A Guide to LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

Many people log on to LinkedIn for varying reasons, such as joining LinkedIn groups, but one of the most effective ways to use the platform is for recruitment. With a single click, hiring managers are able to view a person’s work experience, and determine whether he’s a right fit before getting in touch to pursue further.

LinkedIn has long since leveraged this platform for recruitment, and even offers a Premium subscription feature for it: Recruiter Lite.

What is Recruiter Lite on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

Recruiter Lite is a premium feature that allows hiring managers to search for potential employees based on their skillset and location. A person’s LinkedIn profile will be linked through the recruitment software, so if they are not actively looking for work then it can act as a passive candidate sourcing platform.

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What features does Recruiter Lite include?

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite Features

Hiring managers can:

– View a person’s profile and skillset.

– Determine whether or not they are qualified for the position based on their Linkedin page.

– Search by location to find potential candidates in close proximity to the office.

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The difference between LinkedIn Recruiter vs Recruiter Lite

The difference between LinkedIn Recruiter vs LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

What exactly makes a LinkedIn Recruiter Lite account different from LinkedIn Recruiter? Simply put, it gives visibility on the profiles of good candidates for the role, as well as capabilities to filter and contact these LinkedIn members. In contrast, a Recruiter account gives unrivaled access to the entire LinkedIn network, making it easier to send out a connection request.

Diving deeper, we prepared a more comprehensive comparison.

Ideal for

If the hiring needs aren’t as urgent, Recruiter can already do a lot for a manager’s tasks. However, if the position needs to be filled out quickly, Recruiter is the better option.


Recruiter Lite has capabilities for one seat per account, unlike Recruiter which allows multiple seats to share data and collaborate.


Users can reach out a connection request to 30 candidates monthly. Recruiter offers 5x that number, with 150 InMails per month and personalized templates.

To make search easier, Recruiter Lite gives access to 20+ features with full profile view capabilities to x-degree LinkedIn connections. On Recruiter, there are 40+ available filters with full profile view capabilities to 550M+ LinkedIn members.


Recruiter Light has reporting insights for InMail and Jobs post performance. Recruiter also gives the same access to insights, in addition to Recruiter usage, pipeline, and summary data, relating to all and every connection request.

Those interested in paying for a LinkedIn Recruiter account subscription may request for a free demo from LinkedIn through their Candidate Search Tool page.

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The Benefits of Recruiter Lite

If you sign up, you get access to advanced search tools, unlimited visibility on your 3rd-degree connection network, and inbox capabilities to top talent with InMail. But that’s not all. Let’s take a look at the wide range of benefits that LinkedIn Recruiter Lite offers and how it can revolutionize your recruitment efforts:

I. Extensive Access to the World’s Largest Professional Network
LinkedIn has established itself as the premier platform for professionals seeking new career opportunities, and with over 740 million members worldwide, accessing this vast talent pool is crucial. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite provides recruiters with an all-access pass, allowing them to tap into this incredible network, search for specific skills, experience, and qualifications, and identify potential candidates quickly and efficiently. With advanced search filters and personalized search recommendations, recruiters can effortlessly navigate through millions of profiles, ensuring they are connecting with talent that perfectly matches their hiring needs.

II. Enhanced Candidate Insights and Analytics
Making informed hiring decisions requires comprehensive candidate insights and analytics, and LinkedIn Recruiter Lite excels in this area. With this powerful tool, recruiters gain access to robust information about candidates, including their skills, experience, education, and professional background. This data empowers recruiters to evaluate candidate suitability with confidence, creating a more efficient and informed screening process. Additionally, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite provides valuable analytics and reporting functionalities, allowing recruiters to track the performance of their job postings, measure candidate engagement, and optimize their recruitment strategies for better results.

III. Engaging and Targeted Outreach
Finding the right candidates is only half the battle; engaging with them effectively is equally important. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite equips recruiters with a suite of features to facilitate personalized and targeted outreach. Through InMail messages, recruiters can reach out to prospective candidates directly, providing them with a tailored and compelling pitch that captures their attention. Additionally, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite offers personalized message templates, allowing recruiters to streamline their outreach process while maintaining a personalized touch. These features not only save time but also increase the likelihood of candidates responding positively, leading to higher conversion rates and more successful talent acquisition.

IV. Collaboration and Team Productivity
Recruiting is rarely a one-person show. Collaborating with colleagues and stakeholders is crucial for seamless hiring processes. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite offers robust collaboration features that enable recruiters to share candidate profiles, exchange feedback, and collaborate in real-time. Recruiters can assign tasks, provide status updates, and ensure everyone involved is aligned throughout the recruitment journey. This collaborative approach enhances efficiency, reduces duplicated efforts, and fosters a more cohesive and productive team dynamic.

V. Cost-Effectiveness and Return on Investment
One of the most compelling aspects of LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is its cost-effectiveness and ability to deliver a strong return on investment. Traditional recruitment methods often come with significant costs for job postings and advertising, with no guarantee of reaching suitable candidates. In contrast, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite offers affordable subscription plans with highly targeted access to professionals actively looking for career opportunities. By focusing on connecting with only the most relevant candidates, recruiters can reduce costs while increasing the likelihood of finding the perfect match for their openings, saving both time and money.


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