Rising Above In A Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll across a wide array of different industries. 40% of employees reported feeling hopeless, exhausted, and burned out as a result of the impact of COVID-19 on the workplace.

The big question facing industries now is how you can remain steadfast during hard times. COVID-19 has not only altered how we work but has also changed how customers interact with businesses. To move on, and stay above water, businesses must stay strong and find new ways to operate to champion the new landscape.  

Everyone is eager to continue with their marketing and lead generation efforts, but there is a degree of uncertainty in regards to how to do this effectively.

In this article, we’ll take a look at several ideas of how various industries can make adjustments and reposition themselves in today’s market. 

Digital Agencies

During these periods of uncertainty, many people would imagine that marketing would be the first area of business to suffer. Companies have been forced to cancel expensive marketing events such as tradeshows. Physical marketing has become much more difficult, but this is where digital agencies step in.

Digital marketing offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for businesses during these periods of transition and uncertainty. Digital media allows businesses to promote brand awareness and continue to connect with their employees and customers even though they’re not physically in the same place.

Having to cancel those tradeshows might have seemed like a blow at the time, but they’ve freed up some budget. Those funds can be better used by reinvesting them into digital agencies to help drive digital marketing campaigns and subsidize online initiatives. 


One of the most effective ways of digital marketing is video. Video can help companies use various digital channels to communicate with their customers and employees. Taking advantage of video services will allow businesses to effectively tell their story. They can maintain brand awareness and use video to communicate engagingly and effectively. 


Software as a service is a diverse industry. However, there is one thing that links the wide range of businesses and that is they can all serve their customers remotely and from the cloud.

More and more workforces have been forced to go remote, so it’s important that team members can easily access the right tools and business platforms via virtual access.

These might feel like difficult times, but if you can concentrate on how your products and services can help to accommodate the changing needs of your customers, then you can start to move forward.  

IT Services

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, there were very few B2B companies that had their staff working remotely. When the pandemic began, most companies had to quickly adapt to working remotely with very little time for preparation and adjustment.

If you’re struggling with overcoming obstacles then IT companies can help businesses to manage their staff from a technical standpoint. IT companies can make use of VoIP, cloud, and security services to help get staff up to date and stay strong during these times of abrupt change.    

Human Resources/Staffing

Just because we might be in hard times, doesn’t necessarily mean that every industry is grinding to a halt. Several industries are picking up speed and are in greater demand since the COVID-19 pandemic. Industries like healthcare and various online services are witnessing dynamic growth.

In these industries that stay strong, there is a growing need for risk mitigation, performance management, and employee benefits. Human resources can help manage staff so that businesses are better equipped to deal with the navigating of dynamic growth and changes in structure.   

Financial Services

COVID-19 has left the financial portfolios of many people looking worse for wear. With so much uncertainty in the market, people might require financial services to help protect their assets and capital.

Financial services can help individuals when it comes to keeping faith and holding on to the idea of financial security. With so much volatility it is important to be able to explore strategies, mitigate risk and liquidate assets to protect the value of financial portfolios. 

Retail and E-Commerce

COVID-19 has seen the biggest drop in retail sales history has ever seen. Physical retail stores have taken a huge blow. Less foot traffic through stores has led to a large number of unforeseen closures across the globe. With such a shift in how consumers buy goods, many retailers have been left wondering what their future holds. 

On the flip side of this is the increasing traction of e-commerce. Now that a large number of customers are stationed at home, online shopping is the only way to buy and receive goods. This is good for business, but it has also put a large amount of stress on the e-commerce industry.

Products and services that help retailers shift their services online are helping companies with overcoming obstacles. At the same time, the e-commerce industry needs services that can help companies manage the increased demand for online shopping.  

Tips for How You Can Remain Steadfast During Hard Times

If you’ve been asking yourself how you can remain steadfast during hard times, hopefully, the above information helps you with staying positive. There are several ways you can adapt your business strategies to stay strong during the changes in the market, but whatever you do there are a few tips you should keep in mind… 

First of all, you need to be patient. Difficult times are not the best time to be pushing sales. You also need to be precise. Everyone is facing information overload, so focus on the key reasons that make your offering valuable and relevant.

You should also be building links. Use this time to network and work through problems with potential customers. Whatever happens, don’t be predatory. There is a fine line between being helpful and offering value and seeming as though you want to take advantage of a global crisis

And finally, be flexible. Be ready to adapt to a rapidly-changing market. This might mean your approach, your product, or the platforms you use.

Stay Strong With LinkedProspect

These tips can help with keeping faith and staying focused. Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming when you’re wondering how you can remain steadfast during hard times, but as the virtual mentor, Ashley Hetherington once said “difficult situations give us the opportunity to grow. Let this one grow you.” 

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