LinkedIn Invitation Limits: Best Practices for Increasing Visibility
Best Practices for Increasing Visibility

LinkedIn’s recent changes to the weekly invitation limit has caused a stir in the LinkedIn marketing community. The latest LinkedIn update limits invitations to 50 per week, which is an absolute game-changer for many professionals who rely on LinkedIn networking for business.

Whether this change is good or not is up for debate, but here are some of the tips to improve your visibility despite the limit.

Marketing on LinkedIn

Before we jump to invitation limits, let’s quickly touch on the many ways you can market your business on LinkedIn.

Sharing content is one of the best things you can do to gain exposure. Share links to your website or blog posts via email; post content directly on your profile page for all those who are following you; share it as an update when relevant.

You can also grow your network with LinkedIn marketing services like sponsored Updates, LinkedIn Ads and connecting with influencers.

But why LinkedIn? LinkedIn is an excellent platform for lead generation and marketing. Professionals, decision-makers, and many of your quality leads are easily reachable through the network. If you can effectively utilize content and other tactics, you’ll find more users who fit right into your ideal customer profile.

If you’ve used up your 50 invitations in a week, don’t fret! There are plenty of ways for professionals to get around the limit on invites through LinkedIn marketing services or content sharing.

Create the right objectives for LinkedIn

Let’s move on to how you can maximize your invitations. Before you create your strategy, take the time to revisit your plans and make sure that you are creating goals that align with the platform you’re investing in — in this case, it’s LinkedIn. What works on Facebook won’t work for Twitter, and the same is true for what you strategize on LinkedIn.

The number one rule

When reaching out to LinkedIn users, there’s one golden rule that you should keep in mind: Never spam. LinkedIn’s recent update means that if you bug a person with more than 50 messages in the last week, they’ll be automatically blocked.

It’s a long-overdue update for many, especially after professionals were met with tons of messages containing almost the same pitch template. Just as any other platform would, LinkedIn stepped in to introduce new guidelines and protect the experience of its users.

While it might be an unwelcome change, it’s still doing good for sales folk out there. It’s time to start focusing on making connections and giving value, and not on numbers.

From LinkedIn’s perspective

These new limits set by LinkedIn were made for a single purpose: to keep users on their site. It doesn’t mean that Linkedin isn’t all about sales, relationships or both.

If you’re worried about your outreach then this could actually help your leads filter out who’s worth their time and who’s copy-pasting.

LinkedIn’s invitation limits are much harder to work with. If you’re not careful, it can be easy for LinkedIn users to find your page and then never come back again. Here are some best practices on how you can increase visibility so more people end up on your page:

  1. Personalize all of your requests. Take the time to find out more about your leads that could spark a conversation.
  2. It’s always about what you can give them, not the other way around.
  3. Cancel any pending request older than two weeks.
  4. Don’t send invitation requests to random strangers. Opt for users who you share a connection with (1st or 2nd degree connections).
  5. Stop focusing on numbers. Shift your attention to value instead.


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