LinkedIn Launches Its Own Podcast Network

ICYMI (in case you missed it), LinkedIn is launching its own podcast network, and we are so ready for it.

Last February 2022, the social media giant debuted its very own podcast network called LinkedIn Podcast Network. It will feature podcasts from various industry leaders as well as the LinkedIn News team. We should also probably mention that they have put up an online registration form on their website for those who want to hop in on the newly launched podcast network.

In order to catch the public’s attention, LinkedIn is offering 12 shows (as of writing). The shows are divided into 2 categories–LinkedIn Presents (eight podcasts) and LinkedIn News (four podcasts). For a newbie podcast network, they managed to offer shows that talk about a variety of topics from business to mental health.

The podcast episodes will be available globally on LinkedIn itself by giving the podcast hosts a follow and subscribing to their weekly newsletters. The cool thing is, you are not limited to listening to the podcasts on the professional social media platform! You can also tune in via your usual podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify. How sweet is that? The platform appears to be trying to draw more people into LinkedIn. By allowing people from outside of LinkedIn to listen to these podcasts, more people are then enticed to go to LinkedIn to connect and keep the discussion going with the podcast hosts and guests.

“Hosts will continue to engage with the listeners–both new and old, through posts, videos, newsletters, LinkedIn live events, and more,” LinkedIn stated.

However, not all the podcasts are new. Some of them might be familiar to podcast enthusiasts and the likes, such as The Anxious Achiever, which already has over 70 episodes.

Note that like most free streaming sites nowadays, the platform is not without ads. The podcasts are ad-supported, with Verizon as their primary sponsor.


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