30 LinkedIn Automation Tools You Need [Complete List]

LinkedIn is a great place to network and grow your business. However, there are times when you just can’t keep up with all of the connections on LinkedIn. Luckily, there are some tools out there that will help you automate your connections so that you can spend more time doing other things.

We’ve all been on the lookout for automation tools that can save us time and energy in our LinkedIn marketing efforts. From finding prospects to following up with them, automation tools can help you build your connections and engage more with your audience.


What are LinkedIn Automation Tools?

LinkedIn automation tools allow you to automate your LinkedIn actions, such as sending Thank You messages to new connections, extending your current connections to a minimum length, or getting notifications when the status of your profile has changed. Once you install an automation tool, it saves time and energy by doing these tasks for you.

LinkedIn Bots vs. Automation Tools

LinkedIn automation tools are not the same as LinkedIn bots. Bots are automated programs designed to mimic human behavior on social media platforms. They’re usually used by marketers or businesses looking to drive traffic and sales through Facebook Messenger chatbots.

If you’re looking for a bot that will automatically connect with potential clients based on their job titles or skillsets, there are plenty of options out there–and while they may be useful in certain situations, they aren’t always worth the time investment required for their setup process (not to mention all those hours spent managing them).

The considerations

Why do you need to automate your LinkedIn activities? Is it because you want to save time, or because you need a little more peace of mind?

There is no one-size-fits-all LinkedIn automation tool. The platform has different features and functionalities, so you need to choose a tool that fits your needs. Just like any social media tool, you want a LinkedIn automation tool that is reliable and trustworthy.

When it comes to choosing a LinkedIn Automation tool, there are a few factors you should consider.

The first is whether the tool is free or paid. Many tools offer free versions that may be enough to get you started, but you’ll find that some features are only available in paid plans.

Another factor to consider is how much guidance and support you’ll get from the tool’s creators. Some tools offer tutorials and guides to help you get started with automation, while others will leave you on your own to figure things out for yourself. If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then look for a company that offers more support.

Finally, look at what kind of data each tool can gather from LinkedIn profiles and how they use it to customize their suggestions for your audience. Some tools will pull data from all of their users’ profiles and then sort through them using algorithms before suggesting content; others will only pull data from the accounts of people who have already interacted with the tool’s creator via one-on-one messages or group chats in order to make sure they’re getting accurate information about what kinds of posts work best for each person’s audience.

The Complete List of LinkedIn Automation Tools

LinkedIn automation tools are a great way to automate your connections and save time. There are many tools available, but only a few are worth using. Here’s a list of 30 tools we think are worth trying out!


LinkedProspect is a powerful way to generate more linkedIn business leads and sales. This tool allows businesses to get returning customers and new clients with ease, especially because it offers hyper personalisation through AI Technology.

LinkedProspect Standout Features:

  1. One of the first Cloud Based platforms
  2. Launched over 6 years ago
  3. Focussed on features that get results – Connecting and Messaging Features
  4. Offers Hyper Personalisation through AI Technology
  5. AI Campaign Suggestions
  6. Free Campaign Reviews
  7. Warmup and Account Safeguard built in

Who is the tool for?

LinkedProspect is a must-have tool for B2B Marketers, brand owners, and lead generation specialists who want to maximize LinkedIn for their funnel.

Meet Alfred

Alfred is another tool that has several helpful features, like adding contacts or managing your LinkedIn network. More specifically, Alfred allows you to have more control over your LinkedIn network by automatically visiting profiles, sending connection requests, messaging employees, and much more.

Source: Octopus CRM

Meet Alfred Standout Features

  1. It has a built-in LinkedIn CRM that allows users to manage leads and connections within the tool.
  2. Capabilities to connect with your GSuite account and engage with your prospects outside of LinkedIn via e-mail

Who is the tool for?

For marketers who want to automate the first step of the prospecting process, Meet Alfred is a great starting tool.

Lead Connect

For sales people, The Lead Connect is hard to beat. It’s the most traditional tool on the market–with features that enable targeted nurturing of business prospects and fast sales funnel growth. Additionally, it helps you gain quality leads from LinkedIn.

Source: Octopus CRM

Lead Connect Standout Features

  1. The tool is FREE.
  2. Impressive customization options for outreach message templates
  3. It’s great for team collaboration with its team blacklist function that eliminates the chance of other team members reaching out to the same lead.

Who is the tool for?

Lead Connect is for professionals and business owners who want a more traditional, straight-to-the-point automation tool with simple functions and interface.


Wiza is an artificial intelligence-powered sales enablement platform that uses advanced technology to identify lead emails and export it into CSV files. It can extract these lists directly from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Source: Octopus CRM

Wiza Standout Feature

  1. It works best as an email finder. You can connect it to your Sales Navigator account, create your search rules, and export to your CRM or as a file.

