LinkedProspect Managed Campaign

We run your campaigns for you and you simply speak to the leads we generate.

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Simple Pricing

LinkedProspect will save you at least 30 hours a month of your time.

If your time is worth $100 a hour, that is $3,000 in savings per month.

The system and process will also generate leads and sales for you. A well put together campaign will generate 3-5 calls with prospects a week for you. 

If you sell expensive services, consulting or products, this system can help you generate at least $10,000 - $40,000 in additional revenue in your business.

Most business owners will spend $2,000 for a trade show booth and sponsor an iPad as a prize for $500, without thinking about it too much. A trade show might get a few leads.

We have a system that saves you time and targets the exact people that you want to talk to about your products or services. People that can make the decision to buy from you.

Managed Campaign pricing is $750 per month

"Within 3 days of using LinkedProspect, I've generated 4 sales equalling $1,040."

Ian Harris,
CEO, Agency Hackers