Whether you’re a Sales Manager or Marketing Director, the fact this article title grabbed your attention says a lot about your person and ambitions.

Anyway, you’ll be pleased you did as we’ve got something exciting to tell you.

Our team at LinkedProspect have discovered something – and subsequently built something – that has left us excited and is taking the lead generation world by storm.

Throughout the past three years, we’ve been working on some seriously successful lead generation campaigns that have resulted in amazing volumes of red hot leads through Linkedin.  We’re talking real leads.  And real business generated as a result. Serious revenue.

We’ve been so inspired by the fact of what we were achieving, we decide to streamline the whole process and sell it to people so they can do the same.

And, well, it’s now proving to be a massive hit.

Why is Linkedin Lead Generation so powerful?

When you consider all the challenges and costs involved with other lead generation channels, it’s almost a complete no-brainer really.

  • LinkedIn offers Instant outreach and lead generation capabilities
  • It’s so cost efficient, your profitability goes through the roof
  • Where else can you reach 1,000 fresh prospects with less effort?
  • Enjoy consistency, knowing your lead generation is always working
  • Measurability that not even Adwords or Facebook can offer
  • Scalability like you wouldn’t believe – more profiles, more messages

And if you’ve heard of GDPR massacre?  Nobody really knows what’s going in and, well the smartest of you are ditching email and instead opting for more effective social messaging.

Find out how many prospects you can generate through LinkedIn in one week.

Help yourself to a 7 day free trial and let us know.

Any questions, give me a shout.

Daniel McBride

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