You Need A Good LinkedIn Headline. Here's Why.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give much thought to your LinkedIn headline. But if you’re looking to make a good impression on potential employers or clients, it’s worth taking the time to craft a headline that accurately reflects who you are and what you do.

A LinkedIn headline is the text that appears under your name at the top of your LinkedIn profile. It’s one of the first things people will see when they visit your profile, so it’s important to make sure it’s attention-grabbing and informative.

The LinkedIn Growth

The LinkedIn Growth

LinkedIn has rapidly become one of the most popular social networking sites for professionals. In just a few short years, LinkedIn has amassed more than 450 million users, making it one of the largest online platforms for job seekers and employers. While LinkedIn can be a great tool for networking and building your professional brand, it can also be quite challenging to get the attention of recruiters. With so many users competing for visibility, it’s important to have an engaging LinkedIn headline that will capture the attention of recruiters and help you stand out from the crowd. While there is no surefire formula for success, taking the time to craft a well-written headline will go a long way in helping you get noticed by recruiters on LinkedIn.

A look at case studies

A LinkedIn profile is one of the most important tools for job seekers. It is a professional networking site that allows you to create a profile and connect with other professionals in your field. Your profile should include your work history, education, skills, and endorsements. Your headline should be catchy and accurately reflect what you do.

A recent study by Jobvite found that 70% of employers are more likely to consider candidates with a strong LinkedIn profile. They also found that 61% of employers will not even consider a candidate if they don’t have a LinkedIn profile. This shows just how important it is to have a strong presence on LinkedIn.

One of the best ways to make sure your LinkedIn profile is strong is to have an accurate headline. Your headline is one of the first things employers will see when they view your profile. You want to make sure it accurately reflects your skills and experience. A good headline will make you more likely to be found in searches and more likely to be considered for jobs.

These studies show just how important it is to have a strong LinkedIn presence. If you’re looking for a job, make sure your profile is up-to-date and includes an accurate headline. 

Think of your LinkedIn headline as an elevator pitch for your professional brand.

Think of your LinkedIn headline as an elevator pitch for your professional brand. In just a few words, it should be able to sum up who you are and what you do. The  best LinkedIn headlines are clear, concise, and make it easy for someone to understand what you do and why they should care.

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of 10 great LinkedIn headline examples to help inspire your own. We’ve also got some tips on what to include (and what to avoid) in your headline, as well as a LinkedIn headline generator tool to make creating your own headline a breeze.

Creating your LinkedIn Headline

Step 1: Start with your current job title

Step 2: Add 1-2 keywords that describe your main skills or focus areas. Remember to keep it under 120 characters, and only use keywords you want to rank for.

Step 3: Use actionable language to complement your title and keywords, with proper grammar and punctuation.

Step 4: Test different headlines to see what works best.

Step 5: Update regularly as your career evolves.

Note: Avoid using abbreviations so your headline is searchable!

It’s fairly easy! And remember, it’s important that your headline directly translates what you do and what you’re good at. Take a look at these examples.

1. Social Media Manager at XYZ Company
2. Content Creator and Marketer
3. Freelance writer and editor
4. Public Relations Specialist
5. Recruiter for Technology Companies
6. Career Coach and Consultant
7. Diversity & Inclusion Strategist
8. Event Planner and Coordinator
9. fundraising professional 
10. Business Analyst

These are great inspirations for when you’re writing your own. Notice the format and clarity, which help a big deal in terms of searchability on the platform.

Tips and tricks for Creating a Great LinkedIn Headline

1. Keep it short and sweet.

LinkedIn headlines should be between 50-200 characters. Aim for around 120 characters, which is the length of an average sentence.

2. Use keywords

LinkedIn is a search engine, so including relevant keywords in your headline can help you show up in search results.

Here’s how to find and use keywords for your LinkedIn Headline:

– Think about the keywords that potential employers or clients might use to search for someone with your skills and experience.

– Use LinkedIn’s “People Also Viewed” feature to see what keywords are being used to find profiles like yours.

– Use LinkedIn’s Headline Analyzer tool to see how well your headline is optimized for LinkedIn’s search algorithm.

3. Be clear and concise

Your headline should be easy to understand and free of any jargon or fluff.

4. Highlight what makes you unique

What sets you apart from other professionals in your field? Make sure your LinkedIn headline reflects what makes you special.

5. Avoid using abbreviations

Write out full words and phrases to avoid confusion.

6. Proofread!

Always double-check your LinkedIn headline for spelling and grammar mistakes before you hit “publish.”

7. Use LinkedIn headline generator tool

If you’re stuck, use our LinkedIn headline generator tool to get started. Just enter your job title and industry, and we’ll generate a custom headline for you.

Who looks at your LinkedIn Headline?

LinkedIn Headlines are seen by four main groups of people: 

1. Your LinkedIn connections: When someone views your LinkedIn profile, they’ll see your headline front and center. LinkedIn connections can also see your headline when they view your name in their LinkedIn feed or in search results.

2. LinkedIn algorithm: LinkedIn’s algorithm takes into account the keywords in your headline when determining which profiles to show in search results. This means that having a well-optimized headline can help you show up higher in searches.

3. Recruiters and hiring managers: Many recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn as a way to find potential candidates for open positions. A strong LinkedIn headline can help you catch their attention and get noticed.

4. LinkedIn members who don’t know you: LinkedIn members who see your profile in search results or in their LinkedIn feed will only see your headline (and not your name) unless they are connected to you. This makes it even more important to make sure your headline is attention-grabbing and informative.

LinkedIn Headlines are one of the most important aspects of your LinkedIn profile. A good LinkedIn headline can help you catch the attention of potential employers, recruiters, and LinkedIn connections, while a poorly written one can hurt your chances of being noticed. 

Frequently Asked Questions about LinkedIn Headlines

1. Can I use abbreviations in my LinkedIn headline?

We recommend avoiding abbreviations in your LinkedIn headline to avoid confusion. Write out full words and phrases instead.

2. How can I make my LinkedIn headline more attention-grabbing?

Try to highlight what makes you unique in your LinkedIn headline. What sets you apart from other professionals in your field? Make sure your LinkedIn headline reflects what makes you special.

3. I’m having trouble coming up with a LinkedIn headline. Any tips?

If you’re struggling to come up with a LinkedIn headline, try using our LinkedIn headline generator tool. Just enter your job title and industry, and we’ll generate a custom headline for you.


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