Who is the tool for?

Wiza is for enterprises who wish to automate their lead generation with AI technology, and who need to quickly and easily extract these leads into different formats.


Zopto is the first GPT-3 powered marketing automation software and allows you to leverage the power of AI to create personalized LinkedIn posts, and personal LinkedIn templates in seconds.

Source: Octopus CRM

Zopto Standout Features

  1. Filter contacts based on a variety of options, including companies they work for.
  2. Fully customizable engagement levels
  3. It offers functionalities that allow A/B testing.
  4. Zopto makes it easy to customize your target audience.

Who is the tool for?

Zopto was created for startups and sales teams who seek to expand their customer acquisition beyond their current market.


SalesHub.ai is an automation platform that makes your daily sales activities easy and cost-efficient. From sending emails to tracking your site’s visitors, SalesHub.ai carries out your daily tasks with the help of AI technology. It also provides a robust interface to design customized sales flows for different clients. You can create automated LinkedIn marketing programs and send mass emails without investing your time.

Source: Octopus CRM

SalesHub.ai Standout Features

  1. Its email finder and verification feature ensures that you only reach out to genuine profiles and not bots.
  2. It offers data enrichment for more personalized outreach campaigns.

Who is the tool for?

SalesHub.ai is a beginner-friendly tool that’s best for those who are just now exploring or starting out with their LinkedIn automation.


Expandi is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool that can run your campaigns and actions on autopilot.

Source: Expandi

Expandi Standout Features

  1. The tool follows random delay between activities to mimic human behavior and avoid LinkedIn from detecting the tool.
  2. You can include images from your prospect’s profile and use it in your messages.
  3. An automated warm-up feature and increases your daily limits gradually.
  4. It uses a dedicated country IP address for each profile.

Who is the tool for?

Expandi is an excellent tool for sales professionals and lead generation specialists.


Compared to other tools, Lempod is a more simple tool for better user engagement with automated likes and comments to your LinkedIn posts from your network.

Source: Octopus CRM

Lempod Standout Features

  1. Great for driving engagement with automatic likes and comments while the tool is undercover. It limits the engagement to 50 comments per day.
  2. It drives views to your content faster.

Who is the tool for?

LinkedIn Influencers would benefit the most from Lempod, but it’s also a very useful tool for professionals and marketers.


DuxSup offers a ton of features for generating leads and engaging with prospects. Considered a “growth hacking tool,” it’s popular for its capability to send 12-touch campaigns and its dashboard that allows users to manage all their LinkedIn lead pipelines. It also allows easy integration with your CRM.

DuxSoup Standout Features:

  1. It installs easily as a Chrome extension.
  2. User-friendly tool for managing prospects. You can leave notes and tags directly on LinkedIn profiles. 
  3. Beginner-friendly for newbies
  4. You can set it to automatically stop a LinkedIn drip campaign when a prospect responds.

Who is the tool for?

Dux-Soup is a comprehensive tool for scraping and monitoring—making it an excellent option for those who need to keep contact records of LinkedIn prospects throughout their customer acquisition journey.

Linked Helper

Similar to DuxSoup, Linked Helper is a Chrome plugin that can automate common LinkedIn functions. However, you also have the option to install it as a desktop application. Among its popular features are auto-messaging and auto-responders, as well as its capability to automate invites to connections to join a LinkedIn group.

Source: Octopus CRM

Linked Helper Standout Features

  1. It can automate campaigns even for your second and third-degree connections.
  2. Export contacts into a CSV file directly using the tool.
  3. Extremely user-friendly.

Who is the tool for?

Linked Helper makes it easy to connect and engage with 1st-degree connections, so it’s best for people who enjoy using LinkedIn natively at first (and then moving to the automation tool once a connection has been established).


Salesflow is a straightforward tool for outbound outreach and prospecting. It does the job and automates usual tasks like sending LinkedIn connect messages, InMails, and more.

Source: Octopus CRM

Salesflow Standout Features

  1. Resume-builder profile to help you create a LinkedIn page that attracts leads
  2. You can manage all your lead generation activities, run multiple campaigns in one dashboard.
  3. It allows you to schedule unlimited messages.

Who is the tool for?

SalesFlow is highly recommended to anyone (sales professional or not) who’s interested in using LinkedIn for outreach.

Linked Fusion

LinkedFusion is a Cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool that allows you to gain insights about your prospects. You can set up targets across different time zones with dedicated IP and measure metrics from multiple campaigns. It also integrates with Zapier, Google Sheets, Hubspot, Salesforce and most CRMs.

Source: Octopus CRM

LinkedFusion Standout Features

  1. Capability to integrate seamlessly with tools like Zapier, Google Sheets, and more
  2. It works well for team collaboration

Who is the tool for?

