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Professional social media platform giant LinkedIn has announced the launch of Newsletters for business pages. Newsletters are long-form contents that users can subscribe to.

LinkedIn is taking measures to revamp newsletters for the social media era, which were traditionally the domain of email marketing. Long-form material can now be published by businesses on LinkedIn using the Articles for Pages functionality, which was first offered in 2013.

Articles for Pages aims to improve follower engagement and stimulate dialogue. Adding to this concept, newsletters offer subscriptions to repeating pieces on the same topic as the original item. When a business posts a series of articles about a specific topic on LinkedIn, other businesses can subscribe to those articles in the form of a newsletter. Starting a newsletter is an easy process that not only increases engagement with your followers, but also expands the audience beyond the platform.

LinkedIn has made sure to make the experience easy for those just dipping their toes in the waters. The whole process is very user-friendly. Qualified users can set up a LinkedIn newsletter in just three easy steps– simply create, publish, and then review.

Choose “Create a Newsletter,” then begin writing. The newsletter will then be visible to your followers on LinkedIn once you publish it. For each newsletter sent out, you can see how many people noticed it, as well as see how many people have subscribed. 

Subscribers receive a one-time notification when you publish new articles in that serialized topic. From there, they may opt in to get email and in-platform notifications whenever you post new material.

Early users of LinkedIn’s newsletters, such as news publication giant Insider and video conference firm Zoom, have already seen success.

In the first 24 hours, 10% of Zoom’s LinkedIn followers subscribed to the company’s newsletters. Within 24 hours of launching the function, Insider had 820,000 subscribers.

From status updates to long-form articles, LinkedIn has long allowed users and businesses to generate and publish a range of material on their sites.

The use of serialized content in blogs and newsletters has been proven to keep customers engaged.

Four out of five marketers, according to, prefer to stop using social media over email marketing. In a nutshell, LinkedIn Newsletters are a win-win situation.

LinkedIn users, like email subscribers, build a list of contacts. Due to the serialized nature of the content, it is geared toward a specific demographic of customers.

​​LinkedIn is a business-oriented social media platform that allows users to connect with others in their industry. Using Newsletters and Articles for Pages, businesses and professionals may expand their reach by gaining new followers and subscribers to their member pages.

Pages and users with the proper credentials can submit articles and newsletters. In addition to having a solid following of over 150 people, you should also have previous experience providing original content and adhering to the rules of LinkedIn’s community.

Although the service is still in its infancy, early success with Newsletters suggests that it will be well received by current LinkedIn users.


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