Effective LinkedIn Selling System

If you’ve been using LinkedIn for a while, you’ve probably done the usual LinkedIn selling system steps: Created a polished LinkedIn profile, integrated SEO in your descriptions, and participated in group discussions. But LinkedIn marketing doesn’t end here.

Most people fail their LinkedIn lead generation because they stop after the first step. When you’ve done the basics, it’s time to look into advanced business tips to make the most out of your LinkedIn selling system.

1. It’s not enough to engage. Share your content on LinkedIn groups, too.

LinkedIn social buttons are for sharing LinkedIn content with groups you participate in. Another helpful tactic is to ask your employees to participate in separate groups within your niche. If you have a blog post or visual Linkedin content that you want to share with as many users as you can, LinkedIn groups are an excellent avenue. 

To use this opportunity, you must first have the basics of an effective LinkedIn system: A complete LinkedIn company page and employees that are part of relevant groups. Once you have these setup, you can now continuously share your content throughout all groups. 

2. Collaborate with LinkedIn group owners

We could all do with a little help from LinkedIn users, particularly LinkedIn group owners. Apart from the position they hold within the community, it’s also helpful to put your content out there with a little personal touch from someone within the group.

The main thing you can to boost your LinkedIn selling system is to focus on getting a promotion for his group. Come up with a collaborative proposal that is mutually beneficial. There are many ways to do this to earn money – an affiliate marketing campaign or paying a flat fee. It depends on how you can negotiate this with the owner, but the bottom line is making sure that it’s a win-win proposal.

3. Use LinkedIn groups to find leads

LinkedIn groups are an effective platform to engage, share, and sell. What many marketers miss out on is the opportunity to use LinkedIn groups as a source of quality leads. It’s also a much more convenient way of finding prospects compared to manually searching with Boolean strings. 

LinkedIn groups are already centered on industry topics, so you can be sure that these users are interested in what you can offer. Think of not only how you can benefit from the group, but in how the members can benefit from your business.

After joining relevant communities and sharing your content, it’s time to focus your attention on searching for prospects. With every group comes a new audience, and your search results become more relevant for your needs.

Create a list of prospects based on specific criteria (job position, location, and industry are some of the few that you can consider). When you’re ready, you can start sending out your messages.

When reaching out to potential clients, remember to ditch the templated messages. Be interested in your prospects, and they’ll be interested in your business, too. You can use the LinkedIn selling system for lead generation through podcasts, webinars, and free online resources in exchange for their contact details.

Giving out value-adding content also helps you showcase your experience, which in turn allows users to build their confidence in your business!

4. Sponsored Content is your friend

Marketers go to LinkedIn for one reason: to reach a wider audience.

Many often miss one of the most effective ways to get your content out there, and that’s through LinkedIn Sponsored Content. Connecting with other users take up some time. You can’t always pinpoint who will be interested in your business. With LinkedIn ads, what you put out will be placed on the newsfeed of users beyond your existing LinkedIn network. With this reach, you’re bound to get more inquiries and messages.

If you’re keen on controlling your LinkedIn company page, you can opt for Direct Sponsored Content. This will allow you to place your ads on the LinkedIn news feed without publishing it on your page.

5. Move it to phone call

While LinkedIn is great for the initial conversation, it will take much more to convert your prospects. Once you’ve established that relationship, it’s time to migrate the conversation to phone call, where you can set a meeting and explain your solutions better.

The best way to do lead generation is by first finding your prospects, then creating your basic connection, and then moving to calls. 

To sum it all up

There are countless things you can include in your LinkedIn selling system. After trying out different tips, you’ll eventually find the strategy that will work for you. 

The LinkedIn selling system is a powerful tool that you can use to boost your business and move beyond your usual sales. All it takes is to start paying more attention to the other things you can do outside of your LinkedIn routine.


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