LinkedIn Tools You'll Need for 2021

If you did a quick Google of “LinkedIn tools”, you’ll find hundreds of articles with a roster of plugins for lead generation. The abundance of choices can easily put you in a frenzy of thoughts from excitement to amazement and well, unnecessary investment, especially when some supposed users even swear by these tools and claim that they brought in a huge percentage of prospects almost instantly. Faced with the wham-bam urge to click the Buy button and enter your credit card details, stop and pause for a while. Remind yourself that regardless how irresistible that call-to-action marketing phrase might sound, you should always take time to consider the pros, cons, and everything in between.     

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Regardless how irresistible that call-to-action marketing phrase might sound, you should always take time to consider the pros, cons, and everything in between.

Of course, anyone who uses LinkedIn tools can attest that they are helpful. But it’s not the be-all-end-all of LinkedIn marketing. At most, these plugins can help connect you with people in less time and effort.

After doing your Google search, you’re now looking at an article presenting 10 LinkedIn tools for B2B marketing. So, what exactly makes any one of them different from the others? 

Some showcase more features or flaunt a pretty interface, but truth is, these tools are almost identical functionality-wise. And while LinkedIn tools can save you half the time spent of manually sending out requests and pitches, there’s always a better way to boost your lead generation and attract potential clients, without adding yet another tool on your profile. 

The question you should be asking is – How are you using the tools to build your presence?

The Best Practices to Boost your LinkedIn Presence

The only tools you could ever need

Most marketers jump on LinkedIn tools to maximize the platform’s lead generation capabilities. But what you really need may not be a new software, but the best practices to boost your LinkedIn presence. Chances are, you already have the resources. You just aren’t sure how to use them yet.

1. Content is (truly) king.

There’s a good reason why marketers call content the king. Aside from helping establish your online presence, content dictates how you can shape your audience’s perception of your brand. 

Nothing beats quality content so before you roll out tons of capital on LinkedIn tools, go the extra mile for what you publish on your page. You can start injecting a few value-adding features to increase your following.

And while you’re at it, remember that good content calls for dedication and effort. That’s something you can’t create with a software. If you truly want to win your audience, you need to start enriching the face of your LinkedIn page.

2.    There’s no such thing as too personalized.

One of the many risks that come with using a LinkedIn tool is that sometimes you can get too dependent on it that you start sounding like a machine. Your leads can smell a copy-paste message or generic response from a mile away. Trust us, no one likes talking to bot — especially the decision makers you’re trying to pitch to.

If you think you’re “over personalizing,” there’s nothing to worry about. The more you can squeeze in specific info, the better. Users don’t want to be just another name on your sales funnel. They look for palpable connection, and that’s what makes social selling extremely important.

3.    Don’t over-automate.

LinkedIn tools can help you get the job done in a snap. It’s an efficient way to go about your marketing strategy. But if you aren’t careful, you’re likely to end up spamming users on LinkedIn.

The problem with having a task automated is that a button could be easily abused. When you realize that you could shoot over ten messages with a single click, you’ll be tempted to just group-send pitches mindlessly. Worst case: You’ll be tagged as spam on LinkedIn and ignored by your leads.

Ways to expand your reach that can help you make the most out of LinkedIn

Your best bet: Going the extra mile

Possibilities are endless with LinkedIn marketing. There will always be new and better ways to expand your reach. But one thing remains constant: putting in some extra effort can help you make the most out of LinkedIn.

Schedule your content ahead of time

Having one interaction with a potential lead doesn’t guarantee sales just yet. It’s very important to note that for some people, especially busy decision-makers, occasional pop-ups are fleeting and may be easily forgotten.

So, how do you make your brand memorable? Follow up with compelling content.

Creating good content is best done manually, but you don’t have to go online everyday just to publish. Scheduling posts ahead is one way to use LinkedIn tools wisely. With it, you can devote your time to ensuring quality.

Don’t overdo your pitch.

It can be pretty tempting to sprinkle in cheesy lines in your sales pitch to tap your leads’ emotions. But if you have a B2B business model, this might not be the best way to go.

Your clients are decision-makers that take accountability for their whole organization. No amount of sob stories will move them to change their whole system. What matters to them is the value that you can bring in, so capitalize on that factor.

Bits of advice based on LinkedIn best practices

Like any marketing strategy, the industry has its list of LinkedIn best practices that can bring maximum results.

  1. Use tools conscientiously — We can’t stress this enough!
  2. Always start by identifying your target market so you have a clearer sense of what to say based on what they want to hear.
  3. Pay attention to LinkedIn’s guidelines. The last thing we’d want is to waste effort because of suppression or paying penalties!
  4. Be as specific as possible with your market and your leads.
  5. Work smart, not hard. Even in LinkedIn marketing, there’s always a better way to do things!


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