LinkedIn View: What It Is + Features

In a growing digital world, about 830 million LinkedIn users are traveling around the internet. With so many people, it only takes one click for a user to see your profile and be gone within a flash.

LinkedIn’s view feature makes sure you know when your profile is becoming a popular webpage. LinkedIn gives users insight into the number of people who have visited their profile. This can be helpful, especially if you have a premium account that lets you see the top users glancing at your page. 

Are you a business owner wondering how to optimize your LinkedIn view features? Are you in the sales industry and want to know how to boost your lead gen? Continue reading, and you’ll learn the entire scope of LinkedIn view features!

What Are LinkedIn View Features?

LinkedIn view features allow you to see how many people have visited your profile; this section is titled LinkedIn Who Viewed My Profile, which is placed on your timeline under the menu. LinkedIn has other similar features, such as People Also Viewed; this allows you to see alike companies, jobs, and profiles LinkedIn members frequent. 

Basic (Free) Subscription

A basic LinkedIn profile view account costs nothing to use, but you’ll still have access to LinkedIn’s view features. You’ll be able to see the five most recent users in the last 90 days.

This may not sound like a lot, but knowing just five of these users can help you kickstart your LinkedIn growth. You’ll also see profile suggestions to help increase your views. 

Premium Subscription

A premium LinkedIn account costs a monthly subscription; however, the number of benefits greatly outweigh the costs! With a premium account, you’ll gain detailed insights into how many people visit your profile in the last 90 days, along with who they are.

This account type will show you your profile’s statistics. You can see how much your profile views have increased weekly or simply trace your account’s trends. 

The premium subscription is perfect for people who use LinkedIn as their main source of networking. LinkedIn profile view features help business owners, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs navigate the digital world with ease. 

Why Are LinkedIn Views Important?

LinkedIn views are important because they are the key to optimizing networking and mutual connections. With one click, you can curate a relationship with someone who shares your alma mater or has a similar job position as you. 

You should pay attention to your LinkedIn profile views because they also:

  • Help you find and secure a job
  • Keep you in contact with various people across the world
  • Help you gauge your audience 

What Should You Do With Your LinkedIn Views?

It’s great having LinkedIn view features, but how exactly do you utilize them properly? This feature is great for establishing a brand and increasing your lead generation. Because of this, you must keep up to date with your profile and who is visiting it.

Get Connected

If you aren’t already, connect with these users who frequent your page. Be sure to research who they are, their roles, other connections, and whether they follow people you do. You must build a network that will benefit your business, so be sure you are connecting with a user who has your best interests at heart.

Connecting with your LinkedIn profile viewers allows you to maximize your lead generation. You’re quickly establishing relationships and mutual interests. You don’t want to ignore users who find you interesting. Take that extra step and invite them to your timeline!

Learn Your Audience

LinkedIn profile views help you know your audience better than you think. If your audience is coming from a certain industry, age group, or job position, then you can tweak your profile to cater to these users.

Don’t ignore who your profile views are. Trace the similarities and continue establishing your brand. 

10 Ways To Get More LinkedIn Views

Now that you know the benefits of LinkedIn profile views, how do you increase them? Increasing your popularity on LinkedIn is the key for almost every business-oriented user. Follow this breakdown to gain more LinkedIn views, starting with: 

1. Keep Your Profile Engaging

A profile that is missing sections such as skills, experience, and projects can come off as boring or uninvested. Your profile is the first thing users see, so make sure it is representative of your brand.

For example, keep your profile picture and background photo engaging and appealing to the eye. Avoid low-quality images. Have fun with your headline; this is your moment to personalize your profile. Be creative and pull in those views with your personality!

2. Keyword Optimize Your Profile

Using various keywords in your profile is a way to gain more traffic. The About section is going to be the most popular place to have keywords. This is the first section users are going to read, so be sure you make it engaging. 

Other profile areas that are important to keyword optimize are the experience, skills, and headline sections. These are other areas users tend to glance at, so integrate your keywords to gain more views. 

3. Stay Up to Date

Your LinkedIn feed is going to buzz with activity constantly. Make sure you are staying up to date with your networks and other companies you follow. You’ll never know if you’re missing an opportunity if you don’t consistently check your profile. 

4. Increase Your Network

Increasing your network goes hand-in-hand with boosting your profile views. As your views increase, your network increases, and vice versa. You can boost your network by utilizing LinkedIn’s search button and finding similar profiles. You can also network with your LinkedIn profile viewers.

Be sure you’re networking with people who are active and engaged with LinkedIn. You don’t want to connect with users who are barely on their page. We don’t just want more networking; we want more engagement, too.

5. Post Often

You won’t gain any LinkedIn views if you aren’t posting anything for people to see. Interact with your network and post consistently. Try and post at least once a day, but never more than five times a day. You don’t want to overwhelm your timeline. 

6. Establish a Brand

Establishing a brand is more than having a name and a logo. LinkedIn is a space where you can develop how your business interacts and engages with its audience. If you don’t establish a brand, no one is going to know what exactly you represent. Thus, you won’t be seeing many profile views.

A quick and simple way to establish a brand is to start with your LinkedIn URL. This is the link you will give people outside of the website to access your profile. You must make your URL easy to remember. Titling the sharable link your brand name is the perfect start. 

7. Join LinkedIn Groups

Engaging on LinkedIn is the key to getting your name out there. Join LinkedIn groups that are similar to your brand. Groups are a great way to meet people outside of your network and soon invite them to join your network. View LinkedIn profiles from your network and see what groups are popular!

8. Use Other Social Media

LinkedIn isn’t the most popular social media application, but using it in conjunction with other apps will allow you to maximize your lead gen. Staying active on sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook gives you more platforms for your LinkedIn page link to pop up. For example, placing your URL into your Instagram or Twitter profile will gain instant traffic. 

9. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are an easy way to distribute and organize your content. They are also a great way to implement keywords, so your posts or comments can pop up first when searched for.

10. Be Creative!

At the end of the day, a creative and engaging LinkedIn profile is what every user wants to see! Take a step out of the box and prioritize your brand. If viewers click on your page and are instantly interested, you won’t even need to follow many steps. You’ll be having more LinkedIn profile views in no time.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with such an active lifestyle, think about investing in lead generation services that can help you adjust. By offering automated replies, mass messaging, and other sales processes, these services can save you some time. You’ll not only be an organized business but also be able to invest in a creative brand.

Utilize Your LinkedIn Views Before It’s Too Late!

Those views will only be available for a short amount of time, so you must act now. Start investing and watch your benefits grow. By following this guide on the LinkedIn view features, you’ll be perfectly adept at handling your profile like a business. 

Need more help on how to handle your profile? Take a glance at the services we offer, and get started with our help today!


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