Best LinkedIn Automation Tools to Use

LinkedIn currently has over 756 million members.

Its use has grown massively since it was founded in 2003, and it’s now one of the world’s leading social networks for professionals. Along with the growth it has experienced, developers have created a range of tools to make using LinkedIn easier and more productive.

For a rundown of some of the best LinkedIn automation tools, keep reading.

What Are LinkedIn Automation Tools?

LinkedIn Automation Tools

Countless automation tools have been developed over the years for social networks and a wide range of other applications. With the help of LinkedIn automation, you can take your LinkedIn marketing capabilities to the next level.

Some tasks are quite time-consuming and monotonous, so if you can use a piece of software to manage such tasks, you’ll free up a lot of time. This is the best way to maximize the functions of LinkedIn without having to spend hours working through things.

You can then use the time and energy saved to be more productive overall.


LinkedProspect is one of the most useful pieces of LinkedIn automation software available. Its overall purpose is to increase lead acquisition and prospects. It has several features to help with this.

Invite Campaigns

You may want to invite people to join your network, but searching for suitable individuals and emailing all of them one by one can be a slow and inefficient process. LinkedProspect can automate this invite system to remove the hassle.

It will automatically generate personalized invites and messages, then send them to your second- and third-degree connections. Not only will this save you time, but it can help connect you with highly targeted decision-makers.

As the messages and invites are personalized, the acceptance rate is generally much higher than with other automation tools.

Auto Reply Sequences

If you get a lot of new first-degree connections, replying to them all can be very longwinded. You can set up an auto-response system to avoid losing time doing this.

LinkedProspect can send messages on a “drip sequence,” regularly providing your connections with value. Keeping in communication with prospects will help keep you on their mind and improve your response rates.

Mass Messaging

Something that really takes time is getting in contact with large numbers of people. With LinkedProspect, you can automatically send personalized messages out in bulk to your first-degree connections.

You can choose which connections a message goes to, allowing you to leverage your existing network in the most effective way.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This is a LinkedIn automation platform developed by LinkedIn themselves. It’s able to target the right buyers, engage with personalized outreach, and gain useful insights.

Advanced company search and lead recommendations make it much easier to find the right connections for you. You’ll get automatic suggestions based on your activity.

It will give you real-time updates on leads for things like job changes and also provides a list of anyone who has visited your profile in the last 90 days.

You can add notes and tags to any prospecting leads and accounts to help keep things organized. The TeamLink feature provides the best ways to find and connect with ideal prospects via your company’s network.

Some of the other features include:

  • Access to LinkedIn subscriptions (job seeker, LinkedIn Learning)
  • Advanced search
  • Sales spotlights
  • Outlook integration
  • Mobile app

There are three plans available. The higher packages come with a range of additional features such as employee data integration, usage reporting, and ROI reporting.


Later is a LinkedIn post scheduling tool that you can use to set up LinkedIn posts and it will automatically send them at a pre-set time.

With any social network, the effectiveness of a post can change depending on when it’s posted. Using Later, you can set up numerous posts whenever it’s convenient for you and schedule them to be sent out at the most ideal times.

By doing this, you can keep some consistency in your posts. If you know you might not be able to add any new posts for a certain period, setting them up ahead of time will ensure that everything is covered.

An example of this would be if you’re going on vacation, but want to make sure your regular posts still go out at the same time without needing to get online during your break.

This helps keep things in order, which is ideal for a busy team. Sometimes routine posts can get forgotten among all the other tasks that need to be done. Automating any posts will ensure they go out exactly when they need to.

Having this done automatically also helps free up more time for your team. They can use this time for more important tasks which will lead to an overall increase in productivity.

Is LinkedIn Automation Worth It?

LinkedIn Automation

All of the tasks above can be done manually, but if you want to get the most out of LinkedIn, then using LinkedIn automation tools is key. They can manage a wide range of processes, making things much easier for you and your team.

Not only will this save you a lot of time, but it can also be far more effective. With these tools, you can quickly generate leads, communicate with contacts, and carry out a range of functions with minimal interaction.

LinkedProspect is a great tool for any business that wants to increase productivity and streamline operations. If you’re still not convinced, why not register for a free trial? Click here to sign up.


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