Linked Fusion is for managing single campaigns and communicating with prospects off-platform.


We-Connect is a safe web-based platform for B2B lead generation. It simplifies LinkedIn outreach and helps you to scale outbound efforts with advanced features.

Source: Octopus CRM

We-Connect Standout Features

  1. It’s great for insights and data extraction with its advanced reporting tool.
  2. Smart reply management

Who is the tool for?

We-Connect was designed for recruiters, business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals, who wish to increase productivity without compromising the safety of their LinkedIn account.


A multi-channel sales automation tool, Reply integrates email, SMS, Automation, and CRM to help sales teams bring more leads and close more deals. It’s also a reliable engagement platform.

Source: Octopus CRM

Reply Standout Features

  1. It has a feature that lets you search and save LinkedIn profiles curated to fit your ideal customer persona.
  2. Integrates with other Reply tools for omnichannel experiences

Who is the tool for?

Reply is designed specifically for collaboration among sales teams.


TexAu uses automation and data to scale businesses faster. It’s great for extracting information on LinkedIn, which many B2B marketers will find useful especially when it comes to collecting leads and doing cold calls by bulk.

Source: Octopus CRM

TexAu Standout Features

  1. It can extract leads from a Sales Navigator Search.
  2. Scrape all the members of a LinkedIn Group and reach out using the tool.
  3. Auto endorse, like, comment, or message target profiles.

Who is the tool for?

Like Zopto, startups are the segment that will find TexAU most useful, especially as a growth platform for scaling businesses faster.


Skylead helps Sales Reps and other sales professionals build relationships with leads by automating their outreach and making it easy to send engaging messages.

Skylead Standout Features

  1. G-Suite Integration allows you to connect your GSuite account and reach out to prospects via e-mail (after reaching out on LinkedIn)
  2. It has a powerful dashboard for analytics.
  3. Its safety usage limits are impressive at making sure you’re not flagged by LinkedIn.

Who is the tool for?

Because of Skylead’s data features and other relevant tools, it’s great for sales reps who need to extract analytics while working on outreach.

Octopus CRM

With Octpus CRM, it’s like your LinkedIn lead generation is on complete autopilot. It has impressive features on B2B prospecting, and is one of the more popular tools available.

Source: Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM Standout Features

  1. It allows you to send bulk messages to your contacts (first-degree).
  2. It has a comprehensive resource library.

Who is the tool for?

Octopus CRM is best used by business owners and recruiters who wish to focus on more high-level assignments while automating repetitive tasks.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator builds a powerful set of search capabilities, improves visibility into extended networks, and features proprietary algorithms to help sales professionals reach the right decision maker. Think of it as LinkedIn for sales professionals.

Sales Navigator Standout Features

  1. Free 30-day trial
  2. It has great group messaging capabilities.

Who is the tool for?

Designed specifically for the sales professional, LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes it easier to connect and build relationships with the buyers you need to engage.


GrowthLead is a complete LinkedIn automation software that’s used to aid entrepreneurs in B2B prospecting. GrowthLead can be used on LinkedIn to scale outbound outreach.

Source: Octopus CRM

Growthlead Standout Features

  1. You can launch multiple outreach campaigns for different segments and LinkedIn profiles, and manage it all from the same dashboard.
  2. Compatible with Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Recruiter

Who is the tool for?

Apart from sales professionals and B2B Marketers, Growthlead is also a good aid for entrepreneurs who are building their customer base. 


Salesloop is a sales automation tool providing Linkedin integration with email and Twitter. With this tool, marketers can experience true omnichannel automation.

Source: Octopus CRM

Salesloop Standout Features

  1. Secure safety features
  2. You can manage multiple accounts.

Who is the tool for?

Sales professionals who transfer from one platform to another during their lead generation process will find Salesloop a very convenient tool.


EvaBot is a tool designed to intelligently engage with every stakeholder, and help teams close more deals. The platform uses AI-powered technology.

EvaBot Standout Features

  1. EvaBot is great for PR because you can program it to automatically select a gift box based on a lead’s interests and preferences.
  2. Zapper integration to your CRM

Who is the tool for?

This tool is great for sales professionals, but even more for PR marketers and professionals who work with a brand’s VIPs.


LaGrowthMachine is an excellent tool that will allow you to focus on high-value tasks while it automates your outbound marketing tasks.

LaGrowthMachine Standout Features

  1. Create unlimited identities.
  2. It allows you to run 3 campaigns simultaneously and automate on LinkedIn, Twitter, and e-mail.

Who is the tool for?

LaGrowthMachine is for sales professionals who want to engage conversations with potential customers across different platforms.


With Taplio’s AI-powered tool, you can get better at making great content. This software will help you enhance your LinkedIn writing process by generating ideas for posts and giving you feedback on what’s working and what needs work.

