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Turning shoppers into buyers is no easy task, especially if your strategy revolves around B2B email marketing. However, if you play your lead generation cards right, you’ll generate a lot of business opportunities. Even big brands tap email to reach customers and create personalized experiences.

Before we go into detail, let’s take a quick peek at what business-to-business (B2B) is. In simpler terms, B2B is a model that involves transactions (buying and selling) between companies or entities. Because you’re dealing with decision makers, having a well-thought out strategy is crucial..

We took the liberty of compiling some of the tried and tested email marketing strategies from real brands. Hopefully, these tactics would work for your business too!

Have a welcome email template

You’ve probably heard people saying that first impressions last, this is also true when it comes to B2B email marketing. So if a person signs up, whether it is to receive updates from you, or to just claim a discount voucher, be sure to thank them and welcome them. Choosing to do nothing will make it hard for you to build a connection with your prospects.

Curated quality content B2B email marketing template

Sharing content is one of the best ways to build connections with your audience because you’re doing more than hard selling. With informative, high-quality content, your market will have something to look forward to. You don’t have to churn out curated emails every single day. Doing it once a week or once a month is more than enough.

Company updates email template

Did you know that 26 percent of B2B subscribers sign up for email newsletters because they want to stay updated with the business world? One way you can use this fact to your advantage is by sharing the latest bits and pieces of news about your company. Whether it’s winning an award, releasing a new product, or changing your current pricing, your audience would appreciate it if they were kept in the loop.

Video email template

Don’t be afraid to change things up from time to time. Emails don’t always have to be lengthy and boring text. Integrate appealing visuals like videos to capture your audience’s attention (and avoid those “Unsubscribe Me” clicks!). Sprinkle your typical email blast with a bit of creativity, and you’ll be surprised at the difference in results.

Inactive subscriber email template

Out of all the subscribers on your email list, 40 percent of those people are inactive. Every time you send out an email, almost half of the people that you’re sending it too are no longer interested. Reaching out to inactive subscribers by emailing them with personalized messages can help rekindle the connection or pique their interest once again. They are also a great source of feedback to help you improve your current strategy.

Once you learn to utilize these tried and tested tactics, you’ll be sure to ace your email marketing strategy in no time. Keep in mind that what works for some businesses might not always work for you, so don’t feel bad if you don’t see results right away. Experiment as much as you can until you find the perfect fit!


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