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When you’re out there hunting for leads, it’s important to cast a wide net. After all, the more potential customers you can reach, the better your chances of landing some sales. But with so many social media platforms to choose from, which one should you focus on? Should you be using LinkedIn to generate leads? Or is that a waste of time? In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of LinkedIn views and ways to improve them!

When it all started

LinkedIn first launched LinkedIn views in 2006 as a way for LinkedIn users to see which LinkedIn profiles were being viewed the most. They then revamped the feature in 2018 to provide more information about how your profile views are progressing. LinkedIn views can be helpful when it comes to lead generation because they give you an idea of which LinkedIn profiles are getting the most attention. If you’re looking for potential leads, it’s worth taking a look at the LinkedIn profiles with the most views.

LinkedIn views is a powerful tool for lead generation

LinkedIn Views

Have you been using LinkedIn views in your lead generation efforts? If not, you could be missing out on a valuable opportunity. LinkedIn views is the number of times other LinkedIn users have viewed your LinkedIn profile. While this metric may not seem important at first, it can actually give you some valuable insights into your lead generation efforts.

Let us say you’re a salesperson who’s trying to reach out to potential customers on LinkedIn. If you notice that your LinkedIn views have been increasing steadily, it’s a good sign that you’re on the right track! On the other hand, if your LinkedIn views have been stagnating or even declining, it might be time to rethink your strategy.

Getting started with LinkedIn views

Familiarize yourself with LinkedIn views and start using them to your advantage! We have compiled a few tips on how to get started:

– LinkedIn provides data on who has viewed your profile in the last 90 days. To access this information, go to your LinkedIn profile and click on the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” tab.

– LinkedIn also allows you to see which LinkedIn profiles have been viewed the most in the past 90 days. To access this information, go to your LinkedIn profile and click on the “Views” tab.

– Use LinkedIn views to research potential leads. When you’re looking at a LinkedIn profile, take note of how many views it has. If it has a lot of views, it’s a good sign that the LinkedIn user is active and engaged.

– Use LinkedIn views to stay up-to-date on your industry. LinkedIn provides data on which LinkedIn profiles in your industry have been viewed the most. To access this information, go to your LinkedIn profile and click on the “Industry” tab.

By familiarizing yourself with LinkedIn views and using them to your advantage, you can improve your lead generation strategy and better understand your target audience!

Building out your profile 

In order for you to get LinkedIn views and reach the right people, you must know how to build out your LinkedIn profile. Include information about your work experience, education, skills, and interests. The more complete your profile is, the more likely LinkedIn users are to view it. Here’s a guide on how to build out your profile to get more LinkedIn views:

1. Make sure your name field is optimized 

LinkedIn users are more likely to view profiles with complete name fields. Make sure to include your full name, as well as any relevant titles or certifications.

Fun fact: Did you know that you can actually input a whopping total of 40 characters in the name field designated for your last name?

LinkedIn allows these additions to the last name field:

  • Suffixes
  • Certifications and titles
  • Former names
  • Maiden Names
  • Nicknames

However, LinkedIn discourages the addition of these in the said field:

  • Pseudonyms
  • Fake names
  • Business names
  • Associations
  • Groups
  • Email addresses
  • Unique characters that have nothing to do with your real name

2. Include a profile photo

Make sure to add a professional headshot to your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn users are more likely to view profiles with photos. Do not forget to throw in a background photo as well to add more flavor to your profile.

3. Personalize your LinkedIn profile’s URL

If the URL looks something like this:

Change it to this or something similar:

Avoid the medley of random numbers and letters at the end at all costs! 

Although having a clean, searchable name connected with the URL may not have a significant impact on your SEO, it is still a good measure to do.

4. Highlight your job titles in the Experience section of your profile

Did you know that you should not only accomplish the narrative part of your profile’s Experience section with as much crucial information as possible, but you should also be adding useful keywords to your job titles themselves!

But you have to be careful, avoid flying too close to the sun. The job titles you input on your LinkedIn profile must match the ones that are written on your resume and anywhere else. This is to avoid being flagged for being untruthful.

LinkedIn allows up to a hundred characters in this field; use them wisely.

5. Take time filling up the About section

In the About section, you’re free to input up to 2,600 characters. This specific section is located at the top of the web page, which makes it a big bait for search engines. Grab this opportunity and include plenty of relevant keywords.

Another thing to consider regarding the About section is that it serves as an avenue to share your personal brand story. Create a narrative around what makes you a good fit for the employers you seek, using the most significant keywords and phrases.

But don’t let your keywords do all the work. Like all the other sections of your profile, be sure to make your About section interesting enough to read. Hook your readers and make them want to read more about you.

Additional things you can do to improve your LinkedIn views

We are done with the initial steps to attracting more views. So now the question is, is there anything else that you can do to improve LinkedIn views? The answer is Y-E-S. If you’re looking to generate more leads and better understand your target audience, here are more tips and tricks:

Keep it fresh

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date. LinkedIn users are more likely to view profiles that are complete and have recent activity.

Don’t be shy and get yourself out there

Connect with other LinkedIn users. LinkedIn is a social networking site, so building relationships with other LinkedIn users is essential.

Expand your reach

Participate in LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn groups are a great way to get more views on your profile.

Use keyword-rich titles

When it comes to LinkedIn, the title of your profile is important. Make sure to use keywords that describe what you do and what you’re looking for. This will help LinkedIn users find you when they’re searching for someone with your skills and experience.

Utilize rich media

LinkedIn users are more likely to engage with profiles that contain rich media, such as photos, videos, and infographics. Adding rich media to your profile will help you stand out from the crowd and attract more LinkedIn views.

Stay active

LinkedIn Views

LinkedIn is a social platform, which means that activity is key. The more active you are on LinkedIn, the more likely you are to generate views. Make sure to post updates, join groups, and participate in discussions to keep your profile active.

To wrap things up

LinkedIn views aren’t just for show.

They matter and are a powerful business tool. It can be used for lead generation, networking, and more. LinkedIn views are one of the factors that contribute to your “LinkedIn SEO.” And, just like with Google SEO, the more people who see your profile, the better. So how do you get more LinkedIn views? There are a few things you can do if you’re looking to improve your LinkedIn views, make sure to use keyword-rich titles, use rich media, and stay active on the platform. LinkedIn views can help you research potential leads, stay up-to-date on your industry, and understand your target audience. So please make the most of LinkedIn views and use them to your advantage!


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