Boost Lead Generation Strategy With LinkedIn Hashtags

Did you know that LinkedIn has roughly 830 million members in over 200 countries?

But even with the many users, some companies can’t generate sales leads from the platform. Chances are you, too, only hear about the benefits of LinkedIn but are yet to experience them.

If this is the case, you’ll need to understand how to grow your LinkedIn. And there’s no better way to do so than through LinkedIn hashtags. The problem is that businesses assume hashtags are only effective on Instagram.

But they’ve expanded to many other platforms, including LinkedIn. You’re missing out on a lot of business if you’re not using hashtags for lead generation.

Luckily, you’ve got us to guide you. Read on as we look at how you can boost lead generation using hashtags. But first, let’s understand what they are and why they’re essential.

What Is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is a group of numbers, letters, or emojis that follow the pound sign (#). People use this metadata to find content on specific topics on various platforms.

It has proven essential to businesses as it allows their target audiences to find them. A marketing firm can use #marketing to appear on LinkedIn’s marketing search results.

You can also use the hashtag to find companies operating in your niche. This way, you’ll know what you’re up against on the platform.

Are LinkedIn Hashtags Similar to Twitter and Instagram Hashtags?

You’ve likely come across hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. After all, these were the first platforms to incorporate the hashtag idea.

So, are hashtags on LinkedIn similar to those on the two platforms? Well, yes and no. They’re the same in terms of functionality since they increase reach on all platforms.

But just because a hashtag works on Twitter and Instagram doesn’t mean it’ll work on LinkedIn. They’re informal platforms, so a hashtag like #SelfieSaturday will be effective.

LinkedIn is a formal platform used by professionals to reach other professionals. It’ll be difficult to get engagement using informal hashtags.

How Will LinkedIn Hashtags Benefit You?

Odds are, you’re wondering whether using LinkedIn hashtags is worth the effort. And, we encourage skepticism.

After all, you can’t implement every idea you read on the internet. But you can’t afford to miss out on the benefits of using the metadata.

It helps with LinkedIn lead generation by increasing your brand’s reach and engagement. Still not convinced? Let’s take a deeper look at some of the benefits of LinkedIn hashtags.

Increased Brand Awareness

Hashtags allow you to be part of popular conversations in your niche. Search for relevant hashtags and join in on whatever other companies are discussing. This way, potential clients involved in the discussions will know about you.

You can also increase awareness using hashtags by posting questions and offering solutions. Of course, like anything else you post, your questions should be relevant to your niche. Show LinkedIn users how your product or service solves their challenges if you can.

This is an excellent way to get LinkedIn sales leads, who may become potential buyers. But, remember, these will be cold leads who’ll need nurturing to become customers. So, think of LinkedIn hashtags as the first stage of reaching your buyers.

Expand Your Network

LinkedIn is among the best and most popular professional networking platforms. But finding potential partners can be daunting because of the sheer number of users.

Luckily, the platform’s incorporation of hashtags has made the process easier for you. You can grow your network faster with hashtags than with any other strategy.

Increased Target Market Reach

Did you know that 52% of buyers rely on the information on LinkedIn to make buying decisions? LinkedIn has grown to become more than a job-seeking and hiring platform. So, you’d be letting a potential goldmine pass you if you don’t use the platform to reach your target market.

LinkedIn hashtags make it easier for prospective customers to find you. They only need to search keywords related to your products to get your business as a suggestion. Of course, you’ll need to use the hashtags well for this to happen.

Establish Credibility

This is one of the core reasons LinkedIn introduced hashtags to its users. They propel businesses forward by allowing them to establish themselves as industry experts.

You only need to create content relevant to your key offerings and add relevant hashtags. LinkedIn will direct users to you when they use keywords matching your hashtags.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Using Hashtags

You probably can’t wait to use hashtags on LinkedIn now that you know their benefits. But you can only maximize your leads if you develop the best hashtags.

Usually, combining popular and niche-specific hashtags is enough to get you new leads. Let’s look at ways to identify the best hashtags for your business.

Conduct a Hashtag Search

You can find popular hashtags in your industry by searching for them on LinkedIn. You only need to type a keyword relevant to your business, preceded by the hashtag (#) sign.

Say you’re a social media marketing company; you can search #socialmedia to get ideas. You’ll come across hashtags like #socialmediamarketing and #socialmediatips and their follower details. Combine the most popular and specific ones to optimize your lead generation strategy.

Consider LinkedIn Recommendations

You don’t have to do much if you’ve optimized your LinkedIn profile. The platform will recommend hashtags based on the information on your profile.

Of course, this isn’t to say that you should blindly use the recommended hashtags. Some hashtags may be popular for content unrelated to your key offerings. So, always confirm whether the recommended hashtags will place you in the right niche.

Find Popular Hashtags in Your Industry

This needs research, as you’ll need to assess hashtags associated with your industry. Some LinkedIn automation tools can help you collect data on the most-followed hashtags.

Be careful not to rely too much on popular hashtags, especially if you’re a new business. Already established companies will likely show up first on search results.

Combine popular and specific hashtags to improve your chances of showing up first. Using #marketing if you’re a social media marketer isn’t the best strategy. Using #socialmediamarketing and #marketing is better, as it’s more specific.

Stay On Top of Emerging Trends

There’s no easier way to capture LinkedIn sales leads than through emerging trends. So, keep a close eye on new trends in your industry to stay ahead of your competitors.