Taplio Standout Features

  1. It offers great social media management tools for monitoring, scheduling, and multi-account access from one dashboard.
  2. Easy installation as a Chrome extension and can monitor your analytics straight on LinkedIn.

Who is the tool for?

Taplio is a powerful tool for social media managers who handle day-to-day content publishing and community management, as well as sales professionals who focus on inbound marketing.


PhantomBuster is a cloud-based data extraction tool, which helps you to extract data on the fly. You can utilize PhantomBuster to extract data from all major networks and websites, and also automate actions on the web.

Phantombuster Standout Features

  1. It notifies you about various automations on your preferred platform—e-mail or in-app.
  2. It has great data extraction features for collecting e-mail addresses, documents, phone numbers, and IP addresses.

Who is the tool for?

Phantombuster makes it easy to extract huge bulks of data at a time, making it a very useful tool for sales professionals who do cold calling or cold e-mailing.


Dripify is an advanced LinkedIn automation platform for marketers and sales teams for effective prospecting, lead generation, and business development. With Dripify you can create easy-to-configure automated marketing campaigns to reach prospects at key times in their buying journey.

Source: Octopus CRM

Dripify Standout Features

  1. It follows an extra safety algorithm that keeps your LinkedIn account secure.
  2. You can create drip campaigns and evaluate performance from one dashboard.

Who is the tool for?

Dripify is made for business owners and sales persons who wish to streamline their prospecting.


UpLead is a prospecting platform that gives you direct access to high quality B2B contact and company data. 

Source: Wizard Sourcer

Uplead Standout Features

  1. It has an effective email finder feature that also enables bulk downloading and technographic segmentation.

Who is the tool for?

If you wish to scale your sales pipeline, Uplead is the right tool.


LiProspect LinkedIn prospecting tool is a cloud-based and automated LinkedIn growth tool. With cloud technology alone, it is able to find connections that you’re not connected with on Linkedin.

Source: Octopus CRM

LiProspect Standout Features

  1. It’s one of the safest tools in the market.
  2. An intuitive smart inbox with advanced functions

Who is the tool for?

LiProspect appeals to people who value data confidentiality and those who need to expand their market by looking for prospects beyond their network.

Linked Radar

LinkedRadar helps you automate your LinkedIn prospecting and networking campaigns. It provides maximum security for your LinkedIn account by table country-based IP and Mimic human behaviour. Create targeted connection requests, send InMail messages and reply to messages via LinkedRadar.

Linked Radar Standout Features

  1. It has several CRM useful functions. Some of the popular ones are customer tagging and notes, and information synchronization.

Who is the tool for?

Just like LiProspect, Linked Radar is an excellent option for sales professionals who wish to keep data confidential while enjoying the functions of a typical LinkedIn automation tool.


Waalaxy™ is an automated and multi-channel prospecting tool. It is a Google Chrome extension that enables you to create, disseminate and track marketing messages via multiple channels with simple set up.

Waalaxy Standout Features

  1. The tool has extensive campaign management tools such as analytics.
  2. Automatically send invitations and messages on LinkedIn by creating automated sequences

Who is the tool for?

Waalaxy is a no-frills tool for sales marketers who need a bit of help with managing different lead generation campaigns across different platforms.


A cloud-based sales engagement platform, SalesLoft is an excellent tool for automating sales plays and managing pipelines. It also has a database of effective coaching material that marketers will find useful.

Source: SalesLoft

SalesLoft Standout Features

  1. It has comprehensive sales forecasting features.
  2. Record and share your personalized videos to your prospects.

Who is the tool for?

SalesLoft is a good option for marketers who want to explore creative lead generation to drivie higher inbound response. 


Snov.io is an easy-to-use outreach automation software designed to help businesses of all sizes generate, verify and nurture leads. With built-in tools for lead sourcing and prospecting, you can spend less time searching for contacts and more time closing deals.

Source: Startup Stash

Snov.io Standout Features

  1. Find leads anywhere online by skills, experience, location, company and more.
  2. Collect leads’ contacts from LinkedIn with 98% accuracy.

Who is the tool for? 

Snov.io is a powerful tool for email prospecting, drip campaigning, and lead generation. Its feature, e-mail verifier, is useful for identifying invalid domains.

In the coming years, LinkedIn automation will continue to be a crucial part of the social media landscape. LinkedIn automation tools can help you save time and make your job easier. The key is to keep it simple and start with the basics. Once you get the hang of it, try out some more advanced options!

We hope you find this list of LinkedIn automation tools you need in 2023 useful as you pick out what works best for you. In the end, all of these options will make your LinkedIn experience as efficient and effective as possible. 

LinkedIn Automation Tools

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