4 Hacks to Improve your LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads

LinkedIn has always been the number one platform for connecting. People hop on the website and interact with others through meaningful professional conversations. Over the years since it first entered the digital space, LinkedIn evolved into something more than just a place for exchanging messages.

Today, LinkedIn is all about content. Users are sharing articles, their recent projects, and even motivational quotes. More and more professionals are taking the time to scroll through their feed and stay updated.

LinkedIn has always been the number one platform for connecting.

If you’re looking for quality B2B leads, LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads are an excellent option for you to widen your reach. Here are five hacks to boost your PPC strategy.

Four hacks to boost your PPC Strategy
  1. Offer lead magnets

Most marketers focus on selling their main product or service. They center their ads on making a sale and display their prices or discounts across the promotion. However, hard selling isn’t always appealing, especially if it has nothing else to offer to the customer. 

No matter the campaign type, you’ll want to attract people to your page or your website. One way is by offering lead magnets in exchange for valuable information. Offer a downloadable checklist, eBook, or even an industry report in exchange for a LinkedIn lead generation form fill.

  1. Craft forms like you would create landing pages

After your ad, the LinkedIn lead generation form is the next page your visitors will see. They probably won’t have prior ideas about your business, so it’s important to treat your form as your landing page.

Instead of simply writing down questions, try to fill it out with informative content. With a bit of effort, you can encourage your visitors to give their details for your funnel. Remember to write appealing text. You’re still selling after all!

  1. Prioritize user-friendliness

From the minute your visitor opens the LinkedIn lead generation form, you need to keep them engaged enough for them to continue filling out all the fields. To achieve this, it’s crucial to keep the questions at a minimum and easy to answer. Filter out the fields that aren’t absolutely necessary. 

Another proven tip is to offer dropdown options (instead of placing free answer fields). According to data, a single write-in could drop your submission rate by 3-4%. 

  1. Always test out your forms

The most helpful step you could do is to test out your form and ad before sending it out to dozens of LinkedIn users. Your LinkedIn Lead Generation form and promotion will communicate much about your brand, so you have to be precise about what message you’ll want to convey to your targets. Experiment with different visuals and copies, try out a variety of CTAs, and compare those with your KPIs. Soon, you’ll figure out what works the best for your brand so you can make the most out of your LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads.

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