Remember, trends are fleeting. The faster you use them, the better your LinkedIn lead generation strategy will perform.

Check Your Analytics

Like other platforms, LinkedIn gives its users access to analytics after some time. Make use of this information to find the ideal hashtags.

You only need to identify topics that get the most engagement and look for related keywords. Then, turn the keywords into hashtags to widen your reach even further.

Assess Competitors

LinkedIn is an open platform, so you can access your competitors’ published content. Look for posts with the highest engagement rate to identify the best-performing hashtags.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should copy your competitors’ hashtags. Instead, use them to get an idea of how to create your own.

Is There a LinkedIn Hashtag Formula You Can Use?

There’s no standard on how you should create your LinkedIn hashtags. But we can help you better understand the different kinds of hashtags. Here are the most popular categories:

  • Industry-specific hashtags e.g., #plumbing
  • Business-specific hashtags e.g., #MasterPlumbers if that’s your company’s name
  • Content-specific hashtags e.g., #plumbingrepairtips
  • Location-specific hashtags e.g., #plumbinginNewYork
  • Trending hashtags e.g., #plumbingduringthepandemic

Most small businesses go wrong by focusing solely on industry-specific hashtags. They may carry the highest search volumes but are also the most competitive. So, while they’re great, it’d be best also to use the other hashtags mentioned above.

LinkedIn Hashtags Do’s and Don’ts

It’s vital to use your hashtags effectively once you find the most effective ones. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using your hashtags.

Do Use Simple Hashtags

Businesses use whole sentences to create hashtags, thinking this optimizes their strategies. But, too-long hashtags are difficult to understand, so keep them short, simple, and clear.

Do Add Hashtags to Your Content

You’ve probably noticed that many marketers add hashtags at the end of their posts. Though it’s effective, you’d get better results by adding them into your content. You can write, “Our #plumbingrepairtips will increase your pipes’ functionality.”

Be careful not to add them where they don’t fit. You don’t want your LinkedIn hashtags sticking out like a sore thumb.

Do Use Relevant Hashtags

Just because you’ve identified a popular hashtag doesn’t mean it’ll help your business. You can’t use #financialservices if you’re in marketing and get sales leads.

We can’t stress enough just how vital it is to use relevant hashtags. If unsure about how to create relevant hashtags, use LinkedIn automation tools.

Don’t Space Words

Hashtags don’t follow regular grammar rules, so don’t be concerned with spacing. Using #financialservices is more effective than using #financial services.

Do Format Your Hashtags

You can use hashtags in sentences or at the end of your post. Using lower case letters if you’re using them in sentences, isn’t an issue.

However, it’d be best to start each word with a capital letter if you’re publishing stand-alone hashtags. For example, use #ContentMarketingTips if you place your hashtag at the end of your post.

Don’t Use Too Many Hashtags

It’s easy to get carried away and post as many hashtags as you use on Instagram. But, remember, LinkedIn is a professional platform that prides itself in appearing so.

Using more than three hashtags on a single post can negatively impact your reach. So, strive to use between one and three LinkedIn hashtags per post.

Do Check Your Spellings

Spelling mistakes can make you lose out on many potential LinkedIn sales leads. Always proofread your hashtags, especially multi-word ones, to avoid missing your target clientele.

How Do You Use LinkedIn Hashtags?

You can use hashtags on your company’s page, main feed, and articles. Here’s a brief rundown on how to use the hashtags in each.

Company’s Page

Using hashtags on your page allows you to access conversations surrounding the hashtags. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

  • Click on your company’s homepage
  • Click “Add” on the bottom right under the “Hashtags” button
  • Click “Add a hashtag” and type a maximum of three hashtags

Ensure you add hashtags that are relevant to your business. After this, you’ll be all set.

Main Feed

You can add hashtags to your main feed within the update or at the end of your post. Adding hashtags to your status update is easy since LinkedIn suggests possible hashtags.

You can also click the “Add hashtag” button to get more recommendations. Avoid spacing your hashtags, whether within your post or after the post.


Hashtags in LinkedIn articles act a lot like keywords on a search engine. They make your content visible to people who may be interested in reading it. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Click “Write an Article” on your homepage
  • Click “Publish” once you’re done writing
  • Add your desired hashtags alongside your article’s description on the popup window

Proofread your hashtags since you can’t delete them after publishing. Usually, they’ll appear as commentary after you publish the article. You don’t want readers to see your mistake every time they click on your content.

Can You Use a Branded Hashtag?

Companies are increasingly using branded hashtags to promote their businesses. Branded hashtags can have your name or a specific product or service offering. Either way, here are things to keep in mind when choosing these hashtags:

  • Ensure it’s memorable
  • Keep it short
  • Ensure no other business on LinkedIn is using the hashtag
  • Focus on getting organic followers instead of spamming users with the hashtag

Creating your own hashtag is a great way to capture your audience. After all, it gives them a direct means of communicating with you.

Leverage LinkedIn Hashtags for Lead Generation

You can’t afford to miss out on the benefits of LinkedIn hashtags for your business. They increase brand awareness, expand your network and establish credibility.

And as you’ve seen, implementing a LinkedIn hashtag strategy is relatively straightforward. You only need to identify relevant hashtags and follow our given steps. This, in turn, boosts lead generation.

LinkedProspect is a leading lead generation service dedicated to helping clients achieve incredible results. Request a demo today and take your business in the right direction.


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