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It’s no secret that LinkedIn is one of the most important business tools on the internet. Businesses use it for recruitment, to find new clients, and even to get their name out there. But did you know aside from automation tools, LinkedIn Premium helps you do all of these things better?

What is LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium is a paid service that gives you access to more insights about your connections, and the people you want to connect with. You get more data and analytics about your profile, your connections, and their connections.

Here’s how it works: when you upgrade to LinkedIn Premium for $29.95 per month (or $249 annually), you’ll get an upgraded experience on LinkedIn’s website and mobile app. The first thing that will stand out is that there’s no longer any advertising in the background of every page on LinkedIn—no ads or sponsored posts in sight.

This might seem like a small thing but it can make all the difference when trying to find information on someone or keeping up with industry news—and it removes distractions from our day-to-day routine at work as well as on social media sites for business professionals looking for insights into trends affecting their industry niche(s).

Scaling your business

LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn is a great opportunity for your company to scale. The LinkedIn Premium discount lets you reach out to more people, find more leads and attract the right leads.

LinkedIn Premium allows users to create campaigns using your own custom audiences and lists, so that you can target specific groups of people on LinkedIn with relevant messages. It also gives you access to premium services such as inMail or Sponsored InMail to reach out directly to new leads for sales or recruiting purposes.

An investment

LinkedIn Premium is an investment in your business, personal brand, and career. That’s because it allows you to build a strong professional network that can help you advance professionally and expand your business. LinkedIn Premium also gives you access to premium tools that will help you monitor your profile and stay up-to-date with what’s new on LinkedIn.

If you are looking for ways to take the next step in your career or grow your business, LinkedIn Premium could be the answer.

More insights into people that you want to connect with

If you want to connect with someone but don’t know much about them, or maybe they’re connected to someone else who has a profile on LinkedIn, then LinkedIn Premium will give you access to their full name and location. You can also see what industries they work in and how long they have worked there. Additionally, it gives you more information about the people who are connected to your connections on LinkedIn.

Now let’s talk about messaging capabilities: if someone has chosen not to be found by anyone on LinkedIn (or they haven’t logged in since May 2014), then they won’t appear at all in search results—even if there are shared connections between the two of you. In this case, Premium members will still get an email alerting them that their message has been received and sent, but won’t receive any response back from the recipient until their account becomes more public again (meaning once again available for viewing).

Better messaging abilities

LinkedIn Premium is an investment. You get access to all of the tools that are available in the premium version of LinkedIn, but your investment will pay off if you are looking to connect and communicate with more people.

LinkedIn Premium

It also comes with better messaging abilities, the ability to communicate with people outside your network which is generally not allowed on LinkedIn for free users, and it gives you all sorts of different analytics about your profile, your connections, and all the connections of your connections.

Getting LinkedIn Premium Discounts

If you’re looking for ways to save money on LinkedIn Premium, here are some tips:

1. Sign up for group plans

If you’re part of a small business or work at a company with less than 100 employees, chances are good that your employer already has a group plan with LinkedIn. Talk with HR before signing up individually—you may be able to score some extra discounts.

2. Buy an annual subscription instead of monthly

If you’re unsure whether or not you’ll use the service enough to make it worth it, then an annual subscription is a good option—it costs less per month than paying monthly, but you know exactly how much it will cost you at the end of the year.

  1. Check into student discounts

any universities offer discounted LinkedIn Premium subscriptions to students, so check with your school’s career center or academic advisor to see if they can help you out. If you’re taking online classes with Coursera or edX and paying tuition through them, they usually have student discounts too.

LinkedIn Premium is an investment. It’s not just the tool that you use to create your profile and connect with others in your industry, but it’s also a platform on which companies can build their brands. LinkedIn has shown itself to be an incredibly powerful marketing tool, as evidenced by all the businesses who have used it successfully over the years. If you want to reap those benefits for yourself or your business, then I would definitely recommend spending some time thinking about whether or not a LinkedIn Premium subscription might be right for you!


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