LinkedIn Automation Script Mistakes

Did you know that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than other social media platforms? To get the benefits of LinkedIn leads, you’ll need to integrate the right tools into your ad campaign, such as an effective LinkedIn automation script. This script is critical to maximize your social media marketing strategy.

We rounded up the common mistakes beginners make when using LinkedIn automation tools. Read on to learn what you should and shouldn’t do when nurturing on the platform!

1. Not Understanding LinkedIn Automation

Many people dive headlong into LinkedIn automation tools without fully understanding what they do. This misunderstanding can lead to ineffective use of automation scripts and tools. Ultimately, not doing your research can waste time and money on incorrectly-automated tasks.

LinkedIn is one of the top channels for online lead generation in the B2B market. You can find industry-specific professionals there and target even the most niche of target audiences. This provides a plethora of sales opportunities, but you need to first generate and access high-quality leads.

While you could manually click through the site and find those connected to others in your target market, this wastes a lot of time and manpower. LinkedIn automation tools let you choose your custom target audience for your outreach and get key campaign insights. You can use this auto-generated data to find leads.

Automation also lets you automatically send messages, request connections, greatly personalize messages, and follow up on social selling campaigns.

2. Choosing the Wrong Tools

LinkedIn generally is not a fan of automation. In fact, most automation tools tend to go against their terms of service. This is because automated messages can often become spammy and irritate other users.

If you’re messaging 20 people in under a minute, LinkedIn is going to immediately flag your account. You won’t be able to send any messages after that! The trick is to message a reasonable amount of people, such as one person every 5 minutes, to stay under the radar.

Chrome extensions are one option here. They integrate right into your browser and offer basic automation services to find prospects and send messages. Unfortunately, however, the extension is part of your browser, so it will cease to function when you close Chrome.

LinkedIn also is more likely to detect these extensions because of how closely integrated they are with the website. They’re front-end services and therefore aren’t well hidden.

Cloud-based solutions are a superior alternative because they attach to the web rather than your browser. They don’t integrate into your account, making them harder for LinkedIn to detect. They also can continue operating even when you aren’t at work, making them a highly efficient option.

These solutions also can usually mimic human behavior (meaning that they won’t send hundreds of messages in the middle of the night. This makes your account unlikely to be detected as spam.

3. Not Honing Your Outreach Strategy

LinkedIn automation campaigns won’t perform well unless you have a great outreach strategy. Regardless of how good your cold messages are or how many you send, they’ll be ineffective unless you target the right people.

One-size-fits-all is never a good choice. Instead, you’ll need to:

  • Find your target audience with analytics data
  • Create multiple buyer personas
  • Understand what pain points they need to resolve
  • Curate your LinkedIn cold messages to address those pain points
  • Prioritize buyer personas based on who is the closest match to your ideal customer
  • Record all information in your CRM

At this point, you can start automating various parts of your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

4. Not Automating the Right Things

One of the main benefits of LinkedIn automation is that it saves time. Automating your content can save you days (or even months) because you don’t need to write the same cold messages and send them to random audiences. Manual lead generation is redundant and you could instead use this time to innovate new marketing strategies, nurture customer relationships, or innovate new core products.

Some things that you should always automate include:

  • Scouring LinkedIn to import a target audience list
  • Visiting profiles (and finding those that fit your buyer persona)
  • Sending connection requests to the top leads that your automation software finds
  • Following up with pre-existing prospects
  • Tracking analytics across your website to see the most successful campaigns, tools, and more

However, there are also things that you should never automate. Trying to automate conversations between your representatives and your prospects disengages audiences that don’t want to talk to a bot. They get tons of cold messages from spammy automation software all the time, so automating full discussions turns away otherwise interested buyers.

You need to talk to these prospects manually to show you care. Showing that you actually are interested in your audience also often means manually creating the first LinkedIn cold message. You can use automation tools to send out this message, but manually typing it gives your text a human touch that many of your competitors won’t have.

5. Having a Poor Quality Profile

Even if your cold email is informative, engaging, approachable, and sells your services perfectly, you aren’t going to find any clients if your LinkedIn profile is lacking.

Consumers are unlikely to trust a blank or poorly-maintained profile. They want to see an active business with informative posts. They want to see you engage publicly with customers as well as other businesses within your industry.

This is critical for successful LinkedIn automation because your profile drives interest and sales. It generates trust and loyalty. Without these facets, even the strongest automation tools become worthless.

Luckily, you can easily boost your LinkedIn profile with a profile optimization course. You’ll learn how to showcase yourself as an expert, how to speak directly with targeted prospects, and what formula you need to follow for a standout headline.


Avoid the Most Common LinkedIn Automation Script Errors

While there are many errors that companies make with LinkedIn automation script, knowing what not to do can help you take the right steps towards success. Now that you know some of the most common mistakes to avoid, it’s time to get more LinkedIn automation tips. 

LinkedProspect is dedicated to helping you automate invites, connection requests, messaging sequences, and more. We’re committed to helping you obtain LinkedIn automation leads that drive engagement and sales. Sign up for your free trial of our services to start generating sales via automated LinkedIn prospecting.


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