Spend 10 Minutes Daily On LinkedIn

Most people put off going on LinkedIn because it takes up too much time and effort. In reality, all you need to set aside is a few minutes – maybe even shorter than the time it will take you to finish your cup of joe.

In the business world, LinkedIn is the professional get-together you wouldn’t want to miss out on. However, most marketers skip this platform because of the notion that it takes a massive amount of time, energy, and focus to keep it running. With their busy schedules and the long list of to-dos, some choose to exclude a LinkedIn strategy.

What majority of marketers don’t know is that showing up for 10 to 15 minutes daily is enough to keep your LinkedIn page running.

Why does LinkedIn matter?

LinkedIn continues to grow as one of the go-to platforms for business networking. The number of users has expanded to nearly 660 million people all over the world since its launch in 2003. With two new users every second, it’s a surprise that only 17% of businesses use the platform for its marketing efforts.

LinkedIn marketing is the easiest way to create relationships with people who might have significant roles in your business in the future. While it’s not the be-all and end-all of business networking, crafting a LinkedIn strategy is a door-opener to connecting with business leaders and professionals.

Additionally, maintaining your LinkedIn page and providing a glimpse of what you do boosts your credibility to your LinkedIn network. Trust built from the get-go has no losses, and it might save you in the future when you might need an extra helping hand.

What else can LinkedIn marketing do for you? Brand recognition. When your name shows up consistently on their feed, there’s a high chance that your LinkedIn connections will remember you the next time they might need your product or services.

Going back to square one

Like any social platform, you need to set up your account before you can start reaching out to other users.

Step 1: Double-check LinkedIn’s requirements for creating a LinkedIn page

Before making your business LinkedIn page pretty, it’s best to check the list of requirements, so you don’t meet a roadblock along your marketing journey. The requirements include:

  • You must have your own personal LinkedIn profile.
  • Your business must be at least seven days old.
  • You must list your company position on your profile.
  • Your company e-mail domain must be unique to your company.

Step 2: Put all your company’s details on your new LinkedIn page.

When setting up your profile, ensure that all the fields in your Company Information section are filled out. Crucial details like your website, address, and contact number are what potential clients will look for when they decide to work with you.

Your logo and tagline is also an essential part of your LinkedIn page. It’s what will build brand recognition most of all. Best to keep an eye on that when you’re completing your page info.

Step 3: Doll up your profile

Once you’ve placed all the vital information, it’s time to make your LinkedIn page personal and visually appealing for visitors. Upload a banner, your logo, and a compelling summary for your About section. A glance at your profile should entice a user to explore more about your company.

One thing to remember for your LinkedIn strategy: Your competitors are on the platform too, so think of a way to stand out!

10 minutes is all you need

To keep your page up and running, the most you’ll need is to set aside 10 minutes of your day. In the morning, while you’re sipping your morning coffee or in between meetings, you can fire up your laptop and do simple LinkedIn Marketing tasks.

You’ll be surprised at how this can do wonders for your LinkedIn analytics.

Review your connection invitations

Before anything else, do a quick run-through of your new connection invitations. Once you accept, go the extra mile and send them a welcome message. This is a nice touch to start a relationship with a potential partner or client.

Even if you’re not looking, building a connection early on is a wise way to expand your network without pushing sales too hard.

Open your inbox

Your LinkedIn connections might have reached out to you while you were away. After clearing out your requests, visit your inbox and respond to any messages. You can use this time to ask questions and keep conversations going.

Share a status update

Strengthen your brand credibility by sharing updates and the behind-the-scenes of your brand. If you have a new blog post, you can cross-post it to LinkedIn to increase readership.

You can likewise use this time to check on your LinkedIn analytics and pinpoint which posts are doing well. This is important, so you know which content is worth the extra effort.

Scroll and engage

Once you’ve cleaned out your notifications and you’ve put out content on your page, use the remaining time to scroll through your newsfeed. Respond to engagements on your posts and leave a comment on your LinkedIn connections’ content to encourage a conversation. This will also keep you up-to-date on what’s new with your LinkedIn network.

Managing your LinkedIn page isn’t as hectic as others make it out to be. What matters is you don’t disappear out of the blue, and you can easily avoid this by taking a quick break daily to log in. You can even set a calendar reminder for this, so you don’t forget. In as short as 10 minutes, you’ll bump up your name. And eventually, you’ll be booking calls and meetings with potential leaders you wouldn’t have been able to tap traditionally.

Your LinkedIn Marketing plan can be as simple as taking a quick peek at your notifications – something you can do even while waiting at the bus stop.


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