Top 5 Influencers To Follow On LinkedIn

With over 500 million users on LinkedIn, who  should you follow? Here we share our favourite five influencers on LinkedIn. Scroll down to see the people whose content is changing the way we think about work, life and leadership.

Laszlo Bock – CEO and Co-Founder of Humu

Laszlo Bock

As the former Head of People Operations at Google Laszlo Bock knows a thing or two about HR. Some on his top articles walk users through some of The Biggest Mistakes on Resumes, and How To Correct Them, shared advice on How To Get That Promotion and discusses his top tips for Winning Every Interview.

Betty Liu – Founder and CEO of Radiate, Inc.

Betty Liu

An award winning business journalist and news anchor for Bloomberg Television, Lui gives great advice on navigating the tough world of leadership. She offers suggestions on how to Manage Hundreds of Emails a Day, explores How To Be a Great Boss and discusses the secrets to Being a Great Leader.

Joe Pulizzi – Founder of Content Marketing Institute

Be sure to read Pulizzi’s posts if you’re interested in all things marketing. Pulizzi is a distinguished entrepreneur, speaker and author. He shares his top advice on content marketing and advertising and explores topics such as Why So Many Companies Fail at Content Marketing.

Gretchen Rubin – Bestselling Writer About Habits & Happiness

You would be missing out if you didn’t read the posts written by Rubin. As the author of several books – most notably The Happiness Project, Rubin has emerged as one of the most influential writers discussing topics like Test Yourself: Are You Organized or Disorganized?

Joel Peterson – Chariman at JetBlue Airways

Currently teaching Entrepreneurial Management at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, Peterson delivers smart insights on leadership. Our favourite posts analyse Why Conflict is Good for Business and top tips for any person that Wants to be Extremely, Wildly, Radically Successful.

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