From a small professional platform, LinkedIn’s rise to popularity was an expected and quick one. It instantly became a primary channel for sales and networking only a few years after it was introduced. Of course, quite a lot has evolved since then. For one, LinkedIn is now a homeground for social selling.

How did LinkedIn become such a popular choice for B2B marketing? Unlike Facebook or Instagram, users don’t hop on the website to share aesthetic photos or share their vacation trip experience. Instead, LinkedIn users go online to connect and network — creating the perfect opportunity for salespeople to jump in and recite their pitch.

Authentic conversations are valued incredibly at LinkedIn, and many can notice the generally warmer approach of LinkedIn invites as compared to cold emails. However, with so many profiles on the platform, it’s no surprise that business leaders are tapping LinkedIn Automation to make the job easier.

LinkedIn Automation is fairly easy and simple to use, but it can be quite confusing for a beginner, especially when there are tons of contradicting advice on the internet. 

Here’s a short checklist of the things you should do to make the most out of LinkedIn Automation (without putting your profile at risk!).

DO: Plan and share quality content

Good content can bring you closer to your goals and the results you’re after. Take the time to sit down and carefully plan for the week or month ahead. What insights can you share that your connections will find valuable? Compelling posts have the potential to spark conversations (which can lead to a pitch!)

Additionally, don’t limit yourself to LinkedIn posts. Strive to share valuable content across comments, your profile headline, summary, and even your LinkedIn connect invitations. Every engagement is precious!

DON’T: Hardsell

Authentic, value-adding posts will boost your credibility and your audience’s trust in you — something extremely crucial if you’re trying to sell on the online world.

A big DON’T is to publish posts like a sales bot. Nothing turns people off more than a flood of advertisements on their newsfeed.

DO: Automate small, repetitive daily tasks

Connecting on LinkedIn can take up quite a lot of time and effort, especially if you’re reaching out to many users. Some of these tasks include sending invitations and filtering potential clients. While there’s nothing wrong with working on it manually, it can save you resources if you entrust your robotic tasks to a LinkedIn Automation tool.

DON’T: Send spammy messages

Be cautious of what you use the automation tool for. Repetitive tasks should be referred to as those that don’t require the “personal touch.” When you use automation for engagement activities like sending out messages, you’ll end up being flagged as spam.

DO: Always keep it personal!

Don’t turn into an auto-reply bot. Instead, reach out and be genuinely interested in your prospect’s career. Ask them about their previous projects or their professional goals. It’s a surefire way to build relationships and boost the chances of closing a sale. Nothing beats authentic conversation!

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