Here Are 10 LinkedIn Message Templates To Boost Your Sales and Reach

The key to a successful lead generation campaign not only lies in the quality of the prospects you are targeting, but also in the quality of the message copy. Nothing makes prospects run a mile more than a generic LinkedIn message, but how do you write killer message copy for your connection request that users will actually read?

We’ve put together a library of tried-and-tested connection request LinkedIn templates ready to be filled in with your details so that you can start generating serious results!

10 LinkedIn Message Templates To Boost Your Sales

The Basic LinkedIn Template

The basic template is perfect if you’re only interested in reaching out and getting the initial introduction in.

Hi [NAME], thanks for connecting!

My team and I have just developed [UNIQUE PRODUCT OR SERVICE]. It can [EXPLAIN UNIQUE SELLING POINT]. Is this something that you’d be interested in?

If you are not the right person to discuss this with, can you point in the direction of your colleague who might be interested?

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Thanks, Dan.

The Phone Call Template

Hopping on a phone call with your prospect is the first step to creating a partnership. It gives you the opportunity to share the specifics of your offer in detail and address any question they may have.

Hi [NAME], thanks for connecting!

I’m always looking to meet people in the industry, and I’m glad I came across your profile.

I run (or work for) [COMPANY] and we recently launched our new project, [NAME OF YOUR SERVICE OR PRODUCT]. I’d love to share more details over phone call if you’re interested. 

Are you available for a brief call this week?

Looking forward!

The Meet Up Template

Instead of a phone call or chat, you could also invite your prospect for a quick meet up to present your product or service.

Hi [NAME], thanks for connecting!

I wanted to reach out just to let you know about [NAME OF BUSINESS] and our new project, [PRODUCT OR SERVICE]

If you ever need [BUSINESS OBJECTIVE], please feel free to pop in for a coffee. In case you’re free this week, I’d love to meet up so I could tell you more about it.


The Conversation Template

Building relationships with prospects is always a good idea if you want to  turn them into paying customers and boost your sales.

Hi [NAME], thanks for connecting!

I always try to get to know something about my connections… Are you working on anything exciting right now?


The Funding Template

Funding is crucial for any business that wants to scale and make products available to more people. If you’re looking for more people to have on board, LinkedIn is an excellent platform to explore.

Hi [NAME],

I hope you’re having a good week so far. Our company, [BUSINESS NAME], is looking for investors to embark on our journey. After [RECENT SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PROJECT], we are now looking to close our first round of  funding.

After looking through LinkedIn, I thought I would message you to understand if this opportunity would be relevant?

Please let me know and we can discuss further if you’d like to be a part of an innovative project in [INDUSTRY].

Thanks for your time,

10 LinkedIn Message Templates To Boost Your Sale

The Building Relationships Template

Selling from the get-go might not always be the best route when reaching out to prospects. It pays to get to know your leads and find out how you can solve their business problems through your product or service.

Hi [NAME], thanks for connecting!

I look forward to building a professional relationship and if there is anything the [BUSINESS NAME] team and I can help you with, I would love to chat.

Please checkout our website at [LINK] and I look forward to speaking with you soon!


The Recruitment LinkedIn Message Template

Before it rose to popularity as a business networking site, LinkedIn was primarily a platform for recruiters. Tons of managers go to the platform to hire the best talent who meets their requirements for current job openings.

Hi [NAME],

We’re currently looking for a [JOB TITLE] and I came across your LinkedIn profile. You look like a perfect fit for the direction we’re moving as a company, so I had to reach out.

Would you be open to having a quick chat?


The Free Trial Template

A good marketing and sales tactic is to offer free trials to potential clients. Let your product or service speak for itself.

Hi [NAME], thanks for connecting!

Is [BUSINESS SOLUTION] on the horizon for your business? If so, I would love to assist and would like to offer your a free trial at [WEBSITE LINK].

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts! 

The Event Template

Events are great for interacting with your target audience while promoting your product or service. If you have an event coming up, you could reach out to leads on LinkedIn and invite them personally.

Hi [NAME],

I saw that we have a few connections in common and thought I’d connect. I’m running an event at [LOCATION] on [DATE], and thought it might be something that would interest you.

Just wondering if you or your team fancy coming? Here are more details: [LINK]


Do you have LinkedIn message templates that has boosted your sales from your connection request that you would like to share? Comment below and let us know!

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LinkedIn Message Checklist To Boost Sales

LinkedIn Message Checklist To Boost Sales

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