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The pitfall of startups usually stems from one thing: the lack of quality leads that can convert into sales. Too often than not, organizations exhaust all their efforts into creating the best products and services. But what good is a product if no one knows about it?

Luckily for professionals today, digital marketing opened easier ways to get in touch with potential customers. Marketers can now ditch cold calling for LinkedIn, which is considered the most powerful platform for brand building and lead generation.

How do you make the most out of the biggest professional network? Here are 10 ways to beef up your LinkedIn lead generation strategy.

1. Optimize your Linkedin page

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), despite its name, isn’t restricted to search engines. Implementing SEO practices on your LinkedIn page can help you rank on the results page, both on and off LinkedIn. 

Get started by identifying keywords that are connected with your industry and understand the search strings that your target market uses. Once you’ve laid all these down, integrate these keywords into your titles, descriptions, post captions, and other sections.

2. Engage on the first visit

It’s common to brush off visitors if they haven’t sent a request to be in your LinkedIn network yet. However, once someone opens your page, it’s almost as good as a green light to get in touch. Users need a little elbow nudge to make a purchase decision, and they wouldn’t be on your LinkedIn page if they aren’t looking for something similar to what you’re offering.

Regularly check your profile visitors and send them a request. It also helps make an excellent first impression for your company.

Another simple yet effective LinkedIn strategy is to link your website to your post captions whenever possible. It’s easier to convert leads into customers once they land on your page, where every information they need about your product or service is readily available.

Word of caution: Be careful when putting links and ensure that these are relevant and useful. You wouldn’t want to sound like the annoying salesperson that most users tend to block.

4. Spice up your headlines

It will take your visitors 10 seconds to decide if they want to explore your LinkedIn page further. And headlines are your best shot at decreasing your bounce rate.

When writing out your headlines, aim to make it compelling enough that the visitor will be too interested to switch to another tab. Integrate keywords if you can, but don’t force it, so it flows smoothly.

5. Cross-post on other platforms

Your LinkedIn audience differs from your Facebook or Instagram audience. Use this to your advantage and cross-post your content on other platforms. Apart from enhancing your reach, you’ll also benefit from having more views on your LinkedIn page. 

When cross-posting, choose a visually appealing image, a catchy headline, and include links to your pages. If your audience doesn’t visit your LinkedIn page, best to give them more options to follow your brand.

6. Use LinkedIn ads

Ads wouldn’t be as popular as they are today if they weren’t excellent tools for LinkedIn lead generation. Explore beyond your existing connections and followers by devoting an aspect of your LinkedIn strategy to putting out ads. 

Additionally, LinkedIn offers specific targeting, which can help you reach the right audience. LinkedIn ads prove to be more effective than others, as the quality of leads from LinkedIn is superior to those acquired from other social media platforms like Facebook.

7. Participate in LinkedIn group discussions

B2B sales are easier when you’ve positioned yourself as an industry expert, and LinkedIn groups are a brilliant way to build your credibility. 

The communities in LinkedIn groups can turn into leads if you post the right content. Don’t be afraid to explore outside your industry and niche, as long as you can contribute and engage efficiently. You can likewise include links to your blogs or landing pages – but only when relevant.

8. Don’t forget your CTA

Engaging content is an excellent place to start your LinkedIn strategy, but it shouldn’t end with the visuals and witty copies. Everything you put out on your page must be accompanied by relevant call-to-actions, which helps your lead generation and B2B sales strategy by driving traffic to your pages.

Instead of the usual promotional captions, you can link your audience to helpful and educational resources on your page. Not only will new visitors be inclined to connect, but your current LinkedIn network will likewise stick around for value-adding content.

9. Engaging content is key

Once your visitor follows your page, the real challenge comes in: Keeping them engaged and interested. Business professionals don’t spend time on LinkedIn to learn about the field. There are countless sources outside the platform for that. Instead, they’re looking for educational content that will keep them updated on the industry.

When planning your LinkedIn strategy, consider a unique perspective on industry trends. Pair it with exciting graphics, headlines, and statistics, and you’re guaranteed to keep your current audience excited for your posts. 

Anyone can get leads online, but it takes the right strategy to gather users and convert them into customers. The tips above are helpful if prospecting isn’t your cup of tea. But more than anything else, keep in mind there’s nothing more effective than genuinely knowing your brand and your market! 


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