Ever wondered how the world’s leading social messaging companies are generating tonnes of business on LinkedIn? Well now you can experience the benefits for yourself through LinkedProspect’s fully managed LinkedIn Messaging campaigns.

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful and cost-efficient ways to generate new business, and we have a team of specialists right here, for you to use.

Not only will our B2B lead generation specialists completely take care of running your LinkedIn messaging campaign. We’ll even help you with creating powerful message copy for generating ultimate results and crafting your LinkedIn success.

We’ll work to develop an effective LinkedIn message campaign targeted to prospects anywhere in the world and make sure that your sales messages are precisely tailored to your customer’s needs.

Make use of our team’s expert insights to:

  • Reduce demand on internal resources
  • Free up time to focus on strategy
  • Produce excellent leads
  • Gain access to our years of knowledge and experience

Our managed campaigns run for a 30-day period and will typically message 1,000-1,500 prospects from the prospect search details you provide.

Responses received through your landing page or back to your LinkedIn profile are yours to pick up and manage from there. Our job is solely to manage the message copy and processing of the messaging campaigns.

Our managed campaigns cost just $160 for a 30-day period and includes the standard $60 for LinkedProspect software subscription.

“This is unbelievable value, not only can users come and buy the world’s leading LinkedIn messaging software for just $60. For another $100, we’ll completely take care of managing their messaging campaign for them.” – Dan Johnson, LinkedProspect CEO

Campaigns can focus on any business objective, including lead generation, market research, brand awareness, audience engagement or network growth. And campaigns can cover Invitations & Auto-replies or Bulk messaging to existing connections.

Interested in finding out more?

Email Peter on [email protected] for enquiries and to request our fully managed Paypal subscription.


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