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Let’s admit it: Cold email is almost dead.

Compared to 2 to 3 years ago, when every B2B marketer was on their toes coming up with the most effective sales pitch, cold emails just aren’t as effective as they used to be. The chances of getting replies are dropping, and you’re lucky if a prospect even opens your message. While these can somehow be improved by a more creative subject line or convincing spiel, it won’t be enough to get you the leads you need.

Everything today is automated. Alarms, cars, light switches, and – you guessed it – email. With the ability to send mass messages in seconds, you can expect thousands of cold emails in the inbox of the decision-makers you want to reach. 

How do you stand out from the dozens of marketers who have the same sales pitch? It’s nearly impossible.

Say hello to LinkedIn

Many don’t know that there’s another way to reach your leads without fighting for inbox attention. 

The online world’s biggest professional network LinkedIn is growing to become the number 1 platform to find leads. In fact, many users are unknowingly engaging in social selling and lead generation by actively sending LinkedIn connection requests. They go on search and manually look for possible prospects through the results. Some might even check their profiles to filter out based on interests and current occupation.

Can it do the trick?

Inbound marketing means allowing your leads to find you. Once a user visits your page, you’re likely to check them out too. If you want to use this strategy for lead generation, the key is getting the right people to look at your profile.

What comes after logging in is usually checking who viewed your profile, and looking back to see who they might be for your business. 

As a business, it’s you who should be visiting the profiles of potential customers so they can look back and check out yours. Soon, these people will translate to LinkedIn connections, and then customers. Do this regularly and repeatedly, and you’re bound to expand your LinkedIn network and business opportunities.

A personal touch

No one likes receiving cold emails, and this is because it sounds too templated. Not only does a copy-paste message lack empathy, but it also gives off the impression that a business is too concerned about making a quick buck.

Today, authenticity is valued immensely by consumers who would prefer to do business with a company that isn’t obsessed with self-promotion and hard-selling. How do you put yourself ahead of the competition? You build relationships with your customers.

Save precious time with LinkedIn automation

Every businessman knows how important it is to connect with clients on a personal level, but few are actually willing to go the extra mile. And it’s pretty understandable given that LinkedIn lead generation is commonly performed manually. Connecting with users on LinkedIn is pretty straightforward and simple, but repetitively doing it isn’t only draining but also extremely time-consuming. 

Thankfully, there are other options.

LinkedProspect is a LinkedIn plugin created by a ground-breaking team of lead generation specialists who knows what it takes to have a convenient LinkedIn automation tool. By creating a single dashboard that holds your outgoing and incoming messages, you can say goodbye to the boring, repetitive tasks that are eating up your day.

You can sit back and relax while LinkedProspect handles the prospecting, inviting, and replying for you. 

Wasted time is wasted money

You could be doing so much more for your business if you didn’t spend so much work hours on monotonous tasks. If you’re interested in LinkedProspect, try it out for 7 days free. Register here!


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