LinkedIn Trending For Lead Generation

Did you know that 50% of businesses fail within the first 5 years? This is quite a staggering statistic and if you care about the success of your business, failure is the last thing you want to deal with. Fortunately, using LinkedIn trending for lead generation may be the perfect solution to this problem.

What is LinkedIn trending, you might ask, and how can trending on LinkedIn help you generate more leads for your business? It isn’t as complicated as it sounds and it all has to do with being more engaging on the internet and attracting more eyes to your brand. Keep reading and learn more about how to use LinkedIn trending below. 

Why Is LinkedIn Trending So Valuable?

The first thing you should know is that whatever trends on LinkedIn automatically gets a ton of attention and countless views. If you manage to get a post trending on LinkedIn, you’ll find that it will be an immediate success. Trending posts always have high levels of engagement which, of course, is great for a growing business as well as lead generation on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Trending For Lead Generation

One of the biggest benefits of this is that you can reach a wider audience with a particular hashtag. You surely already have a target audience for your brand, but that audience is only so large. To grow your brand, you will need to branch out a bit, and that’s why trending on LinkedIn is so useful. 

You can reach people that might have not even known that your brand existed. besides growing your audience, trending also allows you to become a sort of leader in a particular niche. Suppose that your brand sells organic lipstick. If your lipstick content starts trending, you won’t have too much trouble becoming the leader of this specific niche. 

If anyone searches for organic lipstick, they will immediately see your content on LinkedIn trending. This makes it virtually impossible for people to simply skip over your content. Trending on LinkedIn is also vital for improving your brand awareness.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is all about making sure that people know your brand exists. The more people that know this, the better. Even if some won’t be interested in giving you business right away, that doesn’t mean that they won’t consider shopping from you at a later time. 

More than that, brand awareness makes people feel more familiar and comfortable with your brand. Once people start seeing your brand trending all the time, they will have more of a connection with your brand. They might even consider buying from you rather than a competitor simply because they see your brand more often. 

This is a key marketing tactic and it actually works quite well. That’s why you’ll want to try and get your content trending on LinkedIn as much as possible and keep your content trending for as long as possible as well.

How to See What’s Trending and How to Get Trending 

To find what’s trending on LinkedIn, you should see a small section titled “What People Are Talking About.” If you click on this, you will see all sorts of trending content with plenty of engagements and trending hashtags. But how can you get your content trending in the first place?

To start, you’ll want to use the right hashtags. Hashtags are simply words that people might search for to find more information about a certain subject. For example, #money or #finance are both very popular hashtags. 

However, to get a better chance of trending, you’ll want to look for trending hashtags. Trending hashtags are hashtags that are currently very popular. If you use them in your content, you’ll have a better chance of getting your content trending as well. To find trending hashtags, all you have to do is keep up with whatever is happening in the world and use related keywords. 

Choosing the Right Hashtags

You will also want to use the right number of hashtags. Many people have a habit of using dozens of hashtags because they think this will give their content more visibility. However, this is not true, and using too many hashtags can actually harm your content’s success and it certainly won’t give you more leads. 

LinkedIn Trending For Lead Generation

Instead, you will only want to use around two or three hashtags. Using any more than three won’t do much to help your content. Using fewer hashtags is important because that means you’ll have the chance to focus more on particular topics. 

This will also make it easier to get your content trending. Another good trick is to engage with as many posts as you can. Commenting and liking posts is a good way to show that you’re active on LinkedIn and that you care what other people have to say. 

Engaging With Others and Using Visuals

More than that, interacting with others makes it more likely for others to interact with you. Adding photos or videos to your content is also ideal. Humans are very visual creatures and whenever they see a photo, they will be more likely to stay and look at that photo for a longer period of time. This is perfect for attracting new people to your content and getting your content trending. 

So, if your content is looking a little text-heavy and boring, spice it up with some photos and videos. Of course, make sure that these images are related to your content. Finally, if you want to get trending, try to get as much engagement as you can within the first hour that you post. 

If you manage to do this, you will be much more likely to end up on trending than if most of your engagement came several hours later after you posted. To get as much engagement as possible in such a short period of time, don’t forget to share your content so that more people can see it. 

How Can LinkedIn Trending Help You Generate More Leads?

You will find that many lead generation strategy techniques involve trending on LinkedIn, but why is LinkedIn trending so specifically good for generating more leads for your brand? As mentioned before, it is vital for improving your brand awareness.

You certainly aren’t going to get any new leads if no one even knows that your brand exists. But this is a different story once more and more people start seeing and hearing about your brand. Once people start seeing you’re content frequently trending, they’ll start to see how you stand out from the crowd and they will become more interested in what you have to offer as a brand.

Increasing Brand Awareness 

Brand awareness is also a good way to give new potential customers a good first impression of your brand. If people find your content on LinkedIn trending, they’ll immediately know that you must be doing something right. If people have a good impression of your content, they will be far more likely to shop from your brand. 

Trending on LinkedIn is also very important for developing social proof. Social proof shows that you are an important figure in your niche. When people search through a certain niche and repeatedly see your brand and content, this is a good sign that you’re an established and reputable brand. The more people that see you in this positive and authoritative light, the more likely they will be to give you more business.

Not only that, but they will also see that your content has a high level of engagement. Again, this connects with the popularity and reputability of your brand which will make you more attractive to potential new customers.

You’re a Leader in Your Industry

Finally, trending on LinkedIn can help you generate more leads because it shows that you are a leader in your particular industry. 

LinkedIn Trending For Lead Generation

A lot of brands try to make it in an industry but can’t because they don’t know their own content well enough. If you manage to make it on trending, it’s a clear demonstration that you know all about your own industry and how to succeed in that industry. As long as people see your brand as such an established figure, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting new leads.

Using LinkedIn Trending for Lead Generation

Using LinkedIn trending for lead generation isn’t as hard as you might think. All you have to do is get most of your engagement within an hour, use all the right keywords, and engage with others. Once you get your content trending, you’ll see that many people will start to become interested in what your brand has to offer.

This is because trending on LinkedIn shows that you know your industry and that you’re an established and reputable brand. To generate more leads, click here and try our demo.   


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