What if you weren’t taking advantage of your single best way to generate leads?

LinkedIn is the best way to bring in leads, but only when done right. Unfortunately, the vast majority of business owners and sales professionals on LinkedIn don’t know how to generate user interest. Simply put, if you want user interest, then you need to use an interesting headline!

But what should your headline include, and why will the changes you make effective? Keep reading to discover the answers to these questions as well as awesome LinkedIn headline examples you can start using today!

LinkedIn Headline Examples to Boost Lead Generation

Use Keywords For Niche Marketing

Use Keywords For Niche Marketing - LinkedIn Headline Example

One of the reasons that LinkedIn headline examples are important is because many people struggle with using LinkedIn effectively. However, here’s some good news: it all begins with something that you have plenty of experience with, and that’s using the right keywords!

The biggest struggle when it comes to LinkedIn is standing out from rival businesses or rival professionals. To really distinguish yourself from the competition, you need to use keywords that emphasize your specific niche.

The most basic way to do this is to include areas of specialty in your headline. For example, a headline that mentions you are an expert in “Web Development” as well as “WordPress Designer and Software consultant” is very effective. That is because it offers specific areas of expertise someone may be searching for while offering a mixture of shorter keywords and long-tail keywords.

There are a few different ways to research keywords. One simple method is to search LinkedIn for certain keywords and then going from there. For example, a search for “HR” may reveal many results for “HRMD” (or Human Resource Management and Development), which indicates that you should probably include this as a keyword.

You can also use different keyword research tools. While they were not originally designed for LinkedIn, the Google Keyword Planner and Moz Keyword Explorer are free tools that are helpful for generating keyword ideas. If you have room in your budget for paid keyword research tools, SEMRush is one of the best tools you can use.

Finally, don’t forget the simplicity of searching out your rivals on LinkedIn and checking out the keywords they are using. This research is free and easy and helps you keep up with the competition!

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More Clever Ways of Standing Out

More Clever Ways of Standing Out

There is one primary problem with trying to use a “formula” to stand out on LinkedIn. Specifically, everyone else is trying to use the same formula. Eventually, this can make things harder for generating leads because users have trouble differentiating one business from another.

If you really want to stand out, consider adding clever jokes or references that will get someone’s attention while showcasing the value you have to offer. For example, a matchmaking company might include a line in their headline that “We’ve brought more people together than Tom from MySpace.”

Just think: someone checking out different matchmaking companies on LinkedIn may scroll by dozens of headlines that use terms like “relationship experts.” With a clever sentence here and there, you can easily make your own company stand out from the pack.

Consider Using Slashes

Consider Using Slashes - LinkedIn Headline Example

If you’re reading this, then chances are that you want to give your own LinkedIn headline a much-needed overhaul. In some cases, you may not need to do much to seriously improve your existing profile.

The best example of this is using slashes. Because LinkedIn headlines are limited to 120 characters, we spend a lot of time and effort cramming in as much as we can. Unfortunately, the final result can look more than a bit cluttered.a

You can fix this simply by adding slashes between different sections. For example, a headline that reads “Sales Expert | Customer UX Design Expert | Marketing Consultant for Nike and Reebok” gets the important points across, all while the slashes make things easy to read (and even easier to scan).

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All About Social Proof

All About Social Proof - LinkedIn Headline Example

By now, you’re probably familiar with the concept of social proof. Before we buy something on Amazon, for example, we want to know what others who bought it had to say. And before we get our hair cut in a new city, we want to know which barbers and salons our friends, family, and coworkers recommend.

On LinkedIn, social proof mostly boils down to dropping names and mentioning awards. For example, countless people list themselves as “author” or “writer,” but you can really stand out if you mention that you are a “Nebula-winning author” or “Pulitzer Prize-winning writer.”

And dropping names works very effectively for organizations trying to generate leads on TikTok. For example, a headline that mentions your company has worked with Bill Gates and Elon Musk will really turn heads. Simply connecting your business to successful experts in their fields will make prospective leads look to you for your own expertise.

Local vs Global

Local vs Global - LinkedIn Headline Example

The struggle with generating leads is always the same. It’s not about generating as many leads as humanly possible. Instead, you want to make sure that your headline is helping attract the best possible leads.

Here’s a simple example: in a post-COVID-19 world, many prospective employees may expect the ability to work from home. And for better or for worse, you are going to get applications from all around the world.

Obviously, certain businesses (such as restaurants) focus primarily on local customers. Accordingly, those businesses need to focus more on hiring local employees.

The simplest way to do this in your LinkedIn headline is to go out of your way to mention the location of your business. For example, “Helping Manhattan enjoy gourmet Italian cuisine since 1996” sends the not-so-subtle message that you wish to hire workers who live in Manhattan.

This works well for employees who want to continue working in their existing area. For example, someone declaring themselves an “Award-winning sales consultant based out of Nashville” lets potential employers know that you’d like to work in Nashville.

Adding Contact Info

Adding Contact Info - LinkedIn Headline Example

Normally, the whole point of LinkedIn is that prospective leads can use the system to contact you directly. But certain people that you might want to recruit (such as older executives) may have little time or patience for using LinkedIn the traditional way.

In that case, you should consider adding your value proposition to the headline along with a more direct way to contact you. For example, “Crypto is the future. To learn how you can help shape that future, simply call me at [your phone number here]. Or “NFTs are currently making waves. To get in on the ground floor of this seachange, just email me at [your email address here].”

LinkedIn Headline Examples: What Comes Next?

Now you have some effective LinkedIn headline examples to use. But do you know who can help take your lead generation to the next level?

We specialize in lead generation, digital marketing, and so much more. To begin transforming your business, come sign up for our LinkedIn lead generation service today!

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