Optimizing and Boosting Your LinkedIn Profile Visibility

Are you looking into ways you can boost your LinkedIn business profile?

Having higher LinkedIn profile visibility helps establish your business as an industry authority. However, with so many ins and outs when it comes to website optimization, you may not know where to start. The best thing you can do is to optimize your LinkedIn SEO first.

Did you know that LinkedIn has over 830 million users?

Businesses create LinkedIn profiles to help boost and showcase their business. You need to know insider tips to get your profile to rank on the largest online professional network. Continue reading to learn tips on how you can improve your LinkedIn SEO.

Why Do You Need LinkedIn SEO?

LinkedIn SEO

Having a LinkedIn business profile will enable you to show off what your business is all about. Here, you can share information about your business’s services and products. But making quality posts might end up wasted if no one sees the content you are posting.

For instance, if you are posting a job hiring or business promotion, you would want people to see them. It is important to make sure your business profile shows up to generate more leads. To achieve this, you would need to do some optimization using LinkedIn SEO.

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals and also a search engine. SEO or search engine optimization helps people see and even find you better. This is possible by using certain keywords that potential clients might use.

Other search engines such as Google focus their usage on long-tail keywords. This is because people use these to search questions like “What is the best pizza place in town?” On the other hand, platforms like LinkedIn use short-tail keywords.

When LinkedIn users conduct a search, they tend to use specific words. A LinkedIn user would search “graphic designer” instead of “graphic designer for hire.” If you offer these services, it is in your best interest to appear as the top result.

Optimizing your LinkedIn SEO also increases your profile rank on Google. A high rank on both will help boost your business and get more customers. This is why you should optimize your LinkedIn SEO along with your website SEO.

Benefits of Using LinkedIn SEO

With proper optimization, you can boost your business profile visibility. There are many benefits to gain from LinkedIn profile optimization. Here are some of them:

Increased LinkedIn Profile Ranking

Optimizing your LinkedIn will get you at the top of search results. The results from a search will appear depending on your profile ranking. LinkedIn determines your profile ranking according to your popularity, relevance, and more.

On LinkedIn, a person with a higher network will appear at the top of the search results. But not every business can make 1,000 meaningful connections. Optimizing your LinkedIn SEO is a great shortcut to being on top of the results without the extra effort.

Generates More Leads

Being on top of the results in your industry helps more people and potential clients to see you. The more people who see your profile, the higher engagements and connections you can get. This domino effect allows you to generate more leads.

LinkedIn SEO optimization drives traffic and engagement to your website and business. Your profile will appear in search results or be recommended to clients who wouldn’t have found you otherwise. Having the ability to generate leads like this is harder without optimized SEO.

Establishes Authority

When you search for answers to “recommended restaurants in town,” you click the top results. When was the last time you clicked on the third or even second page of the search results page? The same applies to the customers looking for services you offer.

LinkedIn SEO

Being a top result helps establish your authority in your industry. Using the right keywords also helps clients find what they’re looking for. Using specific niche keywords helps you better connect with your ideal audience.

Finding The Right SEO Keywords For Your Business

Using the right keywords plays a major role in any successful digital marketing campaign. If you are new to SEO keywords, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

How LinkedIn Uses Keywords

If you’re wondering what rank your business has in your industry, you must have searched for it. When you type into LinkedIn’s search bars, it displays the top profiles as results. This is an easy way to know which keywords you should opt to use.

A good rule of thumb is to use generic or common terms used when searching for your industry. For instance, you should make it a point to use your industry name, products, and services as keywords. These may be keywords such as advertising agency, graphic design, travel agency, and so on.

Watch Your Competitors

In any industry, you will have at least one or two business competitors with LinkedIn profiles. Take the time to study their profile, particularly the keywords they use. These keywords appear in hashtags of their top posts and so on.

You can uncover many terms in their headline alone. Their summary, experience, skills, and endorsements might also have key terms.

Having groups and even associations can also push your business profile to the top of the results page. Of course, you shouldn’t copy everything they do, but knowing what works for them will benefit you. The keywords you got from them will serve as a basis for how you should optimize your website.

Join Groups In Your Industry

Another great way to get keywords is by joining groups specific to your industry. This is the best resource for building your keyword list, as these are usually optimized.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile Using Keywords

There are several ways to include keywords in your LinkedIn business profile. For instance, a job title is a good keyword. This is because people usually search for this when they want to avail of your specific service.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile Using Keywords

Other smart keywords to use include your city or region and your services or products. Consider what a client or outsider might search for when they are looking for you. This is why you should also use general industry keywords.

