales person who loves a challenge, boy have we got a treat for you!

Our team at LinkedProspect have received so much positive feedback about our ground-breaking LinkedIn lead generation software, we’ve decided to run a great little competition until the end of June 2017.

We believe absolutely in delivering value UP-FRONT, which is why we offer a free 7-day trial to all users.

One of our latest customers contacted us  this week to say they generated 6 qualified prospects within their 7-day free trial period.

Which got us thinking….

What’s the most number of qualified prospects any of our LinkedIn connections are able to generate using our tool in their 7-day free trial period?

So, here’s the challenge….

Anyone able to generate more than 6 qualified prospects in their 7-day free trial period gets their whole first month completely free!

Here’s the conditions:

  • Only one LinkedProspect account per LinkedIn profile
  • To qualify as a prospect, users must:
    • Respond to your message in writing on LinkedIn
    • Explicitly confirm they wish to share a phone call or meeting about your product or service
    • Minimum of 6 prospects to qualify
    • All prospects must be generated within your 7-day trial period
    • Evidence of your prospects must be sent as screen grabs (removing user names and anything that can identify them) in one email to [email protected]

Winners of the above will get a 30-day extension to their trial – so they can generate even more lovely prospects!

What are you waiting for?  Begin your 7-day free trial at the link below.


Happy prospecting!

The LinkedProspect Team


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