LinkedIn Private Mode for Lead Generation

LinkedIn Private Mode is a feature that allows you to control who can see your profile. For example, if you have an open network, the default setting lets anyone see your profile. In this scenario, someone could search for you by name and see your full profile automatically—including any information that’s public on your LinkedIn page. If you’re not comfortable with this kind of unfettered access to information about yourself (or just want to prevent spammy job applications), then activating private mode is a good option for keeping things under wraps until you’re ready to make them more public again.

What Is LinkedIn Private Mode?

LinkedIn Private Mode is a new feature that allows users to hide their profile from public search. It’s a way to control who can see your profile, and yes, it’s also a control over who can contact you.

LinkedIn Private Mode is available for both LinkedIn users and non-LinkedIn users, and have different effects for each type of account.

Here’s how you’d go about setting your profile to private mode:

  • Go to your Profile Settings ( and select “Privacy & Settings.”
  • Click on “Privacy” under “Account Information.” You’ll notice that there are three settings here: Public Profile Only, Private Profile Only or Both Public & Private Profiles; select either of these settings depending on what kind of experience you want out of this feature (Note: If you choose Both Public & Private Profiles then all messages sent through LinkedIn will appear as if they were sent by someone with multiple accounts.)

How LinkedIn Private Mode Affects Your Profile

LinkedIn Private Mode for Lead Generation

LinkedIn Private Mode is a way to make your profile visible only to people who you’ve invited to connect with you. It’s also important to understand that LinkedIn Private Mode is not the same thing as hiding your profile from search engines, which can be done by going into your settings and clicking on “Edit privacy settings.”

LinkedIn Premium users will have the option to turn on this feature in their Settings tab under Privacy & Settings. If they choose to do so they’ll see a new dropdown menu at the top right corner of their profiles where they can select their preferred level of visibility: Public, Connections Only or Friends Only (note: if you’re already set up for Connections Only visibility then there won’t be an option for Friends Only).

Free accounts have less flexibility when it comes to LinkedIn private mode; free accounts are only able to choose between Public or Connections Only statuses. This means that these users will still see all public posts from other members but won’t be able to view any content from those users unless they’ve been connected with them beforehand (the same goes for paid accounts).

Using Private Mode for Business and Lead Generation

Are you looking for a way to grow your business by attracting more leads?

LinkedIn can be a great tool for lead generation, but it can also be a little intimidating. It can be hard to know where to start, and even harder to figure out how you’ll know when you’ve done enough.

Here’s how to use LinkedIn private mode for lead generation in B2B:

1. Go into your settings and select “Private Mode.” This will make it so that only people who are connected with you can see your profile and updates. This is great for B2B because it makes sure that only qualified leads will be able to see what you’re posting.

2. Create a list of people who could potentially become customers—people who are connected to other businesses that are similar or complementary to yours or who have expressed interest in working with a company like yours in the past. These might be people who already work at companies that have hired other businesses like yours in the past; they might also be people who have been linked on an article or blog post about your industry that mentions some of the issues facing your niche market (like this one!).

3. Start reaching out!

Private Mode and Networking

LinkedIn Private Mode can be a useful tool for B2B marketers.

Especially if you’re an early-career marketer or working on your own to build a network, it can help you keep your B2B marketing work separate from your personal life.

However, LinkedIn Private Mode does have its shortcomings. For example, it doesn’t protect against data breaches or phishing attacks.


LinkedIn Private Mode for Lead Generation

As you can see, using LinkedIn private mode isn’t that scary. In fact, it can be a great way to make sure your profile is as safe and secure as possible. The key thing to remember is that this feature doesn’t actually hide anything from anyone—it just prevents other people from seeing what you don’t want them to see on their own profiles or in search results. You’re still free to share whatever you like with your connections when they request access through LinkedIn’s built-in security features (like two-factor authentication). You also have the option of sharing everything publicly if that works better for your business needs!


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