How To Purchase and Send LinkedIn InMail Credits

One of the best ways to get in touch with individuals is through LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network.  There’s no denying that LinkedIn is now the main social network for pitching a proposal or sharing career insights. The platform has more than 500 million LinkedIn users, and it’s easy to see why. LinkedIn allows you to connect with clients, find new partners, and establish yourself as an industry expert.

The only problem? It’s not free! If you want to get the most out of LinkedIn, you’ll need to tap a tool like Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Recruiter, or, our personal favorite, LinkedIn InMail. InMail credits. But how do you do that? Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to buy InMail credits and send InMail messages to potential customers.

What is LinkedIn InMail?

LinkedIn InMail is an extension of LinkedIn’s basic messaging feature. LinkedIn InMail is a service that allows you to send messages directly to people that aren’t connected to you on LinkedIn. It’s an easy way to connect with potential clients, partners and employees without having to go through the hassle of trying to get in touch with them through their personal email addresses. A true must-have for LinkedIn recuiters!

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Upgrading to a InMail LinkedIn Premium

By default, signing up for a LinkedIn account gets you a basic membership plan. For users who want to use the platform for personal purposes, a basic account is more than enough.

If you’re a B2B marketer, you’ll need to invest. Premium plans are available and customizable for every type of user.

Get More InMail Credits

How do I get more InMail credits on LinkedIn?

The easiest way to get more InMail credits is by purchasing from the platform. It’s a simple and easy process:

  1. Go to your Premium subscription settings;
  2. Click Buy More next to “InMail messages”;
  3. Select the amount you’d like to purchase from the Purchase InMail pop-up window.

LinkedIn InMail Credits per Month

Your monthly LinkedIn InMail messages allotment depends on your account type. Career accounts get 5 per month, while business accounts get 15.

Can you buy more InMail Credits?

Yes, you can buy more InMail credits.

If you’re a LinkedIn Premium member, you can buy LinkedIn InMail messages credits to send messages to people who don’t know you. You may find it useful to buy these credits if:

  • You want to reach out to someone in your industry or company who isn’t connected with you on LinkedIn
  • You want to reach out to someone who doesn’t have an email address but does have a LinkedIn profile (for example, if you’re a business looking for new clients or customers)
  • You want to reach out to someone who has a job posting that interests you or is relevant to your business

Similar to the monthly credit, the cost of InMail credits varies depending on the account you have on LinkedIn, as opposed to a Sales Navigator account, which has different pricing tiers.


Premium account costs $29.99 monthly.

Sales Navigator account costs $79.99 monthly (or $779.88 per year).

Do InMail credits expire?

InMail credits do not expire. However, there’s a limit to how many you can get per month.

Get More InMail Credits

Sending an InMail

Sending an InMail message

InMail won’t activate for users who are already part of your LinkedIn connections.

How to send inmail linkedin? To send InMail messages to other members:

  1. Visit the profile of the LinkedIn member you want to reach out to;
  2. Click the More button on their introduction card;
  3. Select Message from the dropdown and fill in the spaces for subject and body.

LinkedIn will reward you if you get good response rates by giving you more InMail credits.

Get More InMail Credits

Win back your InMail credits

LinkedIn placed some limitations on InMail, and for good reason. While seeing the words “You have no inmail credits left” can be frustrating, it’s still important to prioritize connection over numbers.

For one, you can’t send another message to a user until they respond to the first message you sent. But there’s no need to worry; an automatic reminder is sent to the receiver within three days.

Another rule is that InMail messages that don’t get a response within 90 days won’t be credited back to you. Auto-replies are considered as a response, in case your prospect is away for a while.

Is LinkedIn InMail automated?

LinkedIn InMail is automated in the sense that it uses patterns to help you communicate more efficiently and effectively. For example, if you send a message to a person who works at the same company as you, LinkedIn will automatically recognize that you’re both connected and suggest that you send a message through InMail instead of emailing them directly. It will then analyze how you communicate, and then give messaging suggestions with context.

Writing the perfect message

Writing the perfect message

It’s not always easy to write InMail messages that will guarantee a response, but there are ways to improve your pitch. 

Tip #1:  Mention your mutual connections

Mention mutual connections between you and your prospect. Look for a common friend, colleague, connection, or maybe you and your lead went to the same university or worked in the same company. It can increase your response rate by at least 21 percent

Tip #2: Keep it short and sweet

While LinkedIn allows you to send as much as 2,000 characters, it’s probably best to keep your InMail messages shorter. Engage quickly but make it matter.

Tip #3: Catch their attention from the subject line

To convince your lead to open your InMail messages, use a short, personalized subject line. You can opt to include their name, send it on a weekend, or even pose a question. 

Tip #4: There’s no such thing as too personalized

Don’t be afraid to personalize your content up to the very small details.

Mention as many references as you could. A small point to something personal can help show your leads that you spent the extra time and effort to get to know them.

Get More InMail Credits


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