How To Integrate Keywords Into Your LinkedIn Business Profile

You’ve researched what keywords you should use. Not it is time to learn the best places to use them.

1. Headline

Your LinkedIn profile, starting from your headline, should integrate keywords. A LinkedIn headline serves as branding as it is the most noticeable part of any profile. The keywords you use in your headline will have a greater impact on your SEO compared to the rest of your profile.

Most people only list their job titles and don’t optimize headlines for a better rank. For instance, most people only write “SEO specialist.” Add keywords relating to your role, services, and what you provide for clients.

A great headline would be “LinkedIn SEO Expert for Small Businesses needing Website Traffic.” The more specific details you add to your headline, the higher your profile ranking will be. A LinkedIn headline has a limit of 120 characters, so make every word count.

2. Job Title

A lot of people list vague job titles, which might confuse potential recruits. No one wants to waste time searching the internet and getting no results. Being as specific as possible will give you more results and prevents you from exhausting valuable resources.

For instance, writing “Head Researcher” as a job title is too vague. A better job title would be “Head Researcher for Cardiology at Hopkin’s Hospital.” A more detailed job description will attract more clients looking for your services.

3. About

While your about section is not as indexed as the headline and job title, it is still important. Write a concise yet meaningful summary that explains your current work. These include what you can bring to the table and the results you can give.

While you might feel tempted to stuff in as many keywords as possible, it is best not to. Keyword stuffing can get your profile flagged as spam and will not help boost your SEO. It is better to provide valuable content that’s relevant to potential customers.

4. Projects and Experiences

This part of LinkedIn is not given as much attention as the other sections. But certifications, projects, and even awards are a great place to put in even more keywords. Make sure to make this part short and keyword-dense.

5. Skills and Endorsements

lOptimizing and Boosting Your LinkedIn Profile Visibility

If you want to boost your LinkedIn profile, you have to get endorsements. Having an authority figure endorse you in an industry skill is a big help. The more endorsements you get, the higher your ranking will be for that skill keyword.

Make sure to make your skills as searchable as possible. For instance, instead of saying “fast at typing,” it is better to write “transcribing.” This is because potential clients are more likely to search for the latter.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Business Profile for SEO

Having a keyword-rich LinkedIn business profile is good, but there are other things to do. Here are some others things you can do to boost your LinkedIn profile.

1. Backlinking

Creating a backlink is a surefire way to help build a great SEO. If you have high domain authority, you should link your LinkedIn profile to your blog. Businesses looking to build their domain authority can also backlink using guest posts.

Guest posts work by posting on high-domain authority websites in your industry. These posts contain keywords and a backlink that leads to your profile or website.

Most guest posts have a short introduction, which is perfect to backlink your profile in. The goal of your backlink should always be to redirect to you and your business, so make sure to include your link.

2. Publishing LinkedIn Blogs

LinkedIn is a great platform to share your profile. However, it isn’t limited to that. Make the most out of your LinkedIn profile by posting native blogs.

LinkedIn is a website that has a high domain authority, which makes it the perfect place for blog posting. You can also reuse topics or shorten posts already on your websites to your LinkedIn blogs. A great rule of thumb is to use one to two keywords when writing a LinkedIn blog post.

Make sure not to make outright duplicates of what you already have. Duplicating content can harm the ranking of your website. The more new blog entries you have, the more LinkedIn will boost your page.

3. Image Naming

Most people only upload an image under the name JPG235. This is a fatal mistake and a missed SEO opportunity. You can add alternate text to images that can help boost your SEO even further.

For instance, you can add labels to your profile picture to include your services and job title. While these tags aren’t visible to a browser, Google’s algorithm still picks them up.

4. Using Hashtags

Hashtags may not be as popular on LinkedIn as they are on Instagram, but they can still serve you some purpose. Using the right hashtags will help with profile visibility, even to non-followers. Make sure to add one or more relevant hashtags in every LinkedIn post.

LinkedIn also gives users recommended hashtags based on their posts. A downside of using these is that they are competitive, as many users are sure to use them. Having a mix of both popular and niche hashtags will help boost your ranking.

Boost Your Business With LinkedIn SEO Today

A LinkedIn profile is a great asset to have when working your way up the industry. Using SEO is a great way to give yourself a higher advantage. Whether you’re a business owner or an industry professional, these tips are sure to push your profile to your target audience.

Want to use LinkedIn SEO to boost your business profile but don’t know how? Then we have got you covered! Contact us today and get a free demo request for all your LinkedIn SEO needs.


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