How To Make The Most Out Of Your Free Affiliate Link

LinkedProspect are very excited to share with you our guide on how to make the most out of your affiliate link – offering you the chance to earn hundreds of dollars in passive income just by referring users to the LinkedProspect tool!

About LinkedProspect’s Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program means that LinkedProspect lovers like you can earn money just by promoting our software. Every time someone buys our software after clicking through your own unique affiliate link, we pay you 25% commission of each customers subscription. Not only do you get to help other businesses improve their LinkedIn Lead Generation, but there’s no limit to the amount you can earn – the more business you refer to LinkedProspect the more you earn!

Where To Find Your Link

Each LinkedProspect user has a unique affiliate link which can be found on the ‘Affiliate’ tab of your dashboard.

Make The Most Out Of Your Affiliate linkOnce you’ve selected this tab, your unique affiliate link will be shown along with any statistics associated with your link. By promoting this link, our software will be able to track any Trials and Subscriptions (customers) that have occurred as a result. *Please note that commission will only be paid on Subscriptions (customers)*

“What if a user doesn’t subscribe immediately through my link?”, we hear you ask. Our program runs on a 30 day cookie period, meaning that if a prospect you refer converts within 30 days you still get the commission!

The Benefits For Your Audience

We all know that LinkedIn Lead Generation can be a tough nut to crack, and can be a major time-sap.  LinkedProspect allows you to save time on otherwise repetitive but essential tasks that are vital to running a successful lead generation campaign.

By becoming a LinkedProspect affiliate you can help other businesses become social selling leaders, position yourself as a LinkedIn lead generation expert and get paid for it – it’s a win win!

Where To Promote Your Link

With a little effort you can enjoy the rewards of becoming a LinkedProspect affiliate. While running PPC campaigns with your affiliate link is prohibited, we’ve put together a list of ideas on where to promote your link to ensure the best results:

  • Comments – comment sections on community forums, social media and Q&A sites such as Quora are a fantastic way to promote your link. These are highly-engaged platforms have the potential to hold a pool of interested prospects.
  • Social Media – standard social media posts are great, but social groups are even better. Search Facebook Groups, Google+ Groups and Twitter Lists for relevant topics that you can contribute to.
  • Your Website – Do you own a website? Create a blog post about your success with LinkedProspect and include your affiliate link at the bottom.
  • Email Marketing – If you have a mailing list, include your affiliate link in your next email newsletter.

Get Started

Get started today with the LinkedProspect affiliate program! Just sign up or login to and visit the Affiliate tab in your dashboard. Once you’re there, you can start sharing your LinkedProspect link and start earning! Once you’ve made your first sale through your link, we’ll get in touch. Payments will be arranged within the first 7 days of each month, paid in GBP via PayPal.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact the team at [email protected].


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