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Did you know that 40% of LinkedIn users use the platform daily?

If you’re looking to build your brand and generate leads using LinkedIn, that’s a lot of opportunities to connect with people!

The fact is, it’s not easy to generate leads on LinkedIn.

So what can you do when you’re trying to build your brand?

Outsourcing your automation with third-party tools is a great option for brands looking to grow. Automation tools can help you with outreach and marketing and get your content seen by the right audience.

Keep reading to see our recommendations for the top LinkedIn automation tools for 2022.

Top LinkedIn Automation Tools in 2022

Top 10 LinkedIn Automation Tools

If you want your LinkedIn outreach efforts to succeed, you might need some outside help. These ten LinkedIn automation tools our our top picks for boosting your LinkedIn growth.

1. Meet Alfred

There’s a reason Meet Alfred is a giant in the LinkedIn automation market.

Meet Alfred offers several automation features to improve your profile and reach, including:

  • Automating conversations and messages
  • Sending several connection requests at once
  • Insights and statistics to help you adjust your automation strategy

A key feature that makes Meet Alfred stand out is that it’s a Chrome extension. That means you won’t have to download any new software and it’s seamless to use with your browser.

2. Dux-Soup

With Dux-Soup, you can automate several tasks to improve LinkedIn lead generation. 

Also using a Chrome extension, Dux-Soup can automate tasks including messaging, sending invitations, and viewing profiles. This tool allows you to filter through messages and replies to find connections that match your needs.

Dux-Soup also includes easy to use tutorials for beginners getting started with the tool.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is on this list of best LinkedIn automation tools because of the wide variety of solutions it offers. With Sprout Social, you can:

  • Use automated listening solutions to form customized connections
  • Promote personalized communication with ease
  • Use productivity, audience management, and analytics tools 

4. LinkedProspect

Of course we have to share the benefits of our own LinkedIn automation tool! Our tool is perfect for those searching for jobs and building a brand or business. 

Here are some of our top features:

  • Our LinkedIn search tool, which helps build a targeted list of email invites to send to
  • Our headline generator, which can be used for personal branding and sales and business development
  • Our LinkedIn profile optimization course, which will help position you as an industry expert and land better leads

Our LinkedIn automation tools can also generate personalized invite campaigns, auto reply sequences, and mass messages.

5. Goso

Goso’s tools for LinkedIn lead generation are ideal for social media managers. Their tools can give you automatic likes and help you build a following. Goso also provides real views for posts and offers an advanced program for manual growth.

Goso will help you get more activity on your profile and help you grow your network by following, viewing, and interacting with your leads’ profiles. 

6. Social Bee

Posting content regularly is an important part of positioning yourself as an expert on LinkedIn. When prospective leads use LinkedIn search tools, you’ll want your ideas and profile to appear in the top of their results.

One of the best LinkedIn automation tools for content creation is Social Bee. With Social Bee, you’ll be able to:

  • Auto-schedule and post all your content
  • Republish content for more likes, follows, and interactions
  • Integrate with other social media and RSS feeds
  • Save hashtags
  • Categorize content to make it easier to manage
  • Manage your content with a dashboard that’s simple to use

Social Bee is a great tool for people and businesses looking to build a LinkedIn brand. 


ZOPTO is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools for start-ups and sales teams. This tool enables businesses to increase their brand’s presence and meet their engagement targets. ZOPTO uses filtering tools to get better results for potential leads and attract investors.

8. Lempod

If you’re looking for a tool that grows your engagement on LinkedIn, Lempod is an amazing choice. Engaging your post with Lempod will guarantee that other content creators will engage with it.

Lempod will also connect you to other influencers and help you expand your network.

Lempod also offers great analytics tools that will help you measure how well your brand is doing. Need help using Lempod? They also offer great customer support.

9. We-Connect

Connect with mass groups of people using We-Connect’s lead generation tools! We-Connect contacts people through its automated outreach tools. You can maintain real connections with your contacts with their feature that generates follow-up emails.

You’ll be able to stay in touch with your business’ leads easily through We-Connect’s automation options.

10. Phantombuster

Phantombuster offers several automation tools great for lead generation. Here are some of the tools LinkedIn offers:

  • LinkedIn Profile Scraper. Profile Scraper collects and analyzes all the information and data from a selected profile. Gathering more relevant data from your leads will help you create more relevant content for them and make more connections.
  • LinkedIn Search Export. Search Export will downloads information from every search result into an easy-to-manage spreadsheet. This is a great time-saving tool.
  • LinkedIn Companies Info. Companies Info will help you learn more about a company and create more customized messages when you get in touch with them.

These tools will allow you to connect with your leads and continue building real relationships beneficial to your business.

Final Recommendations

Third-party lead generation tools like the ones listed above will help you with repetitive, every day tasks on LinkedIn. From mass messaging to organizing lead information, these top LinkedIn automation tools will help you grow your network and increase brand awareness.

Best Automation Tools

When your network grows, you’ll need the best tools to maintain genuine connections and have conversations with your leads. The best automation tools will be customizable and allow you to tailor your responses and searches to your business to get the best results. 

If you’re ready to grow on LinkedIn, check out our lead generation tools


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